How to Break in Baseball Cleats Quickly

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You’re probably wondering the best way to try and break in your baseball cleats. Has the endless searching tired you? 

Well, you have ended up at the right place because I am here to tell you step by step how you can break your cleats easily. 

Getting right into it!

How to Break In Baseball Cleats

how to break in new baseball cleats

Why do we need our baseball cleats to be broken exactly well it’s pretty simple actually. The reason we should break our cleats is because you need to get it in maximum shape and form, this reduces the blisters and injuries that you get on your feet. Try to find the right size for you to start with, don’t take anything overly tight or anything that’s extremely loose as well, look for something that will fit you well enough. 

The best way to break in cleats is to try and get your cleats used to your feet. Walk around the house and try to stretch them out or bend them, don’t bend them in a way that they get destroyed, but in a way that you can easily walk with them and try to get them flexible enough. Start wearing your cleats for practice sessions, start with light drills, and then gradually increase them, this allows your feet to adapt to the way the drills are being done. Do make sure to wear socks when doing all this, so you can minimize the friction between your feet and your cleats, thus avoiding any serious blisters. 

Another great way to break in molded cleats is you can try and stretch the cleats if they feel tight in certain areas. Sometimes you might have picked the right size, but they might teen to feel tight in certain areas. So when it does happen like that, try to use a blow dryer and wear thick socks. Use the blow dryer on the areas where it feels tight and try and get the area heated. Once they are heated well and enough try and walk around the house or the field wearing these and stretching them out. 

If other methods don’t work out, another great method is you can always use a handy dandy leather conditioner. Leather conditioner are super great to try and loosen the fibers of the shoe and get them nice and flexible at the same time. If your cleats are made out of leather then you are in for luck and you will be able to easily break it in using this method,  just apply a small amount as mentioned at the back of the bottle and massage it in the shoes. The shoe will be flexible in no time. In the end, you must try and be patient when trying and breaking in the cleats, it takes a long duration as well the intensity with which you break your cleats also depends on it. The brand and the quality also come into play when breaking it in. Be sure that you do not get any injuries or blisters in the process when breaking them in. 

Do Baseball Cleats Hurt?

Baseball cleats are normally not supposed to hurt with the proper amount of breaking in and wearing them quite often, they shouldn’t cause any type of pain sensation. Instead, you must feel comfortable when wearing baseball cleats. Yes, when you first wear them due to the newness of the leather and the shoe’s shape you might feel uncomfortable and might sense some sort of pain. But if you feel pain, even after breaking it in and wearing it for a long time, then the shoe is not the right size for you.  

comfortable baseball cleats


Well, I hope this article gave you a detailed insight on how to break in your brand new cleats and how to make them perfectly wearable when you are on the diamond. Following these steps will ensure that you get a great and comfortable fit with your shoe and help you perform well also. 

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