Best Bats for Home Protection: Self Defense Baseball Bats

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In 2020, a good baseball bat for self-defense is essential. People are losing jobs every day, unemployment increasing, people are depressed and this may increase the number of attacks and robberies.

So, there is no question about that, you should have a good baseball bat at your home for your self-defense.  

But, the question is, which one to buy?

Should you buy a big bulky wooden bat wrapped with barbed wire or a small aluminum bat?

Today, you’ll find the answer to these questions. Keep reading.

My Personal Recommendation

When it comes to the best bat for self-defense, I personally recommend Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher.

This video demonstrates the strength of Brooklyn Crusher Bat, and how shows its use in different situations.

It’s a 29 inches long bat that can be used for home defense purposes. The bat is made of polypropylene that makes it nearly indestructible, so it’ll last much longer than any other baseball bat.

The Brooklyn Crusher bat will give you peace of mind that if you get into some serious situation when you have to use this bat, it’ll not break or crack at the moment. You don’t want a bat that breaks into two pieces as soon as you hit someone or something hard enough.

Now, at the time of Corona Pandemic, buying a good home defense baseball bat is necessary, and Brooklyn Crusher can be the best choice for you.

What If You Want a Longer or Shorter Bat?

The Brooklyn Crusher is 29 inches long bat, but for tall guys, it’s a little short while for short guys, it’s a little long.

Therefore, you should buy a bat which you can easily swing and change directions quickly.

So, the options are Brooklyn Whopper (38 Inches) and Brooklyn Shorty (20 Inches). But, keep in mind that a longer bat will also be a little heavier and a shorter bat will be a little lighter.

Important: All the three bats, Brooklyn Crusher, Brookly Whopper, and Brooklyn Shorty are of the same quality, and they’re unbreakable. They just have different length and weight.

If you’re a tall person, and you want a long bat that gives you more power and at the same time, you’ll be able to maintain more distance from your target, then you should buy Cold Steel Brooklyn Whopper. It’s a 38 inches long unbreakable bat.

While, if you’re a not so tall person, and you want a bat with a small size that you can easily swing, then you should buy Cold Steel Brookly Shorty. It’s 20 inches long unbreakable bat.

You should also take a look at this table where you’ll see different self defense bats of Brooklyn series. You can buy any bat which is suitable as per your height, weight, and strength.

Self Defense BatBat LengthCurrent Price
Brooklyn Slammer19 InchesCheck Price
Brooklyn Shorty20 InchesCheck Price
Brooklyn Basher24 InchesCheck Price
Brooklyn Crusher29 InchesCheck Price
Brooklyn Banshee32 InchesCheck Price
Brooklyn Whopper38 InchesCheck Price

In case, if you don’t like these bats or they’re out of stock or any other reason, then you can also go with Franklin Sports Tball Bat or Louisville Slugger 2020 Wood Bat. They’re also great bats for

Comparison of Self Defense Bats

ProductOur RatingsCurrent Price
Brooklyn Crusher (First Choice)10/10Check Price
Franklin Sports Tball Bat9.9/10Check Price
Rawlings Raptor Tball Bat9.9/10Check Price
EASTON Beast Speed Bat9.8/10Check Price
Louisville Slugger Wood Bat9.7/10Check Price
Lucile - The Walking Dead Bat9.5/10Check Price

How to Use a Baseball Bat for Self Defense

There can be many ways you can use a baseball bat for defense because in real life when someone attacks you, he may not be just standing in front of you, he can be on one side or on your back.

I found this video helpful. Here, Master Phil is showing some different ways to use a bat to defend yourself.

Best Baseball Bats for Self Defense

best bat for self defense

Franklin Sports Tball Bat

You must be thinking,

“Are you kidding? A small tball bat”

A small tball bat is one of the best bats for self-defense. When you purchase a bat for defense purposes, then you should consider the fact that you may have to use it in various situations.

A big heavy bat may look the best choice for you, but it’s not. No doubt, a heavy dense wood bat will cause more damage, but, think about it, a heavy bat will also slow you down.

However, in the case of a small tball bat, you can swing the bat with the fastest speed possible. The small bats are also easier to use in the close encounters where you don’t get much space to swing a full-size bat.

The Franklin Sports Tball Bat is available in many different sizes, you can choose any size which you can swing easily. There is no perfect size, it’s better to buy some shorter bat than the standard bat for your height.

It’s a strong aluminum bat that comes with a balanced weight so you can swing it with power and control.

The hi-track perforated grip ensures better control and handling because you don’t want your bat to slip from your hands when you’re struggling or fighting with the attacker.

When buying a bat for defense, you should not look for the cheapest option just to save money. But, sometimes, the cheap options are the best ones.

The tball aluminum bats are not costly, they’re quite cheap, but they’re perfect for the self-defense. There is no need to buy a $300 bat when a much cheaper bat will do the job a lot better than the expensive one.

Louisville Slugger 2020 Wood Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger wood baseball bat is one of the most popular home defense bats. 

A lot of people prefer wood bats for the home-defense because of their density. A dense wood bat delivers more power and can do more damage as compared to the aluminum bats because aluminum bats give bounce back when you hit something hard.

Buying a small wood bat can be a good idea so that you can easily control it and swing it with speed.

A small wood bat will be a lot more useful in the close distance fights as compared to the large heavy bats. As large heavy bats will take more energy to swing them, and they’ll also make you slower, it means the attacker can take advantage of it.

Some people complain that wood bats slip from their hands because most of them don’t have grips. If you like a wood bat, then don’t buy any other bat just because of this grip issue. You can always wrap a bat grip tape on your wood bat, there is no problem in that.

This Louisville Slugger Wood Bat comes in the black color with the regular finish. It’s tried and tested by hundreds of other users.

It’s always a good idea to look for reviews before purchasing, but here, we’re using this bat for home defense purposes, so you may not find much helpful information from the reviews.

Easton Beast Speed Baseball Bat

We chose Easton Beast Speed Baseball Bat as one of the best bats for self-defense because it’s lightweight and comes with ATAC Alloy One-Piece construction.

The balanced design along with the lightweight structure of the bat helps you to swing with more control and power. You’ll experience brute strength as soon as you take this bat in your hands. 

Another good thing about the Alloy One-Piece Construction is that it’s a strong bat. You may have to hit someone or something with this bat, and you don’t want that your bat breaks with a strong hit. Many times wood bats break into two pieces and it’s possible with alloy and aluminum bats, but they’re generally stronger than the wood bats. So, this bat has much fewer chances to get broken into pieces while using it for defense.

When you’re in danger, you need a baseball bat that you can easily swing with your full power without losing your balance. And, this Easton Speed Baseball Bat is good for this purpose.

The Lizard Skin bat grip provides ultimate feel and cushion. With the lizard skin bat grip placed on the bat, you can swing it with your full power, and it won’t slip from your hands.

You should definitely consider it for your defense. 

Lucile – The Walking Dead Bat

This is a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire around its barrel. It looks really dangerous, but this bat is made of dense plastic, not wood.

However, the quality of the bat is really good because of the high density, you won’t feel you’re holding a plastic bat. It feels more like a wood bat.

I know, it’s still a plastic bat, but the barbed wire wrapped around it makes it more dangerous than any other baseball bat.

When someone is attacking you, just one swing, and it will badly injure the attacker. But, it also becomes dangerous for you too.

This bat will give you the feel of the TV Show ‘The Walking Dead’.

It looks deadly, but I don’t think it’s the best bat for defense.


Because we don’t live in the imaginary world where all the things happen as we plan. There may be situations when you have to hold the bat from the barrel, but you can’t because the barrel is wrapped with barbed wire.

It’s a big drawback because whether you hit someone with an aluminum bat or a plastic bat wrapped with barbed wire, it’ll do big damage. But, you’ll be screwed if you have to hold the bat from the barrel side, but you can’t just because it’s wrapped with barbed wire. Then you can be in serious trouble.

So, I can say, it’s more for a show than actual self-defense.

Rawlings Raptor Tball Bat

The Rawlings Raptor Tball Bat is one of the most popular Tball bats for the entry players.

But, we’re not here to look whether it’s good for the entry players or not. I have chosen this Tball bat for the defense because it comes in a clean design with a proper balance of weight. Therefore, it’s a perfect combination of power and control.

It comes with the -12 drop weight. If you’re not a baseball player, then you might not know about it. The higher the drop weight means, more lightweight the bat is.

So, you can say, this bat is lightweight which means faster swing speed.

The 1-piece alloy construction makes it durable and strong which you can use to protect yourself for years.

The bat grip is also good, and it won’t slip from your hands.

The price is also low, but the low price doesn’t mean it’s of bad quality. You can look at the customer reviews of this bat, and you’ll see it’s one of the most reviewed tball bats.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Baseball Bat for Self Defense


When buying a baseball bat for self-defense, you should not look for the price. But, the good thing is that the bats for defense purposes are not expensive.

cheap baseball bat for home defense

You can easily find some good bats under $100.

You don’t have to spend $300 for that. The expensive bats (more than $200 or $300) are for baseball leagues, but they don’t offer any significant protection.

Size of the Bat

There is no general rule for the perfect size of the bat for the defense. You can buy a full-size bat or a small size bat like a tball bat, it depends on your preference.

But, make sure, whichever bat you choose, you should be able to swing it quickly with power.

small baseball bats for defense

Many people prefer small bats like tball bat because they’re lightweight and they can swing them with power and control. Another advantage of having a small lightweight bat is that, in some situations, you may have to face the opponent in the close battle, and you can’t use full-size bats effectively. In those situations, small-sized bats become very useful as you can quickly change the directions and attack the opponent with different angles.

Wood or Aluminum Bat

Some people prefer wood bats over aluminum bats because the density of the wood bat is more than the aluminum bats.

The aluminum bats also give some bounce back as you hit someone or something, while the wood bats deliver more impact because of the high density.

wood or aluminum bat for self defense

But, wood bats are also heavier than aluminum bats, and if you buy some cheap bat, then it can also break into two pieces.

However, aluminum bats are lightweight, comes with better stability, and gives you speed.

Whether you want to buy a wood bat or aluminum bat, your choice is right. The material of the bat doesn’t matter much, the actual thing that matters is how you use your bat in that difficult time.

Final Words

Finding a good bat for defending yourself is not a very difficult decision. The important thing is how to use a baseball bat to protect yourself if something happens.

But, when you’re buying a bat to protect yourself, do not buy on the basis of looks. You can always paint a baseball bat and trust me, it’s quite easy.

Whether you’re thinking about buying a wood bat or aluminum or alloy bat, you can go with that, but make sure, whatever you choose, you should be able to swing it with full speed and control.

Every person is different. You may feel more comfortable with a small aluminum tball bat, but your friend may like a full-size wood bat, the important things are control, speed, and power.

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