Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves in 2021: Pros & Cons

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Having the best fastpitch softball gloves is key in amping up a player’s defensive on the field. It will give you an edge allowing you to perform your best as well as protect you from potential dangers from playing.

Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves

There are several things that you have to consider before choosing softball gloves such as your position, skill level, and age. Likewise, there are a ton of styles, designs, and brands out there so it can be overwhelming if you don’t know anything about softball gloves.

To help you make a wise purchase, we have listed some of the best fastpitch softball gloves that you can buy this 2021.

Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves in 2021  

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Softball Gloves

The Wilson Glove Series have been designed by Shigeaki Aso for nearly forty years now for the best-known baseball players in the whole world. He has been in the market for years with a great amount of experience and has now become one of the most respected figures in the world of ball gloves.

The idea behind his innovative designs is that he takes the developmental process of softball gloves by working with players like pro players, major leagues, minor leagues, college players, and kids. They help him to understand the game and the needs of the player in a softball glove to have the most comfortable and snug fit with no restrictions in their hand movement.

Shigeaki Aso treats these players as his teacher and tries to learn and respect their views along with taking all their points into consideration that lead to the development of the world-famous softball gloves. He is himself a softball enthusiast and loves to help these players to perform better by providing them with the best softball gloves in the market.

The Wilson A2K has been designed and manufactured in Japan starting from cutting, stitching, and even pounding. The stitching and cutting of the gloves is the most important and crucial task in the overall developmental process of the gloves.

The Wilson A2000 is the best option for the middle infielders in softball as it utilizes the eye web and as it is the A2000 model that is one of the most reviewed and popular in the market of fastpitch softball gloves. The A2000 model offers you with most advanced and best quality leather for softball players with a top height.

They have a Superskin backing over the fastpitch softball glove and the leather used is super light-weight that allows the break-in easier. They have the best moisture-wicking properties to keep the hands of the infielder dry throughout the game and avoid it from sliding off. It also increases the strength of the gloves twice as the regular leather with half the weight.

The Pro Stock leather used in the manufacturing of the Wilson A2000 makes it a long-lasting glove and also offers a great break-in and even dual welting for a durable pocket. This leather offers a superior feel to the hands of the player and can last from one season to another.

The Fastpitch A2000 series have been developed using the custom fit technology that is created to offer each and every fastpitch player a glove that fits her perfectly no matter how tight one can wear.

The A2000 comes with a honeycomb cell padding that creates no sting catch zone for the fastpitch players. They come with a Velcro strap closure to offer the player the most secured and comfortable fit. The Wilson A2000 is a black and white infield model that can also be used by pitchers. The style and size in the Wilson A2K fastpitch softball glove are 12 inches.

With the Wilson A2000, you will never be disappointed. It is the best softball fastpitch glove and is also worth the money. Just give it some time to break in and also consider watching Youtube videos to understand how to break in the glove without voiding the warranty.

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

The Rawlings is a sporting goods company in the United States known for the manufacturing and marketing of sporting goods. The company came into existence in the year 1887 and has been designing one of the finest fastpitch softball gloves ever since.

The mission of the Rawling’s has always centered around being able to participate more and more in the industry of gloves by developing and manufacturing equipment or protective apparel for the professionals, amateurs, and young players. They have been in the business for years and have always succeeded in impressing their customers by offering them the best available fastpitch softball gloves.

The Rawling’s Liberty advanced series are specially designed for the female athletes to offer the upgraded version of comfort and control to their size of the hand. This Liberty advanced series has been designed for the pitchers, infield, and outfield players to deliver the best performance and even help to improve their form.

The Rawling’s advanced liberty advanced glove series is best suited for those ardent players from the professionals to the newly entered high school players. The Rawling’s have introduced a vibrant new pattern technology to this upgraded version of the Liberty glove series that advances the fastpitch game and also offers an opportunity for the players to upgrade their performance level.

This Liberty Advanced glove is made up of full grain leather from front to back that helps to increase the durability of the gloves to work season after season. It also helps to offer the player stability to the hands during the game along with an ultimate level of comfort. It also comes with a full-grain leather lace that offers the glove an extended life.

This fastpitch softball is designed with a hand opening with finger back adjustments to accommodate the hands of a player smoothly. The palm opening has been designed in such a way to offer a subtle feel while sliding the glove into your hands and especially for times when you have back-to-back games to play.

The gloves also come along with a Poron XRD palm padding as well as finger padding to provide an additional set of protection to the players during the game. The newly added feature of pull-strap closure allows the player to find the perfect and secure fit for their hand without struggling for the adjustments.

These gloves are extremely lightweight weighing only 1.38 pounds that allow the player to have control of their hand. This Liberty Advanced 12.5 inches fastpitch softball glove with right hand throw hand orientation is perfect for a utility player as it can form a long-lasting pocket and are easy to break in as it is already 70% done by the company and only 30% of work is needed from you.

The Liberty Advanced Glove series comes in three different colors in white, scarlet, and navy and regarded as the women’s fastpitch softball gloves.

Wilson A1000 Fastpitch Glove Series

The Wilson fastpitch softball glove series has been the most popular and trending gloves in the market for years. This glove series has been designed by Shigeaki Aso for nearly forty years and has never disappointed his customers once. The success behind this glove series is due to the hard work and determination of Aso.

He has been a baseball enthusiast and understands the game along with the requirements of the game and even of the players. His work is always inspired by the players as he takes all the ideas for his designs from players like pro players, major leagues, minor leagues, college players, and kids.

This allows him to understand the game better and develop designs to upgrade and advance the performance of the players on the field. The Wilson Glove series has been used by the best-known fastpitch softball players in the world as it offers the most comfortable and steady fit to player’s hands to avoid any restrictions to hand movements.

The A1000 glove series is one tier below the A2000 glove series with the same craftsman who designed the A2000. The leather used to construct the A1000 is similar to A2000 which is the Pro Stock leather. The Wilson introduces a lot of leather components in the A1000 series that are similar to the A2000 series.

However, the Wilson doesn’t feature a full Pro Stock leather to the A1000 glove series as in the A2000 that leads to the decrease in the price of the A1000 series that the A2000. This adds a bonus to the A1000 series because it is worth a buy if you are on a budget and want to buy a fastpitch softball glove for an adolescent player.

The Wilson’s A1000 glove series is specially designed for the catchers and the pitchers that come in a combination of black and white color and also come with a Dual Post Web design. The Wilson uses the Pro Stock leather in the A1000 glove series to offer the customers the ultimate comfort and a combination of strength where you need it and softness where you don’t.

The Pro Stock is a reliable leather and extremely soft. They are quite durable in nature and have decent moisture-wicking properties to keep the player dry throughout the game. While the manufacturing of the A1000 glove series Aso kept in mind the excellence of the female athletes in the fastpitch softball game.

The A1000 glove series comes with a custom fit back wrist lacing to offer the player a comfortable and secure fit. This 12 inches pitcher’s glove is very easy to break in as they are extremely soft and is ideal for passionate players and also for those who are eager to excel in the field of softball.

However, it can sometimes take a lot of work to break in the A1000 glove series but it can be easy if you follow the instructions given in the Wilson Youtube videos.

Wilson Aura Fastpitch Softball Glove

Wilson has been in the development and marketing of the fastpitch softball gloves for ages. They have been known for their best quality gloves that are designed by the world-famous designer Shaeking Aso who is a baseball enthusiast himself. He has been in this business for forty years now and has always impressed his customers with his style and designs.

Aso has always considered the views of the players while developing the gloves and has always wanted the players to upgrade their performance and advance their forms. He designed the Wilson Aura especially for the female athletes to enhance their performance and excel in their field. He has been working with Wilson for forty years now and has been the king of gloves ever since.

Shigeaki Aso’s gloves are a masterpiece as he involves a lot of research and inspection of the different gloves used by the players and tries to understand the requirements a player had during a game to offer them the best quality and versatile glove of their lives.

The Wilson Aura fastpitch Glove series is an ideal glove for the developing women fastpitch players as it offers the strength and stability needed for a budding player. This 12-inch model allows the player to upgrade their performance by developing their advanced skills that are needed to take over the infield. They can also be used by the pitchers in the game to advance their performance in the field.

The Wilson Aura 12” Softball Glove is the finest glove in the market if you are in the process of learning as it is 100% game-ready even on day one. The leather used in the manufacturing of these gloves is game ready top grain leather shell that provides you with strength where you need it and softness where you don’t. It gives the ultimate comfort to the players with half the weight.

These glove series are extremely lightweight as they weigh only 1 pound that adds a bonus to the feature of gloves. This makes them the lightest and most comfortable glove available in the market. The Aura 12 inch glove series comes with a specific fastpitch pattern that allows the player to develop the player’s game and take it to the next level.

The gloves are made up of full leather shells and laces with a comfortable wrist closure for the perfect fit for the players. This wrist closure allows the player to fit into the gloves easily without struggling with the straps. They have a two-piece weave web and come with a dual welting for a durable pocket.

The Wilson 12” Aura Softball Gloves is a girl’s fastpitch glove and comes in three different colors and is available in right and left-hand throws. They are really easy to break in due to their soft leather and are an excellent choice for your daughter’s first catcher’s glove.

Easton Blackstone Slowpitch Softball Glove Series

The Easton Blackstone series Slowpitch series is crafted using the select cowhide leather shell that is extremely soft and gives the feels to the player during the game, also they are the best fastpitch gloves this 2021. They offer maximum comfort and steadiness to the player during the game. They also use a supple leather palm lining to their gloves to offer the ultimate comfort to the player.

The Easton Blackstone Slowpitch glove series comes in four different sizes that range from 12.75”, 13” 13.5”, and 14”. The only difference between these size ranges is the web typing and the fit for the players.

The 13.5” slowpitch softball glove uses the modified trap web that is generally utilized by an outfielder in the game. The leather used in the manufacturing of these gloves is natural leather that gives a comfortable feel to the hand. These gloves have a sharp and sleek finish in the interior that offers a comfortable fit for the player and helps to keep the hand steady at all times.

They use a form-fitting technology that allows the player to have a contented overall experience with these gloves. These gloves are very easy to break in as the Easton Blackstone uses extremely soft leather to develop these gloves that allow the player to easily squeeze these gloves. They require a bare minimum amount of hard work to break in these gloves.

In these gloves, the fit is adjusted to an adult men’s hand that is completely different and larger from the normal baseball gloves. They also have a conventional back added to the gloves to offer the perfect fit to the player.

The Easton Blackstone uses durable rawhide laces that reinforce the pocket and increases the durability of the web. They also have a specific softball pattern that allows the player to have a better fit and also increases the pocket depth in the gloves. They are extremely lightweight as they weigh around 1.75 pounds.

The Easton Blackstone Slowpitch Softball glove series comes in two different hand orientations and those are right and left-hand throw. These gloves feel like a delightful pillow and are very comfortable within the given price range. The only issue with these gloves is that there are no wrist straps included in the model thus it is one size that fits all depending upon your hand size.

Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

The Mizuno Franchise produces one of the finest and the most contended gloves in the market. Their craftsmanship and tedious work have led them to rule over the world with their best quality fastpitch softball gloves. These gloves are chosen over other gloves due to its soft texture and comfortable feel it provides to its players.

The Mizuno has been manufacturing softball gloves for years now and with every launch, they are getting better and better than before. They try to add innovative and advanced features to the gloves to upgrade the player’s performance.

The Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball gloves are specially designed for middle school and high school players who are in the process of learning and getting advanced in the field. These gloves offer an easy-to-close design that allows the players to easily catch the ball. They offer steadiness to the gloves that keep the ball exactly in the position a player wants.

The Mizuno franchise gloves are heavily padded in the palms to prevent them from any heavy impact by the ball to the palm. This also allows the player to improve their forms and styles without worrying about their hands. The franchise has designed this fastpitch glove series for players with small hands to catch the bigger balls easily.

The players with small hands are often demoralized and discouraged as they are unable to perform well in the game but this feature of the franchise is a boon to them to show off their talents. The pockets provided in these gloves are neither too deep for the ball to get stuck nor too shallow for the ball to hit back the glove. These pockets are designed with thumb and pinkie fingers to create a wider and centered pocket for the gloves.

The Mizuno Franchise series has a power lock wrist closure and the sheer fit foam on the back of the fingers delivers a personalized fit for the players with different sizes that allow your hands to be secured and safe. This series specially designed for fastpitch players from all levels to deliver their best in every situation.

The Mizuno Franchise glove series is made up of Java leather that is pre-oiled tumbled leather. This Java leather is 100% game-ready right out of the box and lasts longer than you can imagine. Even after continuous and rigorous use, they remain brand new from season after season. They also come with a comfortable Ortholite palm pad that helps to reduce the sting while playing continuously for a day.

These palm pads also deaden the ball at an impact that is an essential technology used by the Mizuno for the young players. The franchise also has Hilo lacing in their glove series which is an alternating lace pattern. This Hilo lacing allows retaining the veracity of a fully-laced web to offer better flexibility.

These are extremely lightweight and the Mizuno Franchise 12.5” fastpitch glove weighs only 1.33 pounds to offer the ultimate comfort to the players. They are very easy to break in and can easily fit into the hands of a girl. This glove is worth a buy in this price range as it offers the best quality glove, especially for beginners.

The Mizuno has been creating and manufacturing the best softball gloves since 1906 and due to their passion to merge fashion with innovation, they have never failed to please their customers with their quality and standards. This success of their products is due to immense hard work and research of the product that led them to the understanding of the game and its requirements.

All these qualities of this model have led it to the best fastpitch softball gloves in the market.

Louisville Slugger XenoFastpitch Glove Series

The Louisville Slugger is an iconic name in the world of baseball and softball as they have been manufacturing and marketing different softball gears for ages. The company came into existence in the late 1800s and has ever since impressing their customers with their different line of models and accessories.

The company was founded in Louisville, Kentucky hence the name Louisville Slugger. It was originally a wood bat company and was known for making bats in their earlier days but now they have expanded the business and gone into the manufacturing of different gears for softball players to alloy and composite sectors to produce the best bats in the market.

As they are known for their bats, they also have been trending with their XenoFastpitch Glove series in the market by using their innovative styles and technologies to upgrade the gloves to help the players to perform better. The Louisville Slugger baseball bats and the softball gloves are made by the Hillerich and BradsbyCompany.

The Louisville Slugger Xeno Glove series specially designed for the younger players and even the younger female players who are in the process of learning. These are the best gloves for beginners as they are quite comfortable and have a steady approach as well.

The Louisville Slugger 11.75” Xeno model is designed with a memory foam wrist lining and patterns that are specific to the female athlete that helps to fit the size of a female’s hand perfectly and helps to firm around the shape of the hands. They come with a dual post weave web that makes them highly suitable for infield players. However, these can also be used by the pitchers due to the dual post webbing technology provided in the gloves.

The Xeno glove series comes with a conventional open back to offer the added comfort and fit to the hands of the player. The most important feature of this glove is that it is game-ready out of the box that allows you to use it as soon as they arrive for your tournament of the day. You can easily break in as they are extremely soft and can be easily squeezed in.

The Xeno 11.75” infield model comes with a dual post web construction that comes in a white and aqua blue design. The top-of-the-line leather along with a soft lining makes it the best fastpitch softball glove for young fastpitch players. They come with a Velcro wrist strap closure to offer a customized fit to the player without struggling through the strings.

They come in two-hand orientation right and left-hand throw with different sizes and web technologies for different types of players and their needs.

How To Choose Fastpitch Gloves

Softball and baseball are quite similar in their game rules, positions and gears. The only difference between them is that softball is quite bigger than baseball.  Therefore, the gloves and the webbing in them are bigger than those of baseball.

The softball gloves have four key components that are webbing, fingers, palm, and heel. The webbing fills the area between the thumb and the fingers that can be either tightly woven or left open according to your preferences.

The fingers are used to secure and support your four fingers and thumb. The palm consists of a pocket in the center of your glove that is used to catch the ball and keep it in the required secured position. The heel is located directly below the palm right above the point where your hand meets your wrist.

After the anatomy of the softball gloves, we come to the hand orientation of the player to choose the correct handedness. To know this feature, you need to throw the ball by using the hand you throw with.

If you threw the ball with your right arm then you need to wear a Right-Hand Throw (RHL) softball glove on your left hand. If you threw with your left arm, wear a Left-hand Throw (LHL) softball glove on your right hand.

Now, to find the best glove for you to enhance your skill level and upgrade your performance you need to consider the requirements of your position. If you are a catcher, then you need an extra soft cushioned mitt to keep your fingers together that comes with a large palm to catch more contentedly and steadily.

The First base players prefer long, shallow fingers also with deep pockets and added cushion to scoop easily. Whereas the pitchers and the third base players prefer close webbing as the third base players experience the hardest hits that need extra support and strength from the gloves provided by the closed webbing.

The infielders in the game prefer to use smaller gloves with shallow pockets and open web as the throw and retrieval of balls become quite quick and easy.

After taking all these points into consideration, we come to the last point to choose the best fastpitch softball gloves that are the sizing of the gloves. This is the most important point of the topic as an incorrect size can totally ruin your game.

To find the perfect fit for your hand, you need to measure from the tip of your index finger to the start of your wrist in inches and this becomes your size of the hand. However, this size can vary by age and position. However, the gloves of the catcher are measured by their circumference rather than their length to offer a better idea of the catching area.

In addition to the differences in the size of the gloves on the basis of position, men’s soft pitch gloves have quite wider and longer fingers than women’s soft pitch gloves. Thus size differences also occur on the basis of gender, hence you should always check the label before buying it.

Final Words

Best Softball Gloves for Fastpitch

Finding the best fastpitch softball glove with a perfect size and style can be a hell of a task as you need to consider so many points before buying one. We hope that this article helps you to find that perfect fit softball glove for you and enhance your skill level on the ground.

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