How to Customize Baseball Cleats

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So you’re wondering how to get those funky customized baseball cleats. All those beauties probably got you wondering whether you could get your own. 

Well, I’m here to just generalize the idea about customizing cleats and how you could generally customize them. 

Let’s start right with it!

How Do MLB Players Get Custom Cleats?

So well, you probably got the idea of customization by seeing your favorite MLB players themselves wearing them. And it probably got you wondering “Hey! How did they get their custom designs they are sooo cool”. Well first off MLB players sign various partnerships and it’s probably because of the type of partnership that they are doing they get these customized baseball cleats. 

Sometimes there’s a new artist around town and they wanna get promoted, so they try and pair up with a famous MLB player or an MLB player who they want wearing their design and playing. That’s another valid reason that most MLB players get their shoes customized looking all quirky or even super bold and dramatic.  They do have an In-house team service as well, that works closely with several other artists or even brands to try and get the players to wear these customized shoes so that they can get easily promoted. 

Can You Paint the Bottom of the Cleats?

Of course, you can always try and paint your own cleats. You wanna get a cool and funky look too, sure why not! Go ahead and get it done and knock yourself out, try and make some interesting and super fun color combinations. But here’s the thing when trying and painting your shoes make sure that you have certain things in mind. Clean any excess dirt or debris that is present on the shoe, so you can ensure smooth adhesion of the paint onto the shoe. The next thing is to try and protect other areas of the shoe. After doing all that you must try and take care to choose the right type of paint, it is of utmost importance to choose the right type of paint that will stick easily to the bottom of your shoe. Normally people choose acrylic paints for better adhesion, try and use single thin coats rather than thick coats, for even application as well as even adhesion. Once doing this consider even putting a sealant or a top coat that will help seal the entire layer of paint you have put. This will protect your paint from scratches and even make it last longer. 

How to Customize Baseball Cleats

There are various methods by which you can try and customize your cleats you can probably ask for artists who are professionals in the line to try and get it done for you. Many artists specialize in this and will get you the best type of result that you require. While also giving you the best and coolest design to work with as well. 

But you can always try and do it by yourself. All you need to do is get your shoes nice and clean, trace the sketch or design that you want on your shoes, and then go ahead and start painting. Once again try and use acrylic paints for this as they stay on the shoe much longer. If your hands are not that steady for paints then you can always use markers or decals to sketch it out easily and even to fill them in easily too! These days decals and markers come in various fun and interesting colors. Make sure that you apply a sealant on your work and there you have it, your very own customized baseball cleats.

Well, I’m here to just generalize the idea about customizing cleats and how you could generally customize them. 

Well, I’m here to just generalize the idea about customizing cleats and how you could generally customize them. 

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So there you have it a simple way to try and create your very own customizable cleats. MLB players try and collaborate with other artists, who specialize in this field and you can try and get it done by them too, for a cool and funky look on the field.  

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