7 Best Baseball Bags: A Complete Buying Guide with Reviews (2019)

Buying a baseball bag isn’t easy.

From so many options, you need to find a bag that offers enough space for your gear, and at the same time, it should be durable & budget-friendly.

But, what is the best baseball bag in 2019?

Let’s find out.

Comparison of Top Backpacks for Baseball

ProductOur RatingPrice  
Easton E210BP Backpack Bag9.8/10Check Price
DeMarini Voodoo Backpack9.7/10Check Price
Athletico Baseball Bat Bag9.5/10Check Price
Louisville Slugger Stick Pack9.5/10Check Price
Easton Walk Off Bag9.5/10Check Price
Rawlings Velo Back Pack9.4/10Check Price
Easton E310D Duffle Bag9.1/10Check Price

Things to Consider Before Buying a Baseball Bag

There are a few general features that are a must while buying baseball bag. These features are the basic pointers to look out for. It is a no-brainer that the few most important things that anyone wants in a baseball bag are the durability, comfort while carrying it, enough compartments for all the equipment and longevity.


How safe is your equipment in the bag is also an important concern. You should make sure to buy a bag that keeps your equipment safe from any kind of damage.

The material plays another crucial role in determining whether or not you should select a particular bag for your gear. A rubber reinforced bottoms and double layered sides do well for the safety issue of your equipment. While it is not enough, the outer skin of the bag must also be made of durable material to combat dragging or bad weather.


There are never enough pockets. Never!

Pockets and compartments help keep your equipment organized and scratch proof from rubbing against each other. You would want to keep your messy cleats separated. A bag with maximum pockets is a boon as it helps you divide your equipments section and uniform section.

Types of Baseball Bags

If you didn’t know yet, there are four different styles of baseball and softball bags that exist. So, now you have four styles of bags to choose from.

Wheeled Baseball Bag

Whether you should go for a bag with a wheel or not depends on your position and also your preference.

If you play in the position of an outfielder, you can maybe haul away your items in a bag but if you are a catcher, umpire or a coach, you will have too many items in your bag to carry around, wheeling it away will what you need. Investing in a sturdy set of wheels is therefore smart.

There are again two types of wheels, inline wheels, and tank wheels.

Handheld Baseball Bag

It is a duffel with short length strap handles. It is long and slender looking and you can carry your bats and balls.

Handheld Baseball Bag

Shoulder Strap Bab

The shoulder strap is not much different from the Handheld. It has the same short duffle like strap handles plus an extra shoulder length handle for more versatility and an easy short commute to the diamond.

Bat BackPack

This is just like your usual backpack only sportier and allows you to carry your baseball equipment.

Best Backpack for Baseball

This design is mostly preferred by youngsters. It eases up on the weight as it distributes the weight more evenly than other bags. There is enough space for you to carry your helmet along with the other equipment. These backpacks have enough pockets for cellphone, water bottles, wallets, sunglasses, etc.

Best Baseball Bags in 2019

Best Baseball Bag in 2019

DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth Backpack

The Voodoo Rebirth makes its mark among ballgame bags. It has neoprene bat sleeves that are real deal-sealer. This bag helps you rid of the hassle to carry all your equipment to the field as it is large enough to accommodate all your gears in a separate room. It has a large compartment to fit a helmet and other compartments for glove and cleats. There is space for extra equipment too or personal items.

This backpack can hold up to 2 bats. It has a fleece-lined cell phone pocket, a separate vented shoe compartment. The backpack is built with J style fence hook that promises durability. The base material is composite treated that resists water for rainy days. Apart from that, there are padded shoulder straps and back paneling.


  • The backpack has plenty of room to carry all your essentials.
  • It has a big enough shoe compartment.
  • The shoulder straps are well padded making it comfortable to carry around.
  • It fits all ages, be it kids, youth, little leagues or adult players.
  • Commendable material.
  • It is very durable.
  • It does not only hold baseball equipment but also your personal belongings.


  • The stitch could be a little frail.
  • The zipper quality is compromised and it breaks off easily.

Easton Walk-Off Iv Bat Pack

Easton’s bat pack is built to accommodate all ages. It is a one bag solution for baseball, softball or tee ball which lets you carry all your equipment together in one bag to the field. Name anything a player needs and you can put it inside the backpack. It is comfortable to carry around.

This backpack is more than its storage capacity, it is not only spacious but also conveniently portable. It has adjustable straps to be light on shoulders. As good and suave it may look, a rugged backpack is what it is built to be so that you can haul it around your way and it still withstands the harsh weather.

It is made with durable 4200 polyester ripstop and nylon fabric. With ventilated back and pockets, the bag allows undisrupted airflow to keep it odorless. Now, no weather condition can ever keep you from being game ready.

There is an external helmet storage facility that saves room for more stuff in the main compartment. There are two side sleeves with added zipper feature for two bats or a bat and a bottle. It is also spacious enough to hold adult sized cleats.

It has great storage space for almost everything essential that you want to carry to your game. It also has a clip if in case you want to hang it from the dugout fence.


  • The inside of the bag has great storage space and can hold all the gears required for a game.
  • The backpack has separate pockets to store your dirty cleats from the rest of the items. It helps to keep things organized as it has different pockets for different items.
  • This bag is of great in looks.
  • The bag also accommodates extra items like a change of pairs of clothes.


  • The hook which is used to hang it is not as strong.
  • The zipper can break off.
  • Durability can be an issue, mostly around the zipper.

Athletico Baseball Bat Bag

Let’s talk about storage capacity first. This backpack is designed for players of all ages and is built to accommodate a helmet, glove, cleats to bats. With enough room for everything necessary, this backpack also has space for other personal things to carry. It has a separate pocket for your phone as well. It can be used for Baseball, T-Ball, and softball. It comes with a built-in fence hook to hang it on the fence while you play and an external bungee strap.

Next comes comfort. For a perfectly comfortable, ergonomic fit, this backpack has adjustable and well-padded straps to help you carry it with ease. The adjustable straps also offer lumbar protection. This is designed in such a way that it can carry all your items and yet not feel bulky. The well ventilated back and pockets keep the airflow going keeping it fresh and odorless as you carry it.

Durability is another non-negligible factor to keep into account. The material used in the making of this backpack is promised to be durable enough to withstand the harshness of any kind of weather. Be it rain or heat, it is built with 600 Denier polyester that promises durability.


  • This bag comes with sturdy zippers.
  • The bungee cord that comes with is strong.
  • Enough room for all the things necessary.
  • It is very comfortable to carry around.
  • It has separate compartments for different items.
  • The main compartment is very spacious.
  • It has drawstring storage and Velcro for easy access and visibility.
  • The spine of the backpack has a cushion.


  • Bat holders are not as strong. The mesh rips easily.
  • Zippers could rip. The zippers in most cases came off the seam.
  • The sewing is badly done making it frail.

EASTON E210BP Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag

This backpack is built to accommodate essentials for the diamond and apart from it, the bag is made in such a way that it is highly spacious making it convenient for other necessary personal items as well, apart from your gears. It is a versatile bag which you can use for not only baseball but also softball and T-ball. It is equipped with rubberized pullers.

There are separate compartments to keep your stuff organized. A vented separate cleat compartment makes it a very attractive deal for the buyers as the airflow is what keeps the luggage bag fresh and odorless.

The comfort is well taken care of. The back is padded and so are the shoulder straps.


  • Very spacious compartments.
  • Fence hook is available to hang it while the owner plays.
  • Separate compartment for cleats makes it very desirable.
  • The extra compartment is available for cell phone or sunglasses.
  • It is a sturdy and strong bag made with good material.


  • The side pocket cannot hold a regular size water bottle. A smaller one is what it can hold.
  • The cell phone holder is not big enough.

Easton E310D Player Duffle Bat Bag

This duffle bag is proof that great things come in small packages. It is a sophisticated duffle bag for college players. On the sides, are two zippered sleeves to carry the bats. There are other side pockets for personal items plus a separate vented pocket for holding dirty cleats.

There is a shoulder strap that is padded and also short handle to carry it comfortably. The bag is not big enough to carry your catcher’s gear, however, if you want to use it for bare minimum gears or for the gym, it is a perfect choice.

It is a wee bit smaller than most other baseball duffle bags. You have to squeeze in your items if you want to carry them all together. However, the bats and the ball can do fit in the side pockets.

The compartments are separated and therefore help to keep your things organized.


  • It is not a huge bag, it is, therefore, easy to carry around.
  • There are separate compartments to put your stuff individually in different compartments to keep them safe.
  • The shoulder straps are padded.
  • There is a shoulder strap apart from the short handle
  • It has a vented cleat compartment.


  • The cleat compartment and the bat sleeve is on the same side making it a bit difficult to zip it up.
  • It is not very spacious.
  • It does not have a hook to hang it.
  • The material is a bit thin.
  • Bat pockets could have been a little deeper, the bats stick out a bit.

Louisville Slugger Youth Genuine Stick Pack

This backpack comes in various colors to choose from. It also has enough space in the compartments for gear and there are two bat sleeves on either side. There are various smaller zippered pockets for your valuables. For the comfort, the padded shoulder straps are made of foam. It is mostly intended for youth players.

The basic items like the bats, helmet, glove, cleats are easily accommodated. It works perfectly for little league baseball or softball.


  • This bag comes in various color options.
  • The pads in the shoulder straps are comfortable if they don’t break off.


  • The stitch comes out easily ripping it off.
  • Straps are not that strong. They break off easily
  • The room maybe not enough for some.
  • Bats do not stay put.
  • The bag is not very durable.
  • Zippers also rip off.

Rawlings Sporting Goods Velo Back Pack Gray

This is Rawlings, the most devoted brand to baseball that we know and since one can remember. The backpack is a spacious one, with two separate sleeves to hold the bats on either side. There is an external helmet holder. The main compartment inside can be converted into a game-time shelf. It is also equipped with room for a laptop or a tablet.

It is a perfect looking sized backpack. It also comes with a hook that you can use to hang the bag from. It is not overly big or bulky at all.


  • It is Rawlings, the brand name itself is a guarantee of quality.
  • Big compartments, offering a good view of the contents.
  • The top compartment with the zipper for your phone or sunglasses has a soft lining so it won’t scratch the screen.


  • The helmet holder could be a little frail
  • The helmet holder could be small to fit an adult sized helmet.
  • Loops for the bats can be a little loose.

Final words

After a lot of research, this was an attempt to write unbiased reviews on a few baseball backpacks for all players. A baseball bag is much more than just the style, it is about your comfort and the convenience too.  

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