Best Catcher’s Bag in 2020: {Catchers Gear Bag with Wheels}

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Your catcher’s bag should have enough space so that you can put your mitts, helmets, cleats, bats, and other gears.

To carry the bag easily, I also suggest you buy a bag with wheels.

So, the question is,

What is the best catcher’s bag in 2020?

When it comes to buying a catchers gear bag, then you have to think about various things like

  • Durability
  • Size
  • Storing Space
  • Price

In this article, I’ve shared each and everything that you’ll need to know before buying your ultimate catcher’s gear bag.

To make a quick decision, you can also read this short section.

My Favorite Baseball Catcher’s Bag

When it comes to buying the best catcher’s bag, then two names came to my mind; No Error No E2 Catcher’s Bag and Bownet The Commander Catcher’s Bag.

Personally, I like Bownet The Commander Catcher’s Bag more than No Error No E2 Bag.

FeaturesNo Errors No E2 Catcher's BagBownet Commander Catcher's Bag
Dimensions36" long x 12" wide x 12" Deep38” Long x 17 Wide” x 12 Deep”
Space for Catcher's GearEnough SpaceEnough Space
StyleLooks Old StyleStylish
How Many Bats Can You Store?33
Hooks to Hang On FenceAvailableAvailable
Hard Case Cleat CompartmentYESYES
Hooks to Hang Gloves etc. Outside HooksInside Hooks
Compartment for Shin GuardsYESYES
Mesh Venting to Dry Wet ClothesYESNO
DurabilityVery DurableVery Durable
Different Color OptionsAvailableAvailable
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The appearance of The Commander Bag is better than No Error No E2.

In The Commander, there are 14 different pockets where you can pack all your catcher’s gear, and keep them separated based on your personal preference.

There is a specially designed molded semi-hard separate section for the helmets & cleats.

There is a special section to store 3 full-size big barrel bats.

The high-quality Big Trax Wheels helps you to easily transport it on any type of surface.

It has sufficient space for all your catcher’s gear and you’ll never regret your decision.

Can You Store the entire Catcher’s Gear in Bownet Commander Bag?

Yes, watch this very short video to see how.

Best Catcher’s Bags in 2020

Best Catcher's Bag 2020

NO ERRORS NO E2 Catchers Bag

NO errors NO E2 Catchers bag is a baseball equipment bag that is equipped with nine pockets and three compartments that are well ventilated in helping you keep your wet items dry.

It has 36” long x 12” deep on the inner locker part of the bag.

It has a 36 x12” wide x 12” deep shin guard pocket which will expend you to accommodate knee savers.

There are also two 16” long x 12” wide x 4 deep pockets on the other side.

Space in the gear bag

It is made of heavy-duty fabrics thus providing you with the best material.

It has a shelving system, expandable shin guard pocket, and heavy-duty cleat pocket which will help you perfectly in storing all your equipment.

It has plenty of space for your essentials in order to keep it handy.

This catcher gear bag will provide you with enough room to hold up to three baseball bats, all of a catcher’s essential gear; in addition to that, it also has a place for batting and catcher’s helmets.

This will help you to keep all the equipment in an organized way.

It can get access to everything in seconds as its four hideaway hooks will enable and help you to hang it anywhere according to your requirement.

It can roll anywhere with ease as the wheeled design will let you easily handle the gear bag.

No Errors Baseball Bag

This bag has fat boy wheels that have heavy-duty treads that will allow the catcher’s bag to simply move over the grass, dirt, and any concrete base with equal ease.

This will provide you ease to roll the bag over any of the rough areas.

It has a built tough for travel.

This bag is built to outlast. It is made with heavy-duty materials and reinforced stitching, which will help you resist rips and tears.

No E2 Bag

So, the material will help this bag to last long.

All these qualities make this bag a bit expensive.

  • Durable and Spacious
  • Rolls Easily
  • Expandable Pockets
  • Comes with Hooks
  • Smooth Mobility
  • Expensive
  • Flimsy Zipper

Final Verdict

It can be said that this catcher bag has plenty of space, which will help you in carrying all your necessities.

It can roll the bag anywhere with ease, which will help you in carrying the bag easily with wheels.

The bag is built to last long and can be said that is durable.

As the material used is durable, it comes with a little extra cost.

Easton E700W Wheeled Bag for Catchers

Easton E700 W Wheeled bag is made from T420D hex ripstop 600D polyester.

The dimensions of the bag are 36″L x 13″W x 13″H.

Full Bottom Rail in the bag helps in adding structure and durability to the bottom of the bag. This further makes the bag more long-lasting.

Easton e700w wheeled bag

It has heavy-duty inline wheels, which are rugged for excellent mobility. So, you can move your bag quickly from one place to another.

It has massive lockable zippers, which will help to provide the maximum durability to prevent blowouts.

There are 3 different color options available from which you can choose.

It does not have any hooks to hang it on the fence.

Though, it is spacious enough to store catcher’s gear, batting helmet, 3 gloves and 3-4 bats.

There is no separate compartment for an individual bat.

Though, 3-4 bats can be stored in a single compartment which is specially made for bats.

It is an affordable bag with wheels, which means you don’t have to spend a lot to get reliable material construction.

Easton bag with wheels

So, it can be perfect for high school players and catchers.

  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Good Structure
  • Easy Mobility
  • Capacious
  • No Hooks
  • No Separate Compartments
  • Limited Color Options

Final Verdict

Easton E700W Wheeled Bag is a bag that is considered spacious, durable, and affordable.

It also has excellent mobility.

It also has 3 color options from which you can choose.

It also has a full bottom rail which helps in the bag to have a proper structure.

But, there are no hooks to attach the bag to the net and no separate compartment for an individual bat.

Nonetheless, it can be considered as one of the best youth catchers bag with wheels for high school players.

Boombah Brute Rolling Baseball / Softball Gear Bag

Boombah Brute Rolling Baseball/Softball Bat bag is made from Dark Charcoal/Orange Heavy Duty Nylon Rip-Stop & 600 100% D Polyester.

The dimensions of this roller bag are 35″L x 15″W x 12.5″T.

It is a high-quality bag that is very resistant to rips or tears. It also has heavy duty zippers.

It is made from durable material which helps in providing the quality to the bag.

The bag is constructed in such a way that the top compartment helps in keeping the dirt away from getting on other items in your bag.

It has a large bottom compartment which will allow easy carrying of shoes or helmets.

There is a large main compartment of the bag that is designed to carry anything from the catcher equipment, glove, balls, helmet, etc.

This will help you in proper storage of any equipment you require to store.

It has one handle on each end which provides the bag to lift it in and out of the vehicle.

It has re-enforced J-hooks which makes it easy to hang the bag anywhere you want.

It has large wheels that allow it to roll over anything possible. You can easily roll through any rough area.

It has plastic runners on the bottom of the bag that further adds stability.

There are a lot of colors options from which you can choose.

It is an affordable catcher’s gear bag.

  • Comes with J-Hooks
  • Affordable
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Durable
  • Large Bottom Compartment
  • Plastic Runners for Added Stability
  • Relatively Weak Zips

Final Verdict

Boombah Brute Rolling Baseball/Softball Bat bag is affordable and has a durable material.

It also has large compartments in order to store various equipment.

It has plastic runners that provide the bag to run over any rough areas and also has J-hooks, which enables it to hang anywhere on the fence.

It has a variety of colors to choose from.

This bag can be your choice if you want to buy an affordable bag with all the necessities.

Rawlings Sporting Goods Yadi Wheeled Catcher’s Bag

Rawlings Sporting Goods Yadi Wheeled Catcher’s Bag will help you store all your gear.

It is made from durable material which will help it into last long.

The product dimensions are 37 x 14 x 6 inches.

It has exterior pockets which help you in keeping the things.

It has an extra-large main compartment in which you can store all your essentials without any worries.

It has a removable panel which can be used for customization.

It has a telescopic pull handle which will allow you to easily pull your bag.

It has large wheels with a reinforced support base which will help you to drag the bag smoothly.

But, this bag is available in only one color i.e. black.

This is an affordable deal for the buyer and an baseball bag for catchers.

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Removable Panel
  • Reinforced Support Base
  • Large Compartments
  • Telescopic Pull Handle
  • Available in One Color (Black)

Final Verdict

Rawlings Sporting Goods Yadi Wheeled Catcher’s Bag is a durable bag equipped with the reinforced support base.

It also has a removable panel for customization.

Though it is available in only one color but is affordable with the best material provided.

Under Armour Professional Wheeled Catcher’s Bag

Under Armour Professional wheeled catcher’s bag is a large, reinforced, and rolling duffel bag.

The dimensions of the bag are 5.5 x 11.5 x 35.5 inches.

It has 5 inner sections, which will perfectly fit the catcher’s gear and 1 outer compartment, which can fit up to 4 bats.

It has integrated skid rails which help in providing tear protection and durability.

It has an anti-sag wrap around the plastic plate.

It has wheels which help in proper rolling the bag on any dry and rough areas.

Though, it is available in only black color.

But this bag is considered to be affordable.

It is considered as one of the best catcher’s bag with wheels for high school baseball players.

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Anti-Sag Wrap
  • Skid Rails for Protection
  • Available in Only Black Color

Final Verdict

Under Armour Professional Wheeled Catcher’s Bag is an affordable and durable bag.

It has anti-sag wrap around the plastic plate.

It also has wheels that will enable the bag to move through any of the rough areas.

Though, the bag is available in only black color.

But, still is considered one of the best choices among exemplary bags for catchers gear

Things to Consider Before Buying a Catcher’s Bag

Baseball Catcher's Gear Bag

Storage Space Needed by You

It’s always a challenge to cram everything into your catchers’ gear bag, which is why you should be careful while selecting them initially. Based on the equipment that you have at your disposal, the size factor comes into the picture.

Even though the players are in the little league, there is a whole lot of stuff that you need to carry from time to time. Some of those vital gears specific to a catcher would include,

  1. Catcher’s mitts
  2. Catcher’s masks
  3. Chest Protectors
  4. Batting helmets
  5. Baseball bats
  6. Leg Guards and multiple other accessories.

As the player progresses through the ranks and into the professional level, the size criteria come into the fray into a much-increased level than necessary. Many of the MLB Level players keep that in mind when they choose what they need in terms of space for their catchers’ bag.

Inside hooks in catcher's bag

Quality of the Bag

Another important factor to consider while selecting a baseball catchers’ bag is quality.  Quality is something that should never be compromised on, and players always take care of it. Some of the things which players should check out for when they are looking out for it are as follows;

  1. Are the zippers maintained for rugged use; since it would be the same all the time?
  2. Does the bag contain any inline wheels for more comfortable use and comfort; if yes, then check the wheel quality. Whether they are designed to take into harsh terrains like grasses and gravel, and so on.
  3. Does the product contain the additional layers of polyester to insulate it from adverse effects and other uncontrolled conditions?
  4. Are there inner pockets; if yes, then check their condition. Also, check for safes meant for keeping your personal and valuable possessions like wallets, and whether they are resistant to scratches.

Need for a Wheeled Catcher’s Bag

A catcher should always be agile, alert, and fit when he is on the field to marshal his players towards victory. It would be ill luck if some of the notable catchers like Johnny Bench or Roy Campanella or Bill Dickey were to break their backs just because they had a baseball catchers’ gear bag with no wheels.

Wheeled Catcher's Bag

The situation might seem hilarious to some, but the question remains as to whether you should have an alternative for having a wheeled catcher’s bag. The answer moves toward the positive side, and there is no question about it.

Bags nowadays come with customized and rugged wheelsets with additional rubber threading so that it can bare harsh problems with much ease. Some of the extra features also include elevated wheels that give the player an advantage of carrying the bag around without having to bend over it continuously.

Think carefully before proceeding forward with your choices.

Separate Compartments

This is another excellent feature of the catchers’ gear bag. Having separate compartments for every one of your tools is a great asset to have since that would help you to avoid unnecessary hastiness.

Separate Compartments in Catcher's gear Bag

The main advantage of having this inside your bag would be that they can be arranged everything as per their order so that later on they don’t need to worry about it. Separate sections are always designed for your baseball cleats, mitts, balls, and other gears, which makes it a lot easier for access.

Some of the models are designed so that the players would find it suitable. There are distributions wherein the main one is always big that holds the major gear sets. The top compartment is always standard for the catchers’ helmet.

The bottom one can be used to keep your cleats since many of the brands also provide sufficient ventilation in there to keep them fresh.


Before going in for the price margins, you should check whether you have the pre-requisites fulfilled i.e. the points that are mentioned above. Have you checked everything concerning the quality, and are you willing to spend a little bit more for the right product than the cheap one?

Baseball Catcher's Bag Cost

Quality should always come first, and it holds true while buying the catchers’ gear bag as well. Some of the well-known brands like Easton, Commander’s, and so on rate their bags at close to $200. This is an understandably great estimate if you have looked into everything and are spending it accordingly.

Fiddling around with cheap brands that don’t fulfill the criteria would only leave you in a precarious position. The result would mostly include dinted wheels, cheap quality material, chipped off compartments, etc., which would be enough to make you worry.

Rate the bags from marginal to best in terms of price and then purchase them.

Other Important Features

A catchers’ role in the field is the most vital. He steers the game, marshals his troops in the right direction. With enough practice and the right techniques, he would be able to drive the game the way he wants to. That is what a catcher does, and he is, therefore, an integral part of the team.

Apart from his in-field role, he should also be having the equipment that provides him with the comfort of the game with minimum hassles. Apart from the various catcher’s gear that he needs to wear throughout the game, he needs to have the perfect gear-based catchers’ bag to store his arms.

Hooks to hang catcher's bag on fence

We discussed some of the major features that are covered in them, but there are so much more than the bag should consist of and they are as follows,

  1. The wheel-based catchers’ gear bag also consists of a retractable handle that provides comfort to the players, and it is a valuable addition to it.
  2. Rugged zips that surround your bag are just as vital if you use it thoroughly, the bigger they are, the more suitable it would be to use it.
  3. Concerning how big your bag and how much weight it can ideally support, it also consists of inbuilt hooks, which enable you to hang them anywhere that you wish to.
  4. You can also hang other accessories and items like your water bottles, sunglasses, and other items in customized pockets.
  5. The bags also consist of personalized team name panels to identify yourself with. It’s a great addition to have if you are taking an order in bulk.
Wheeleld catcher's gear bag need retractable handle

Some of these features should also be taken into consideration when you are scrounging for the perfect catchers’ kit bag for the novices and the professionals. It keeps you aware of the major things that you can check as per the requirements that you have.

Youth catchers’ bags are also becoming a range for the players who are taking part in little league baseball tournaments and championships. So even they can check what they need by taking into account the list of features that would prove vital in the long run.

Equipment You Want to Store

If you are getting ready for your game and you are the catcher, then you must be in top shape. More important than that is that you should have your gear ready for lock and load so that you don’t fret around your bag later on.

Some of the essential equipment that should be packed in for a baseball or a softball game by the catcher is as follows,

  • MITTS –A catcher needs to have something substantial in your hand, which is where the mitts come in. It has webbings, provides support, and the right amount of protection to prevent any kind of damage.
  • MASK–A catcher needs to have a reliable catcher’s mask at all times for protection from the batter and the pitcher. It should be handy and easily removable when you have to pursue the ball.
  • CHEST PROTECTORS – His strongest armor that is made up of durable foam and mesh-based substance to protect and ventilate the player as well.
  • LEG GUARDS –You should be protecting the lower part of your body as well, which is where the leg guards come in. They cover your body from the cleat to your knee, and it also consists of padding for comfort.

Final Words

The ideal baseball bag for catchers gear should ultimately be durable and of high quality.

You should get the bag with the best wheels as they will help you to drag the bag from one place to another smoothly and hassle-free.

There can be a rough area sometimes by which you have to stroll down your bag, so, assure the quality of the wheels to be the best.

Though you should buy the most affordable bag which fits within your budget and also provides you with the best material.

It can be concluded that you should buy the best bag according to your needs.

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