Best Baseball Glove Oil & Conditioner in 2023

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As any baseball player knows, the right baseball glove can make all the difference. But even the best glove won’t last forever without proper maintenance.

That’s where baseball glove oil and conditioner come in.

It is only about connection when it comes to a baseball player and his glove. Through every catch, grab, and snag, the connection only grows stronger between them both.

Therefore, it is only fair to treat the glove like it has a life for it to last longer.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Best Baseball Glove Oil and Conditioner options for keeping your glove in top condition in 2023. 

Best Baseball Glove Oil and Conditioners

Wilson Premium Glove Oil

It comes in an easy-to-use spray applicator that makes it easier to apply where you want it and not where you don’t. It softens the leather and aids in glove break-ins.

This glove oil is a compound of neatsfoot and other beneficial oils that makes softening and preserving leather easier. This oil helps stiff or new leather mold into any shape easily which is good for breaking in new gloves.

It won’t mess up your glove’s color If you spray it, the part that you just spray will kind of become brownish, but it will soon get back to its original color after you dry it. The spray is a very fine mist and makes oiling gloves not messy at all.

After applying the oil, your glove will be protected from moisture and dirt, helping to extend its lifespan.

It is not as heavy as other oils and so the glove absorbs just enough oil that is required and not more than that. Because the oil is light, several applications are required. This oil helps to restore dried-out leather.

Its easy application, deep penetration, and long-lasting protection make it a great choice for both amateur and professional players alike.

Nokona Athletic Goods Lubrication Treatment

Nokona Athletic goods lubrication treatment is a glove softener and conditioner which is ideal for speeding up the break-in period of your glove. It cleans and maintains glove and preserves it through the years.

One of the key benefits of using this lubrication treatment is that it prevents the leather from becoming stiff and dry, which can cause it to crack and deteriorate over time.

The formula contains natural oils that penetrate deep into the leather to keep it moisturized and supple.

As the saying goes, less is more, and using less of this lubrication formula works just fine. Not too much, not too little, just enough so that it is not saturated and gets heavier or so less that it does not even help recuperate the glove from drying. It keeps your glove in shape for several years.

It promises to not change the color of the glove post-application. It is a petroleum-based lubrication agent which does not have any strong scent or odor. 

Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner

It is easy to apply glove conditioner which revitalizes and softens the leather of the glove enhancing its shine and color and making it look new. It also restores the natural scent of the leather.

It prolongs the life of your glove and keeps it in great condition for a long. It promises to not leave any residue or excess oil. It contains lanolin and Vitamin E.

More than using it for breaking your glove it can be used for the maintenance of the glove.

Moreover, the conditioner is easy to apply and doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind. Users can simply rub a small amount of the conditioner onto their gloves and work it in with a soft cloth. The product dries quickly, leaving the glove looking and feeling like new.

Many users have reported positive results from using Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner, with many praising its effectiveness in keeping their gloves in top condition.

The product is also reasonably priced, making it an affordable option for athletes who want to protect their investments and get the most out of their sports gear.

Now, oil conditioners are said to do the trick of getting your gloves, to conform to the shape of your hand and get a bit more flexible. But, if you wanna try out some other methods then check out these articles about, “How to Flare a Baseball Glove” and “How to Break in a Baseball Glove Quickly“. These methods are guaranteed to make your gloves to move easily and flexibly.

Benefits of Oiling a Baseball Glove

Only if we could use a baseball glove right away after we get it from the store, life would have been so much easier. The breaking in of the glove is so very crucial that in owning a glove, breaking incorrectly is what makes it worth playing a serious game for the player. The benefits are as follows


You need to oil your baseball glove periodically to make it last longer. If you live in a dry state, it is a must to oil your glove every 1 week or once every month depending on the humidity level of the place. The oil is the food that your glove needs.

What you use is a complete choice of yours. It might, however, leave off the residue of excess oil that you need to clear before your game. It protects your glove from excess moisture content in the atmosphere by waterproofing and it also preserves your precious glove in the long run.


As long as your glove does not break-in, there is no comfort in playing with your newly bought glove as it would be stiff as a rock and you cannot tame it. It is a must for the glove to be broken in for you to make the most out of it.

To be broken in means to form a pocket to catch fly balls and ground balls with ease. To break in many people prefer using oil, not just any oil but oil recommended by your glove manufacturer. What the oil does is make the leather soft by penetrating the surface of the leather and making it supple.

Keeps the leather alive

Most people apply mineral oil to the glove. Oiling your glove is no less than watering your plants, it keeps the leather of the glove alive by keeping the pores open while also providing a softening condition.


Oiling prevents any damage that can be caused by moisture or water. Thus the oil makes a coating that works as a waterproofing coat that protects the leather.

Precautions While Oiling a Baseball Glove

Right product

Gloves do come with oiling instructions from the manufacturer. Only the right product should be used to oil the glove and no other oil or conditioner should be applied as it might damage the exterior of your glove by reacting with the leather.

The right product not only softens the leather but also clean it and protect it from excess moisture and dirt. Make sure to use products that do not contain excessive chemicals. 

Proper application method

Always ensure to apply the right method whatever product you use. Take enough oil, not too less, not too much and apply it with a piece of soft cloth or cotton swab and gently rub on it. Start in from the palm of the glove and gradually move outwards till it gets soaked. Remove the excess oil and leave it overnight to dry. Repeat this every once in a week or according to what is conceived best by you.

Don’t overdo it

Make sure to only apply the required amount of oil and not overdo it. Excessive oil too can make the leather deteriorate faster. Once the oil is applied, wait till it soaks in before applying any more of it.

Read instructions carefully

Do not forget to read the instructions that come with either the oil or the glove before you start oiling the glove on your own. You do not want to mess with your newly bought glove by being ‘Mr/Miss Know-it-all’.

Every glove has its specific conditions which may vary from glove to glove therefore, it is only a good idea to read the instructions beforehand and only then go ahead with any product to be used.

Keep it away from children

It is a given! Keep it away from children is what most products have written in bold on them and that’s there for a reason. Children could be intolerant to many substances which could cause harm.

Until the glove has been rightly softened and oiled and dried, do not let the young ones use them when it has all the products applied to them. And once the oiling is done, keep the bottles away safe from children.

Baseball Glove Oil vs. Conditioner

Both oil and conditioner have the same usage to an extent. However, there still is some difference. 

Difference between baseball glove oil and conditioner

Baseball glove oil

Technically baseball glove oil is a product that is used to break in the glove. It weighs the glove down as it makes it heavier. It is rubbed on and left overnight to be soaked in. It is harder to work with than conditioner as it stays in one spot. Oil also darkens the color of the glove if it is any color other than black.

Baseball conditioner

It is a petroleum jelly-like substance that is also rubbed onto the leather of a baseball glove to help restore its old color and preserve the leather from any further damage. It is also water-repellant and does not leave behind a sticky residue. It makes the leather look shiny and soft.

How to Oil a Baseball Glove

To oil a baseball glove the first thing you will need is your glove itself. Then, you will need a lubricating or conditioning agent of your choice and a piece of soft cloth, rag r sock to apply the substance on the leather of your glove.

Clean your stored away glove

Before applying any product, take a dry washed cloth and clean your glove by simply wiping it off, off any dust or dirt that might have accumulated there. Once you have dusted it off, your glove is now ready to be worked on.

Take a piece of cloth or sock

Take a piece of cloth or sock or rag and pour some of the oil on it probably like a nickel to quarter size amount and slowly and carefully rub it in on the palm area first.

Then gradually move towards the laces and rub them with the applicator as there are more chances of the laces to break off if they dry out. Therefore put the generous effort in applying the oil-soaked cloth across the entire glove.

Remove the excess oil

The next step is to remove the excess oil that is left as the residue of the oil applied. It must be wiped off as the glove would otherwise feel greasy and if it is saturated with the oil, it will become heavier.

Oil the inside

Now, this is the trickiest part. It is not easy to oil the inside of the glove but it is equally important. What you can do to oil the inside is, apply some oil on all your fingers and palm and gently slide it in the glove. Once you have put it on, move your fingers around a bit inside the glove and voila! The inside has been oiled.

Leave it overnight

This is the final step, once the application of oil is done, leave it overnight to dry. Make sure to oil your glove periodically so that it does not crack out of drying.

Final words

Use your oil and conditioner sparingly as you do not want your glove to have a detrimental effect on it due to the overuse of any product.

Make sure to make it a routine to repeat oiling or conditioning in a fixed interval.

Hope you have got all the necessary information about oiling your baseball glove after reading this article. If you did enjoy this article, then I do recommend looking at some other similar articles like, some of the best batting gloves for baseball, these are guaranteed to improve your game and make you easily conquer the field each time you play!

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