Softball Glove Size Chart with Buying Guide

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Well, hello there, girls! I know you might be out there wondering what’s the best way to understand glove sizing. 

Well, it’s not too hard if you follow some of the ways I indicate, and with these steps and this sizing guide it’s gonna be a walk in the garden. 

So fastpitch softballers, Let’s get going, shall we? 

How To Measure a Softball Glove? 

Now finding the glove that automatically matches your play style and needs is a little tricky. But once you’ve got this guide down, it will at least help you get an idea about how to select the right glove for yourself. Finding the right gloves, especially for girls in the fastpitch softball industry is a little painstaking but not impossible. 

There are a lot of great brands that specialize in making woman’s Softball gloves that are flexible to work with, ensuring that you have enough mobility as well as super comfortable. To measure a softball glove meant for fastpitch, use a tap and place it on the base of the index finger where it meets the palm and then follow the curve of the glove, this will give you the circumference. To measure the length of the glove, you should measure from the index of the glove up until you reach the heel of the glove, this will give you the length of the glove. 

Fastpitch Glove Size Chart 


As a girl who’s playing a pitcher, you must take caution to pick the right glove from the billions of options presented to you. A lot of brands have been committed to specializing in fastpitch softball gloves. When selecting a pitcher’s glove, look for something with a closed web that will enable pocket formation. This will help to try and direct the batter’s eyes away from the way you pitch your glove or the next movement or position your gonna make. 

The typical range that you’ll be looking at to get a pitcher’s glove is between 11.5 inches to 12.5 inches and for youth players it’s somewhere around 8 inches to 12.5 inches. 

softball pitchers glove size


Softball players who wanna try playing in the catcher’s position should make sure of two things, the glove should be big enough and enough padding must be present. Gloves with larger sizes are necessary since they provide a larger target for pitchers to focus on. Padding is of utmost necessity, as in this fastpitch, the ball is coming at a very fast speed, so you should be sure no extra damage or injury will be taken by you. A closed web would be highly efficient in trapping the balls.

You should look for something in the range of 33 inches to 35 inches and for youth players look for something in the range of 29.5 inches to 32.5 inches. 

First Base

Girls who play first base must be highly attentive and super quick and efficient, therefore you need gloves that won’t hinder your performance on the field. When securing the ball you must have gloves that promote enough visibility to track the ball and thus secure it efficiently and quickly. In terms of pocket depth look for something with a shallow pocket so that transfers will happen quickly without any hindrance whatsoever. 

If you wanna perform extremely quickly and efficiently while gaining enough mobility and flexibility on the field look for something within the range of 12 inches to 13 inches and for youth players go for something within the range of 11.5 inches to 13 inches.  


When playing shortstop, you are within the diamond and you really need to be super fast and efficient. So consider something with an I web or a modified I web for easy transfer and to secure the ball easily while promoting enough visibility and entrapment of the ball. The gloves should have moderate pockets, neither too shallow nor too deep. This allows us to trap the ball real quickly, as well as transfer the ball to the throwing hand effectively and smoothly as possible. 

Fastpitch players who play shortstop must have 11.5 inches to 12.5 inches as their glove size. For youth players, consider something within the size range of 8 inches to 12 inches. 

Third Base 

The third base position is just equally important as much of the others mentioned above. Girls who play this position must take into consideration the following factors when choosing a glove. The third base glove should have an H web Glove, the glove should provide enough visibility, flexibility, and control on the field. This helps promoting the player to be able to see the ball and trap it quickly enough. In terms of pocket depth, you must consider something with a moderate to deep pocket, which will help to securely catch the balls and allow quick retrieval and passing. 

Players should consider something in the range of 11.75 inches to 12.5 inches. In terms of youth, take something within the range of 8 inches to 12.5 inches. 


For infield players, in fastpitch softball, you must be able to have gloves that will promote flexibility and mobility on the field easily. Something smaller and probably easy to handle on the field, which will not hinder your performance but rather improve your play style should be chosen. You should have gloves with shallower pockets and gloves that have a web style of either H web or I web promoting visibility and control over the ball. 

Girls who play as infielders look for gloves in the range of 11 to 12.5 inches. 


For an outfielder player, in fastpitch softball, you should look for something that has enough padding and is big enough to be able to catch the ball. Look for something with a deep pocket sp that will enable you to trap the ball effectively and quickly. And you must ensure gloves have enough padding and webbing style that will allow you to track the ball easily. 

Girls who play as outfielders should look for gloves within the range of 12 inches to 13 inches and youth players should look for something in the range of 9 inches to 12.5 inches. 

Slowpitch Glove Size Chart 

For people who love to play softball just for fun, slowpitch technically doesn’t need any special type of gloves as such. So you can always try and find something like utility gloves or even first-base gloves to work with. Girls who are just in the beginning stages of learning baseball, and learning the various positions. Here are a few sizes according to the positions that you should take a look at first base players consider something within the range of 12-13”, second base players should consider something within the range of 11.5-12.5”, third base players should consider something within the range of 11.75- 13”, pitchers should consider something within the range of 11.5-13” and outfielders must consider something within the range of 12-15”. 

What Size Softball Glove Do I Need? 

It is quite simple, girls what you simply must do is take a measuring tape and measure it from the base of your palm to your middle finger. This will be your hand size in inches. But mostly the glove should be considered on the position you are playing but this is mostly for your reference. 


So girls! here’s all you need to know about fastpitch softball gloves. Gloves are meant to be chosen on the position you play and how you play. The gloves are meant to cater to your designs and your specific play style. 

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