Bushnell Velocity Speed Radar Gun Review

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Looking for the appropriate radar gun, that will optimize your gameplay to the next level? 

Well, fret no more! Because I have the review of the Bushnell Velocity Speed Radar Gun and I’m gonna tell you whether it’s worth your big bucks or not. 

Let’s start right with it!

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun Review

The Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun is an absolute steal for anyone trying to get an in-depth analysis of their gameplay and how quickly they can pitch those balls. The Bushnell Velocity Gun comes with batteries and an LCD screen to show you your number and your performance as well. The radar gun will help you calculate your velocity and you can see where you can improve or whether you have any room for improvement. 

You can always check your various pitches’ speeds and through that tweak the settings, to make something likable to your style and pitching comfort. The pitch development can be easily done, with its immediate feedback and the effectiveness with which it provides that feedback, you can determine where you need to work on maybe your adjustment, grip, or even release point. You can experiment with all these factors and asses the impact o velocity and movement overall. 

The next big factor in which it helps you is, it gives you a sense of competition and motivation to work with. This radar gun will give you the sense of actually competing on the real field and you will have the mechanics of the real field. They can motivate you to push harder and even get better and more effective results as well. The Bushnell Velocity radar gun is guaranteed to give you the performance that you need and deserves on the field. With this radar gun, you are gonna be upping your game in no time! So if you are a coach looking to train your kids and give them the best training, this radar gun will help you achieve that or if you’re simply a baseball fanatic and wanna improve your pitching skills then you should invest in the Bushnell Velocity gun. So what are waiting for?

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Common Complaints of Bushnell Radar Gun

Some people have faced issues with the products like it can’t turn off and remains turned on for the entirety of the day. That consumes the power of the Radr gun and utilizes all of your battery power. Some people have said that it has a problem giving accurate readings and tends to give readings by 1 – 2 mph more. Some people say that it only works behind the catcher and doesn’t work behind a fence or any type of netting, like what you’d notice in most types of radar guns. Accuracy is the most common complaint of the Bushnell Radar Gun. 

How to Use Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

It is pretty simple and is used like most radar guns. It doesn’t have any other crazy applications that you see in most radar guns. So, it’s pretty user-friendly if you ask me. It’s pretty simple to use it, all you have to do is get a person either in front of you or behind you and ask them to hold the gun. It’s best if you ask them to stand in front of you. Once you pitch the ball toward the person, the person must have the angle of the gun present at the angle of the ball being pitched, they must press the trigger, and the reading of the speed is displayed on the LCD screen. 

Final Thoughts

Well so here is the review of Bushnell’s velocity speed gun. It can give you the reading you need and require to improve the speed of your pitch. This will help you improve your game on a drastic level thus making you at the top of your game. 

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