How To Choose A Glove with Baseball Glove Size Chart

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Finding the right glove can be super painstaking. What would be the right glove for you? What size will give you optimal performance? All these things must be running in your head.  

Well, don’t worry! Here I have given you the entire detail about how to go on about selecting the glove that’s perfect for you. 

Jumping right into it!

How To Measure a Baseball Glove Size

Now whether you’re a catcher or maybe on the diamond or even out of it. There are specific size specifications that you must follow. Just like webbing, adjustability all these factors are important just like that a glove that doesn’t fit right won’t help you play right! 

Now this all depends on the position you’re playing and definitely your age as well. Playing with the right size of glove won’t hinder your performance, and will consecutively deliver the best performance on the field. 

To understand the sizing of your glove, you must first take a measuring take and measure your hand in inches. You must first determine what hand you will be using to wear the glove. Based on that, you will then take a measuring tape and then measure from the base of your up until your middle finger, this shows the size of your hand. You can always consult a sports professional or even refer to the glove chart size to see what’s best for you. Referring to the glove chart size would be better since you can get an idea of what to buy based on the position you play. 

Baseball Glove Size by Position 


When looking for a pitcher a glove one must keep in mind that a pitcher requires a glove that’s necessary to try and conceal the movement and position of the ball from the batter’s eye. So, they definitely require something that big for concealment. Pitchers also have a closed web design which typically helps them to concealment factor. 

When you try and find gloves for a pitcher you should also keep in mind the pocket depth and the padding present. The pocket depth should be on the deeper side since pitchers need the ability to secure the ball easily, while also keeping enough ball control. A deeper pocket also allows in the concealing factor as well. Padding should be present on the palm area, to absorb all the shock coming to them. 

Let’s talk about size, you must try and consider something within the range of 11.5 inches to 12.5 inches. But, if you are looking for a youth player size then anywhere between 8 inches and 12 inches will work the charm. 

baseball pitcher glove size


Now when you’re looking for a catcher’s glove you must try and keep the webbing and padding in mind. The reason is that catchers must efficiently try and secure the ball with ease, without being able to miss it or without any damage or injury being occurred to you. 

If you are looking for a specific webbing, the best webbing style to go as a catcher is a two-piece closed web or a trap web, these two styles of webbing will ensure that you’ll be able to secure the ball easily without any issue. Now when it comes to padding, you should be extremely cautious to select the right glove with enough padding around the glove and even around the palm area. When catching most of your hand is left vulnerable to the impact of the ball, so enough protection should be ensured when selecting the glove. 

In terms of size, for an adult player anywhere between 32.5 inches to 34 inches are ideal enough as a catcher’s mitt. If you’re considering buying for youth players try the sizes between 29.5 inches to 32.5 inches, this will be the perfect range for them to control the ball and give them enough mobility as well. 

First Base

Now when you try and buy a first-base mitt, you should try and consider something with the webbing style and pocket depth. The most important factor is the pocket depth. 

The reason why pocket depth is of utmost importance to consider is because first basemen are supposed to be able to pass the ball efficiently without any hindrance. Therefore, a much shallower pocket is required to be able to pass the ball smoothly, efficiently, and quickly. The next is the webbing style, this should also be considered mostly because you will have the ability to track the movement of the ball easily, enabling you to trap them. So, you should try and consider something like an H web or single post for efficient catching. 

In terms of sizing, you should look out for something within the range of 12 inches to 13 inches. For youth players, you can check out something within the range of 11.5 inches to 12.5 inches. 


When considering a shortstop glove, you must consider, the flexibility, the pocket depth, and the webbing of the glove. Since you are at shortstop you should be able to transfer the ball quickly and effectively without any hindrance. 

The pocket depth should be moderate to shallow deep because you need to be able to secure the glove easily while also involving enough ball control efficiently. Webbing can be based on personal preference but on a very honest note consider something that will enable you to see the ball. Something like an H web or an I web is perfect for the visibility of the ball. The glove should be flexible enough to have good control while fielding the balls, especially the ground balls. The flexibility factor allows you to have enough fluidity and movement when catching the balls. 

When it comes to sizing, consider something within the range of 12 inches to 13 inches and when it comes to youth players find something within the range of 11.5 inches to 12 inches.  

Third Base 

Third base is something that comes within the diamond range, and therefore you must be able to quickly transfer balls while improving efficiency. So you should look for gloves that will not hinder your performance but increase it. 

In terms of webbing look for something that gives you enough visibility to track the ball clearly thus allowing the ease of trapping the ball as well, something like the modified trapeze web or the H web is perfect for this. Third basemen just like any diamond player, require a moderately deep pocket that will allow you to transfer the balls effectively and quickly as well. The pocket depth should be enough to not try and pop the ball out from the glove. 

Considering the sizing part, you should look for something in the range of 11.5 inches to 12 inches. 


When looking for an infield glove, one should typically bear in mind the pocket depth. The pocket depth is of utmost importance, gloves with lesser pocket depth will enable players to transfer the ball quickly and also enable you to secure them quite easily. 

The glove’s webbing should be a modified trapeze, and H web or I web, this will enable you to have enough visibility, while promoting enough entrapment of the ball and securing the ball easily. The gloves should provide enough flexibility and mobility, while not hindering your movement in any way. It should be lightweight so that it’ll be easy to catch and control on the field. Thus giving you enough freedom to work with catching. 

If you are considering buying an infield glove for yourself then you should go for something in the 11 inches to 12.25 inches range. But if you are looking for youth players then the range to look for infielder gloves is 8 inches to 12 inches. 

baseball infielder baseball glove size


Typically outfielders need something that is huge enough to trap the ball securely, while also giving them enough visibility to track where the ball is. 

You should choose something with an H web or a modified trapeze web, that will enhance your visibility and help you clearly track the ball quickly. The gloves should have a deeper pocket to accommodate longer throws and therefore catch those long throws, thus securing the ball easily. The gloves should have enough padding to protect outfielders from those strong impacts or long-range shots thrown. 

When it comes to sizing, consider something within the range of 12.5 inches to 12.75 inches. If you wanna buy outfielder gloves for youth players then consider something within the range of 9 inches to 12.75 inches.

How Do I Know My Baseball Glove Size? 

When considering buying a glove you must definitely try and consider the position you’re playing and most importantly your age. These two factors will determine what best size will suit your play style on the field. 

To get a better understanding of how sizing works you can try and refer to the chart given above. And also the simplest way to measure your hand is by using a measuring tape and measuring from the base of your palm to the middle finger. This will help you get a clearer understanding to get the ideal glove for yourself consider consulting a sports professional. Well, if you got the gist of what exactly is to be done, then well you can check out some of these recommendations of the best slow pitch gloves and some of the best fastpitch gloves as well.


In the end, this all matter specifically on the position and your age. Because based on these factors itself the perfect glove size is made to cater to your play style. It is of utmost importance to consider these factors since they are very useful when trying and picking out the glove that’s best suited for you. If you are confused as how to get your glove into shape, then well it’s super easy, you just got to break it in! If you are unfamiliar with how to do so, then check out some of these methods on how to break in your baseball glove.

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