Baseball Thumb Guards: Things that MLB Players Use

Used by at least 40% players in Major League Baseball (MLB), and more than 70% have tried the baseball thumb guard. It is a simple instrument that works wonders for pro-hitters.

Baseball Thumb Guards

The baseball thumb guard is known to absorb the shock created by the ball hitting the bat, and it provides protection against palm injury. It also offers a superior grip on the bat as it fills the space between barrel knob and thumb/palms.

What is a Baseball Thumb Guard?

Comparison of Baseball Thumb Guards

Baseball Thumb GuardsOur RatingsCurrent Price
Prohitter Batters Training Aid9.9/10Check Price
Franklin Sports Hitting Aid9.8/10Check Price
Pro Hitter Patented Batting Tool9.7/10Check Price

Usually made of soft plastic with a hole for the thumb. It covers the extra space between the thumb, especially the oval-shaped palm and the handlebar of the bat, which is a perfect cylinder. Due to its small size, it goes unnoticed.

Along with a better grip, it also helps to increase the bat speed and power.

Let’s look at the best one in the market, and how they can help you ace your game.

Best Baseball Thumb Guards

Prohitter Batters Training Aid

Prohitter Batters Training Aid is the market leader in manufacturing a thumb protector and preferred by most professionals playing in the MLB. These offer a perfect fit for both, right and left-handed batters.

When a pitcher throws the ball closer to the batter, making it difficult to generate a good bat swing, it is called an inside pitch. In this case, this thumb pad keeps your palm safe, and bone from getting bruised.

Made of soft rubber-like adhesive, they provide durability and comfort in the long run. This thumb pad also corrects a batter’s grip, improving their technique, which in turn establishes a solid contact of ball and bat for a home run.

Franklin Sports Baseball Bat Swing Trainer – Gator Grip Trainer

Available at the same price range (6$ approx.) as Prohitters, these thumb guard for hitters are a safe bet. In addition to providing adequate protection against the inside pitches, these trainers also improve your bat swing and increase the bat speed.

A product, which is a hit among the MLB hitters is made for amateurs as well as beginners. This thumb pad is constructed out of silicon for extra durability, comfort, and grip; so that you can wear it season after season.

When the ball hits the bat, sometimes massive shock can be transferred to a batter’s hand, Franklin’s Gator Grip Trainer absorbs the excess shock and acts as a thumb protector.

Pro Hitter Patented Batting Tool, Adult, Blue

Quite similar to the Pro Hitter’s Training aid, and priced at the same range, these offer massive support to the MLB players. Even if we don’t get into evaluating the features, Pro Hitters as a brand is considered to manufacture the best thumb guard for baseball.

A perfect tool for helping you average 750 in slow pitches, and at the same time acts as a thumb protector. The usage of this batting tool is picking up the pace in the market currently.

With an increase in the number of home runs being scored by MLB batters who wear Pro Hitters batting thumb guard, you can bet the demand for these is going to shoot up in 2020.

What Do Batters Wear on their Thumb?

The short answer would be a thumb guard or a thumb protector. This small tool goes unnoticed in most games, but they do a miraculous task of protecting a batter’s thumb/palm bone from getting bruised.

As to why MLB hitters wear this thumb protector, we will see ahead.

Why Batters Use Thumb Guard?

Reduces the recoil force

The average speed of a pitch in a baseball is around 50 to 70 Mph. When a ball traveling at such force hits the bat, it creates a recoil and shock is produced. A thumb ring for baseball or a thumb protector absorbs the shock and keeps your hand safe for the whole season.

Bridges gap between palm and handle of the bat

A thumb pad helps in bridging this gap created due to the oval-shaped palm and the cylinder-shaped handle-bar of the bat. This supplements a better grip for an MLB batter.

Even though the size of the ball in a softball game is bigger than Baseball, the cylinder-shaped handle-bar remains the same, which makes a thumb guard useful for softball hitters as well.

Improves technique

The above two features, in turn, help an MLB batter, amateurs, and beginners to improve their batting technique, bat swing, and speed.

Final Words

There are not many thumb protectors present in the market at present. The best one, which is preferred by most professionals is manufactured by Pro Hitters and Franklin Sports.

The advantage that this small piece of equipment provides for their price range is staggering. The number of professionals using this small tool these days is huge! And it is rightly so.

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