Best Baseball Bags in 2023: Backpack & Duffle Bags

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The baseball season is here. Get ready for the game with all your gear. Up your style game by investing in the stylish, durable, and functional baseball bag.

Buying anything becomes difficult due to so many options available in the market. You might get confused in finding the right fit for you.  

That’s why we’ve scoured the internet and tested dozens of bags ourselves to bring you our picks for the best baseball bags in 2023. 

These bags are suitable for all the players out there, may it be your first practice or you are a trained professional. So grab your mitt and let’s dive in!

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Baseball Bag: Easton Game Ready Baseball Backpack Bag Series 

Best Baseball Duffle Bag: Rawlings Covert Duffle Equipment Bag

Best Baseball Backpack: DeMarini Voodoo OG Baseball Backpack

Best Bat Bag for Baseball: Easton E100T Player Tote

Best Budget-Friendly Bag: MATEIN Baseball Backpack

Best Baseball Rolling Bag: Athletico Rolling Baseball Bag

Best Bag for Youth Players: Rawlings Remix T-Ball & Youth Equipment Bag

Comparing The Best Baseball Bags

Baseball Bags








Easton Game Ready Baseball Backpack Bag Series

Ventilated cleat compartment

Rawlings Covert Duffle Equipment Bag

Large main compartment for all gear

DeMarini Voodoo OG Baseball Backpack

Fleece-lined pocket for personal items

Easton E100T Player Tote

Fence hook for dugout storage

MATEIN Baseball Backpack

Main compartment for other gear

Athletico Rolling Baseball Bag

Separate ventilated shoe compartment

Rawlings Remix T-Ball & Youth Equipment Bag

Holds all T ball and youth equipment

Best Overall Baseball Bag

Easton Game Ready Baseball Backpack Bag Series

As a baseball enthusiast, I’ve been through quite a few baseball bags, but the Easton Game Ready Baseball Backpack Bag Series really impressed me. This bag definitely matches the expectation and has amazing features.

This bag comes in 11 vibrant colors, which is a great way to personalize it and stand out. The main compartment has ample space to fit my batting helmet and ball glove, while the two mesh side pockets can hold my water bottle and bat with ease. Additionally, the front pocket is perfect for keeping my personal items separate from my gear.

The bag has a padded back and shoulder strip that makes it extremely comfortable to carry around. The fence hook is another great feature that allows the player to hang it on hooks rather than leaving it on the ground. 

The thing that is not commendable is the size of the bag. The size can really be improved. d

It can be a little congested inside with this bag size. It would be great if Easton can work on this aspect and make this bag a perfect choice for the players.

The bag’s 2 bat sleeves, ample space for my glove and shoes, and a little zipper for my cell phone and keys make it an all-in-one solution for carrying all my equipment.

Lastly, I would definitely recommend the Easton Game Ready Baseball Backpack Bag Series to any baseball player who is looking for a comfortable and efficient way to carry their gear.


  • Vibrant color options
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Two mesh side pockets for bat/water bottle
  • Front pocket for personal items
  • Padded back and shoulder straps
  • Fence hook for easy hanging
  • Bat sleeves and ample space for gear
  • Zipper for cell phone and keys


  • Bag size could be larger

Best Baseball Duffle Bag

Rawlings Covert Duffle Equipment Bag

If you’re a baseball player or part of a team, the Rawlings Covert Duffle Equipment Bag is definitely worth considering. As far as duffle bags go, this one is a standout option. Its synthetic material makes it highly durable, which is essential for a bag that’s going to be lugged around to practices and games.

The major highlight of this bag is the immense space that it provides for the gears With two bat sleeves, a mesh valuables pocket, and a breathable shoe compartment on one end, it’s easy to keep all of your gear organized and accessible. You don’t have to worry about cramming everything in and struggling to find what you need.

Another great feature is the bag’s moisture protection. Thanks to the vinyl bottom material and 600D polyester main body material, your gear stays safe and dry. There’s nothing worse than pulling out a wet glove or ball, and this bag helps prevent that.

If you’re someone who likes to add a personal touch, the Rawlings Covert Duffle Equipment Bag is customizable. The name card holder, number decal, and removable top panel with a horseshoe zipper can all be personalized. This makes it easy to find your bag and also gives it a unique touch.

One area that could be improved is the glove zipper on the side. It tends to come off the track, which can be a bit frustrating. However, if you’re patient and push it all the way back and all the way forward, you can usually get it back on track.

Altogether, the Rawlings Covert Duffle Equipment Bag is an excellent choice for baseball players or teams. Its durable construction, ample storage space, and customization options make it a top pick for anyone who wants a reliable and functional duffle bag.


  • Durable synthetic material
  • Ample storage space
  • Moisture protection
  • Customizable
  • Easy to find gear


  • Limited pockets/compartments
  • No hook to hang on fence

Best Baseball Backpack

DeMarini Voodoo OG Baseball Backpack

With its wide range of 16 color options and durable nylon material, this backpack stands out as one of the best baseball backpacks in the market.

It is also very durable as it is made up of nylon material. The space provided is so huge that you can easily store the gears that are essential for you like helmets, cleats and even gloves. I was particularly pleased with the two perforated bat sleeves on the sides of the backpack, as it allowed me to securely carry my bats without worrying about damaging them.

The side mesh water bottle slot is another practical feature that I found extremely useful. It allowed me to stay hydrated during long games or practice sessions, without having to carry a separate water bottle. The fleece-lined cell phone pocket and two additional valuable pockets provided me with sufficient storage space for my personal belongings such as keys, wallets, and phones.

I also found the easy adjustable straps and the hang-up hook to be very convenient, as it allowed me to hang up the backpack quickly without having to open it. This feature was especially useful during games or practice sessions when I needed to access my gear quickly.

While some users may dislike the shiny material and patent logos on the backpack, I personally found it to be a minor drawback. The replacement of the zippered pocket for the hook with just a hole cut out was also not a big issue for me.

Overall, the DeMarini Voodoo OG Baseball Backpack is a high-quality backpack that provides practicality, durability, and style, making it an excellent investment for any baseball player.


  • Large main compartment for all gear
  • Perforated bat sleeves for safe storage
  • Side mesh water bottle slot
  • Fleece-lined cell phone pocket
  • Two additional valuable pockets
  • Easy adjustable straps and hang-up hook


  • Shiny material and patent logos
  • Zippered pocket for hook replaced with hole

Best Bat Bag for Baseball

Easton E100T Player Tote

If you’re in search of a functional and stylish bat bag, then look no further than the Easton E100T Player Tote. This bag is mainly designed for young baseball players. It has some amazing features to improve the overall experience of the player. 

Firstly, the bag’s design is perfect for the younger player. This bag is very lightweight, making it suitable for young players as they cannot carry heavy bags. The color range is also quite good, consisting of 8 colors to choose from. Children always look for colorful bags and this can meet the expectation.

The main compartment of the bag is spacious and can hold all the equipment that a youth baseball player needs, including their helmet, gloves, and other gear. The bag in addition has a separate compartment for the bats that is spacious enough to carry 2 bats. It makes it easy for the player to carry all the stuff.

The fence hook is another useful feature of this bag. It allows you to hang the bag from the dugout, keeping it off the ground and easily accessible. The bag comes handy for players who have a lot of stuff to carry.

The shoulder strap and 2 handle straps provide different carrying options, depending on what’s most comfortable for your child. The hook provided is useful for hanging the bag rather than keeping it on the ground. This increase the durability of the bag.

The only bad side of this bag is the issue for space. It is not sufficient enough for carrying adult gears. It also does not have extra pockets nor does it provide space for carrying essentials like wallet and phones.Nonetheless, this bag is an excellent choice for youth baseball players who need a reliable and functional bat bag. Overall, the Easton E100T Player Tote is the best bat bag for baseball players who want a high-quality, durable, and stylish bag for their equipment.


  • Easy to carry
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Separate bat pocket holds 2 bats
  • Fence hook to hang from dugout
  • Sturdy and durable hook
  • 8 different color options


  • Too small for adult gear
  • No extra pockets for personal items

Best Budget-Friendly Bag

MATEIN Baseball Backpack

The MATEIN Baseball Backpack is a great budget-friendly bag that is perfect for baseball players of all ages. This backpack comes in three different color options and is made of durable 600D oxford fabric and polyester. With a capacity of 29L and dimensions of 18*13*7.5 inches, this backpack can hold all your batting gears and more. 

The backpack features various pockets for keeping your gears organized, including two side pockets that securely hold bats, two water bottle mesh pockets, a spacious main compartment, and many functional pockets for a helmet, batting mittens, shoes, teeballs, and everything you need to win the game.

One of the standout features of this backpack is the external big shoe compartment that can separate your baseball shoes from the rest of your equipment, keeping them free from dirt and mud. The two ventilated holes in the shoe compartment also help keep your cleats dry and ready for the next big game. The backpack also features a helmet holder on the front, designed with adjustable and multipurpose elastic bungee cord holder, that stores your batting helmet, catching mittens, baseball cap, etc. to save space in the main pocket.

The MATEIN Baseball Backpack is also lightweight and comfortable, weighing only 1.2 LB. The comfortable soft back design with thick but soft multi-panel ventilated padding gives you maximum back support and distributes the weight of your shoulder. The breathable and adjustable shoulder straps with mesh fabric and adjustable side compression straps make it easy to carry around. The large area padded back panel with ventilation design also helps reduce sweating.

While the water bottle holders on the side could be a bit bigger, the MATEIN Baseball Backpack is still a great choice for any baseball player looking for an affordable, high-quality backpack that can hold all their gear and keep it organized. It’s a perfect Christmas, birthday, or thanksgiving day gift for men, women, teens, and baseball gifts for boys. Overall, it’s a great backpack that can help improve your baseball experience.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable 600D oxford fabric and polyester
  • Can hold all batting gears
  • External shoe compartment
  • Comfortable back design with ventilated padding
  • Breathable and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Helmet holder
  • High-quality construction


  • Water bottle holders on the side are small.

Best Baseball Rolling Bag

Athletico Rolling Baseball Bag

The Athletico Rolling Baseball Bag is a must-have for all baseball players. This bag provides space for gears like bat to cleats. The color option available is 2, so one can choose from that. The best of this bag is the size. Being a baseball player, I very well understand the importance of size of the bag. It has space for 4 bats, helmet, and gloves. This makes the taking care of gears much easier and also helps in storing it in one place.

The bag also has a separate ventilated shoe compartment, which is perfect for keeping your cleats isolated from your other gear. This helps to keep your bag clean and fresh, even after a long day on the field.

In addition to the main storage compartment and shoe compartment, the Athletico bag also has extra pockets for storing and organizing your keys, smartphone, wallet, and more. The bag also has an integrated fence hook for the dugout, which is convenient and keeps your bag off the ground.

The bag is made from high-density 600 Denier Oxford fabric and polyester, which makes it durable and able to withstand practice, tournaments, and night games. The bag also has EZ glide wheels and a comfort grip pull handle, making it easy to transport.

While some users have noted that the side pockets are too small, overall, the Athletico Rolling Baseball Bag is a great investment for any baseball player. It is a sturdy, convenient, and spacious bag that can hold all your gear and keep it organized. While the price may be a bit steep for some, the quality of the bag is worth it, and the manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.


  • Spacious and fits all gear
  • Ventilated shoe compartment
  • Multiple pockets for organizing
  • Durable construction
  • EZ glide wheels and comfortable handle
  • Integrated fence hook


  • Side pockets are small
  • No stiff liner causes sagging

Best Bag for Youth Players

Rawlings Remix T-Ball & Youth Equipment Bag

If you’re in the market for a bag for your young baseball player, the Rawlings Remix T-Ball & Youth Equipment Bag is definitely worth considering. This backpack is designed specifically for youth players and has a lot of great features that make it a top choice.

Firstly, the bag is very well-designed for young players. It has a compact size that is perfect for kids, with adjustable straps that make it easy to carry. Additionally, the bag is made of durable materials that can stand up to regular use, which is important when it comes to sports equipment.

One thing that attracts me of this bag is its ultimate organization. It has several pockets, including a large interior compartment, an adjustable external gear pouch, and a valuables pocket. The bag also has two side sleeves for bats or bottles, which makes it easy for your child to access everything they need during a game.

The bag’s stylish design is also a plus. It comes in eight different color options, all with sublimated graphics that really stand out. This makes your child feel confident and excited. Some things to consider while purchasing this bag are listed. It does not have zip on the flat side. It makes the access to the gears difficult. Additionally, some people have reported a strong chemical smell when they first start using the bag. If this is a concern, it might be a good idea to let it air out for a few days before use.

All in all, I think the Rawlings Remix T-Ball & Youth Equipment Bag is a great option for young baseball players. Its design, organization, and style make it a top choice for parents and kids alike.


  • Well-designed for young players
  • Durable materials
  • Ultimate organization
  • Two side sleeves for bats/bottles
  • Stylish design with sublimated graphics


  • No zippered opening on flat side
  • Strong chemical smell at first use

How to Choose Baseball Bags

A high-quality baseball bag not only protects your equipment but also makes it easier to carry around. However, with so many options available, choosing the best baseball bag can be a daunting task. In this section, I will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best baseball bag in 2023, based on my personal experience.

Consider Your Storage Needs

The size and capacity of a baseball bag are important factors to consider when making your purchase. As a player, I carry multiple bats, gloves, helmets, and other gear, so I need a bag with ample space to accommodate all my items. On the other hand, if you generally carry fewer items or lighter equipment opt for small bags. Focus on your need for storage and buy a bag accordingly. The bag should fit all the gears required by you.

Choose a Style That Works for You

The variety in which baseball bags are available are vast. Choose a bag that suits your preference, needs and style. Opt for bags that meet your expectations without compromising on your style. As a player who travels frequently, I prefer a wheeled bag, as it’s easier to transport all my gear through airports and hotels. However, from the perspective of a local player, duffle bags are most suitable as the player needs to carry gears for a shorter distance.

Look for Durability

Durability of a bag is very important as it should be able to withstand the wear and tear. over time. As a player who uses my bag frequently, I need a bag that can withstand constant use and abuse. Look for bags made of sturdy fabric and reinforced with strong zippers, handles, and straps. When choosing a bag, consider the quality of the materials and the brand’s reputation for durability.

Choose Comfortable Features

Carrying a heavy baseball bag for an extended period can be tiring and uncomfortable. Find bags that are comfortable to carry your gears. As a player who has had shoulder injuries in the past, I prioritize bags with comfortable straps to avoid further injury. Consider your personal comfort needs when choosing a bag.

Determine Your Budget

The range of baseball bags can vary from $50 to $300. The difference in price due to quality, brands and features it provides. Fix your budget. As a player I will suggest investing in high priced bag as it will last several years. They are of good quality and will last several season. However, if you are on budget constraint then opt for a cheaper one.

Common Questions & Answers About Baseball Backpacks

What size baseball bag do I need?

The size of bag depends on the equipment needed. If you have multiple bats, gloves, helmets, and other equipment, you’ll need a larger bag with ample space to accommodate everything.

Are wheeled baseball bags better than backpacks?

It highly depends on your preference and need. Wheelbacks come handy for carrying heavy equipment. On the other hand, backpacks are convenient for carrying lighter equipment.

How can I clean my baseball bag?

To clean your baseball bag, use a mild detergent and warm water to wipe it down. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, as they can damage the bag’s fabric and zippers.

Can I customize my baseball bag?

Yes, some brands offer customizable options for their baseball bags. You can choose from different colors, add your name or team logo, and more.

How long do baseball bags usually last?

The lifespan of same bag can be different for two different players depending on the usage and the way it is being taken care of. A quality bag with proper care can easily last for several years. It is mostly an one time investment. 


With so many options listed and many more in the market it becomes difficult to choose the right one. 

We hope this post was beneficial for you and the time you invested reading it was worth. This post highlighted all the features that an ideal bag should have. This contains the latest bags of 2023. 

Whether you’re looking for something lightweight or wanting extra storage space, there is sure to be a bag that will meet all your requirements and help make carrying equipment around much easier.

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