4 Best Pitching Gloves for High-School Players

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It is an absolute must to know what’s the best pitching gloves to use on the field. To be a good soldier one has to have the proper equipment. And well, if you want to be the best pitcher out there then you have to have the best gloves too. 

And you must get the best ones to improve your ball control and conquer the field quickly. But what are the best gloves in the baseball industry? There are so many out there that claim they are. 

Well, here I am with 4 baseball gloves, and the different categories they have the best trait in. 

Pitchers, get ready, and let’s see shall we? 

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Pitching Glove: Rawlings R9 Glove

Best Budget Glove for Pitchers: Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Glove

Best Premium Glove: Rawlings Pro Preferred Glove

Best for High School Pitchers: Wilson A2000 Glove

Best Overall Pitching Glove

Rawlings R9 Glove

Ahh…one can never go wrong with the Rawlings gloves! I’m pretty sure the amateurs to the pro don’t disagree. The Rawlings R9 gloves come with a soft and durable full leather material. That is super supple right off the bat! What’s amazing about these gloves? 

rawlings r9 pitchers glove

It is unbeatable in terms of quality they come in with the best leather and that’s something you want if you wanna play for a few seasons to come. These are already 80% broken in from the factory, so they come in game ready straight out of the box. So you can get pitching real quick. 

Let me also mention that these gloves are amazing for pitchers because they come with padded finger lining and thumb loops, and reinforced palm padding too. So you can be sure that any hard hits that come your way, are gonna be a walk in the park because these offer you complete protection. Plus, what’s more to it, is that it’s completely affordable so investing in these won’t make you regret getting these at all. 


  • High-Quality Leather 
  • Supple right out of the box
  • 80% broken in from the factory 
  • Padded finger lining and thumb loops 
  • Reinforced palm lining
  • Affordable price 


  • Limited customization options 
  • Fit Variability 

Best Budget-Friendly Glove for Pitchers

Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Gloves 

Now if you’re someone who wants to get something affordable without having to burn a hole in your pocket whilst also getting something from Rawlings itself. Then the Rawlings Sandlot is your best bet. 

best budget pitchers glove

In terms of quality, you know that Rawlings never compromises on it. They have an oiled pull-back leather which gives you a vintage look, with the touches of modern technology added to it, giving you the best while improving your performance on the field. 

These are further improved to give you the best pro-style patterns in terms of pitching especially. They have a trapeze web style, that is perfect for pitchers since they can hide the ball from the batter’s sight. They have padded finger-back linings for unmatched comfort and zero-shock palm pads for better protection from all those hard-impact balls. 

So if you’re looking for something affordable or you don’t want a  longer time of investment whilst also experimenting and browning out what’s good for you then the Rawlings Sandlot is your best shot.


  • Affordable price point
  • High-quality oiled pull-back leather with a vintage look
  • Pro-style patterns for improved performance
  • Padded finger-back linings for comfort
  • Zero-shock palm pads for better protection


  • Limited customization options
  • Fit variability
  • Not as durable as higher-end Rawlings models

Best Premium Glove

Rawlings Pro Preferred Glove

If you don’t wanna compromise on the price factor and the quality factor, then have a go at the Rawlings Pro Preferred Gloves. These have flawless kip leather, that gives it a great look and feel.

best premium pitching glove

They have pro patterns that are available for different playstyles and are best suited for you. Each of these gloves is handcrafted individually to assure that you get the best and your price worth. The Rawling Pro Preferred Gloves are given the utmost precision and attention to detail, so you can be sure you’re given the best of the best. 

In terms of protection, these gloves have wool padding, that is carefully selected and placed perfectly to form a pocket that is catered to your mobility and gives you flawless ball control, which you definitely need as a pitcher. They also have a padded thumb sleeve that protects you from impact and even ensures your comfort during your gameplay.


  • Flawless kip leather for a premium look and feel
  • Pro patterns for different playstyles
  • Handcrafted with precision and attention to detail
  • Wool padding for excellent protection and ball control
  • Padded thumb sleeve for impact protection and comfort


  • Higher price point
  • Fit variability

Best For High School Pitchers

Wilson A2000 Glove

We all know, right after the Rawlings, Wilsons come the second-best in the baseball glove industry. These are a really great option if you’re looking for something other than Rawlings whilst also looking for a long time investment. 

wilson a2000 pitchers glove

The Wilson A2000 gloves are remarkable in terms of quality, they have Pro Stock Leather which of course gives you an unmatched feel, while giving you a lot of durability, so that these can last you for years or even seasons to come. 

The Wilson A2000 gloves ensure that you have a deep pocket that allows you to conceal your itch and grip changes from the batters eye. These gloves have a closed 2-piece web that also contributes to the concealment which you require to do as a pitcher, of course. 

These gloves also have Pedroia Fit which is perfect for small hands and even they have something called super skin that makes these moisture-resistant and easier to clean than most leathers. So if you’re looking for a pitcher’s glove that’s worth your money then you should for sure choose the Wilson A2000. 


  • High-quality Pro Stock Leather for unmatched feel and durability
  • Deep pocket for concealing grip changes
  • Closed 2-piece web for additional concealment
  • Pedroia Fit option for small hands
  • Super skin material for moisture resistance and easy cleaning


  • Heavyweight 
  • Durable, But, a longer break-in period

How to Choose a Pitcher’s Gloves 

Well here are some key features to consider when you get your pitcher’s gloves.  


So the one thing that most pitchers must consider is the webbing style. Here you should choose something with a closed web because you wanna try and hide your ball movements from the batters eye, so you can get them at their weak points! 

Of course, this totally depends on what your personal preference is and what playing style you’re comfortable with, but if I’m being honest you should go with a Closed web to get a sneaky hit!

Glove Size 

So typically you should choose something within the 11.5’’ to 12’’. But the ideal glove size is 11 and three-quarters or 12 inches. Because that gives you a lot of control and freedom of mobility on the ball. As a pitcher the bigger the glove the better the ball is hidden from the batter’s sight. 

Pocket Size 

Deeper pockets give you much more control, which is perfect. This gives you a larger surface area, which is easier to catch and hold onto the ball. And just like the webbing style, even the deeper pockets are better for hiding the ball movements from the batter’s line of visibility.

Some pitchers also find it easy to keep releasing the ball from the same position inside the glove within the deep pocket.  


You should ideally consider something that’s made out of durable leather quality. Which can last you for some seasons to come. 


If you are a pitcher, I’m pretty sure those balls our coming with some tremendous speed your way! So to protect yourself from the impact of those hard-hit balls or just generally from the impact you should consider gloves that have good padding.

This also ensures your mobility and flexibility on the field which is great for your performance. 


If you play as a pitcher you’re gonna have a lot of rough hits and you’re gonna be going for a lot of diving catches, well the leather and the gloves have to be quite durable. 

The durability factor is the most important since you don’t wanna end up with a tear or a scratch from just minute movements that you do.

Brand & Reviews  

I know this might not be a great factor to consider, but honestly speaking it is important by seeing the experience and review of other people you’ll get a better idea of how a particular glove may function.

The brand of the particular glove you choose should be taken into consideration, gloves with a longstanding name are perfect because they commit to giving you the best performance.


So, above, we read about some of the best baseball gloves for pitchers and these are my favorite. But these are also totally up to your personal preference and your playstyle as a pitcher. 

You might wanna go for something different because these gloves do not cater to your taste or simply just don’t suit you. But if I put it out there quite simply these gloves are unbeatable in terms of delivering performance so I’m pretty sure you wanna go with something that’s as good as them. 

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