How to Wear Baseball Stirrups Easily & Properly

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Well, look no forward to it, because I have the perfect guide on how to wear your baseball stirrups easily and properly. 

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What are Baseball Stirrups?

Baseball stirrups are a type of sock that has solid color and a contrasting bad color towards it. This is commonly worn by most athletic baseball players. The band typically matches the baseball uniform color. Normally these were worn to give immense support to the players and also some sort of compression when players play on the field. 

How to Put On Baseball Stirrups 

It’s pretty simple on how to wear your very own baseball stirrups if it wasn’t clear just in the first half of this article itself. Stirrups are somewhat like this cut-out stocking if you may. They have this really pretty solid color and this contrasting band that encircles over the entire calf area. They are mostly out of uniformity or even traditional for some players. Some players even wear them, cause it makes them warm during the cold weather when they need that extra heat to play. 

Start by putting on your regular pair of socks you should try and match this with the lower band of your stirrup. Pull the regular socks just below your knee. Take the baseball stirrups and hold them with a solid-colored portion in your hand and the contrasting band facing outward. Slide the stirrups over your regular socks where the contrast is above the ankle and on the lower calf region. 

Adjust the stirrups so that the contrasting band is placed just exactly at your calf. But also it doesn’t become way too loose or it isn’t way too tight making you restricted but snug enough to fit you perfectly on your calf. Smooth out any of those annoying wrinkles or fold from your stirrup, to ensure a clean and neat look. Once the stirrups are in place, nicely and thoroughly secured then you can try and adjust your socks if they feel too uncomfortable in the position they are currently. If you are wearing your baseball cleats, make sure that when wearing the stirrups it should be visible and not covered by your cleats. Once you’ve done this on one leg successfully, you can try and do it on your other leg making sure that the stirrup on the other leg, matches the contrast band of the other one as well.  

wearing baseball stirrups easily

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the point of baseball stirrups?

The point of baseball stirrups is technically for style and aesthetics. Sometimes even worn for traditionality’s sake. While they were worn for traditionality’s sake, for support and compression they have become a popular choice over the time of use. 

  1. Does the long side of stirrups go in the front or back?

The long side of the stirrups tends to go on the front side. The contrasting band should be placed on the lower calf area just above the ankle. So when wearing the stirrups ensure that you keep this in mind.  

  1. How do you wear stirrups with long baseball pants?

You just wear them like you normally would on any other day. But do make sure that you slide the stirrups over your pants and make the contrasting band positioned at the lower calf area just above the ankle. 

  1. Do any MLB players still wear stirrups?

Most MLB players don’t tend to wear stirrups because of their uniform requirements. They were worn up till the ’90s and then consecutively died down due to strict regulations. 


So I hope through this article you got some important insight on how to wear your stirrups the right way, without any hassle. I hope this helps you wear them in the proper way, according to the requirements of your team. Stirrups come in many different color options and are a fun way to add the love of the sport to everyone. It gives yout the ability to customize and match with your teammates easily. This gives you a sense of unity when playing the game, which makes it easy for you to conquer the field. 

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