5 Best Baseball Cleats for Speed (in 2018): For Infielders & Outfielders

Whether you are an infielder or outfielder, you need the best baseball cleats for speed.

Your cleats should provide an excellent grip on both dirt area and grass area of the field.

If you’re an outfielder, then you have to run on the grass area, while if you’re an infielder, then you’re not limited to dirt area. You may need to run on the grass area as per the situation.

So, today, I’ll discuss what are the most comfortable baseball cleats to run fast for both infielders and outfielders.

Requirement of Infielders

The infielders include First Base (1B), Second Base (2B), Third Base (3B), and Shortstop (SS).

If you are an infielder, then you must be anyone from above them.

The infielders have to be ready all the time because they can get a ball anytime.

Their baseball cleats should lightweight, low top or high top as per the requirement of ankle support, and the most important thing is the excellent grip.

The infielders may have to change their direction quickly, and for that metal cleats give them an excellent grip.

Requirement of Outfielders

The ball doesn’t come to outfielders; they have to reach the ball as fast as they can.

For that, they need to run at maximum speed to reach the ball and throw it.

Therefore, they need very lightweight cleats that offer superb grip on the grass area.

Metal cleats are perfect for both grass and dirt surfaces.

But, if the grass area is soft, then you may want to go with molded cleats instead of metal cleats.

My Personal Recommendation

For Infielders

For infielders, I highly recommend New Balance L3000v3 Baseball Metal Cleats.

They are stylish, lightweight, and give an excellent grip on the dirt ground.

Due to the thick tongue and debris-free construction, it prevents the sand and dirt from getting inside your cleats.

If you have flat feet or wide feet, then there is nothing better than New Balance.

These cleats are available in the normal version and wide version of the same size. So, if you want a wide version of a size, then you can get that.

This is extremely helpful when it comes to the perfect fitting of the shoes.

For Outfielders

If you’re an outfielder, then I’ll recommend New Balance L3000v3 Metal Cleats.

While, if the ground is soft, then you can also go with New Balance 3000v3 Baseball TPU Cleats.

You already know, why you need metal cleats.

But, sometimes, when the grass area is soft, then metal cleats may be uncomfortable for you.

The metal cleats can get stuck in the soft ground, and they can decrease your speed.
So, if you want the best baseball cleats for speed, then you should New Balance L3000v3 Metal Cleats.

But, if you’re playing on the soft ground, then go with New Balance TPU Cleats.

Things to Consider Before Buying Baseball Cleats

Type of Cleats

There are three types of cleats used by young baseball players.

  1. Metal Cleats
  2. Molded Cleats
  3. Turf Shoes

Different Type of Baseball Cleats

Metal Cleats

In the metal cleats, the spikes are made with metal. Therefore, these cleats provide the best grip on the field because the metal spikes can dig into even the hard dirt infield areas and the grass.

Therefore, metal cleats are one of the best choices for the infielders.

But, sometimes, metal cleats can also cause injuries because the cleats provide a great grip on the ground, and it can cause injuries when the player wants to change the direction suddenly.

This rarely happens, but, you should be aware of that.

The metal cleats are very uncomfortable when they’re worn on other surfaces like concrete etc.

For the infield ground, there is nothing better than the metal spikes.

Molded Cleats

In the molded baseball cleats, the plastic or rubber cleats are permanently affixed with the sole.

They are stable, strong, and provide a good grip on the dirt and grass surfaces.

You can also wear them on surfaces other than grass & dirt like asphalt and concrete.

The molded cleats last longer as compared to the metal cleats and they are also less expensive. They provide good grip, but not as good as the grip of metal cleats.

If the surface is soft, then molded cleats are preferred over the metal cleats because metal cleats can get you stuck in the very soft surfaces, and can decrease your speed along with causing some imbalance.

Turf Shoes

The turf shoes are also known as the training shoes because players wear them when they are practicing away from the field.

These are comfortable and provide adequate grip on the artificial turf surfaces.

The turf shoes keep your foot close to the ground, so it reduces the risk of any injuries.

Turf shoes are perfect for the artificial turf grounds. You should not wear metal or molded cleats on the artificial turf grounds, because they can’t provide good grip and can cause injuries.

Ankle Support

When it comes to buying cleats, the mobility of ankles is very important. The high top, low top, and mid-top cleats are manufactured by keeping the ankle support in mind.

If you need ankle support, in that case, mid top or high top cleats are perfect for you as they provide ankle support.

Best Baseball Cleats for Speed

While, the low top cleats help in the mobility of the ankles, and therefore, if you want the fastest baseball cleats, then low top cleats should be your choice.

The low top cleats are also lightweight as compared to the mid top and high top cleats.

So, if you want cleats for speed, then go for the low top because the extra weight can decrease your speed.

Special Requirement (For Flat Feet & Wide Feet)

Baseball Cleats for special condition

If you have flat feet or wide feet, and you love playing baseball, then you should consider cleats that are wider than usual, so that your foot will have enough space in your shoe.

Generally, the manufacturers only manufacture one size cleats, and therefore, it becomes very difficult for the players to wide cleats.

In that case, I highly recommend New Balance Cleats. They give you an option, where you can select the normal version or the wide version of a single size which is very rare in the baseball industry.

If you have wide feet, then you should check my other article where I talked about the best cleats for wide feet baseball players.

While, if you’ve flat feet then you should read my article about the top baseball cleats for the flat feet.


The cleat requirement changes according to the position of the player.

Cleats for Outfielders and Infielders

For Infielders

The infielders stay in the dirt area of the field, which is closest to the batter.

But, according to the requirement, they may have to run on the grass area of the field, which is totally different than the dirt area.

So, you need cleats that provide good grip both on the dirt ground as well as on the grass.

In that case, the best cleats for infielders are the metal cleats because they provide excellent grip on both dirt and grass areas.

But, if the ground is soft, then you may have to switch to the molded cleats because the metal cleats can be stuck in the soft ground, and can decrease your speed.

For Outfielders

The outfielders stay in the grass area of the field, and they have to run a lot during the game.

When the ball is in the sky, they have to run at maximum speed to catch the ball and to throw it to save the game.

So, outfielders require the fastest baseball cleats they can get.

For that, I’ll recommend metal spikes along with low top is a perfect combination because the metal spikes provide the maximum grip on the field while the low top version will help in the maximum mobility of the ankles.

Along with that, low top cleats are also lightweight, which is also necessary for the speedy moves.


Everyone knows that there is no benefit of getting the top quality pair of shoes if they’re not of proper size.

So, before buying, measure your foot size, and purchase according to the length of your foot.

You should also measure the width, if you’ve wide feet, then you need to buy wider shoes.


The baseball cleats are made of two types of materials: Genuine Leather and Synthetic.

The genuine leather is more durable & breathable as compared to the synthetic leather.

But, for the superior quality of genuine leather, you also have to pay more.

The synthetic leather cleats are more popular in the youth because they are affordable, comfortable, and provide good support to the feet.

In most of the cases, you’ll find synthetic baseball cleats because these are more preferred by the players as compared to the genuine leather shoes.

Best Baseball Cleats for Speedy Moves

Youth Baseball Cleats for Speedy Moves

New Balance L3000v3 Metal Baseball Shoe

The New Balance L3000v3 Metal Baseball Shoe is the best baseball spikes for the infielders and outfielders.

The one of the biggest features that New Balance offers is the availability of different of the same size in different width.

Generally, players buy the normal width shoes, but there are also many players who need wide shoes due to the flat feet or wide feet condition. In that case, New Balance comes as a savior because it becomes difficult to find the same size in the extra width.

The New Balance denotes (D) as Medium size, while (W) or (2E) as the wide shoe, and (4E) for the extra wide.

The synthetic leather is used in the manufacturing; therefore, it is easy and comfortable to wear. Because of the synthetic leather, it is very inexpensive.

The mesh-like material that is used on the upper part of the shoe is breathable and keeps the foot from sweating and producing any bad odor.

The debris-free tongue helps to prevent the debris, sand, and dirt from getting in the cleats.

The 8 Spikes structure provides excellent grip on the ground to the infielders and outfielders.

With this 8 spike structure, the players can run with maximum speed whether they’re fielding on the infield or outfield position.

In most of the cases, the baseball shoes get damaged from the front area of the shoe. To protect that, New Balance added toe protection that provides extra durability to the forefoot of the shoe.

Therefore, it’s true that they’re long-lasting and durable.

The Final Verdict

This New Balance Shoe is perfect for the infielders and outfielders because it provides excellent grip on both types of grounds whether it is dirt or grass.

With these spikes, outfielders can run with maximum speed to reach the baseball, while the infielders can get the full support from their cleats when they need to give a quick reaction according to the fast coming baseball.

In my opinion, New Balance L3000v3 Cleats should be the number one choice for infielders and outfielders.

Check Price & Reviews of New Balance L3000v3 Cleats

Under Armour Leadoff Low RM Baseball Shoe

These baseball spikes have a synthetic sole, and they’re very comfortable.

But, if you have wide feet, then they’re not a good fit for you.

They are slightly narrow, so, if you have normal feet or narrow feet, then they’re perfect for you.

The low top construction makes the lightweight, just 11.4 oz. and supports all the sudden ankle movements that may require in the infield.

These are not metal cleats; they are rubber molded cleats that provide optimum grip on all type of surfaces whether it is the dirt ground of the infield area or the grass surface of the outfield area.

They may not provide you the excellent grip like the metal cleats, but there are some cases, when you don’t want to use metal cleats, in that situation, you’ll need molded cleats.

For that, Under Armour is one of the best choices you have.

The mesh tongue makes your feet cool and dry during the game by increasing the breathability.

For added comfort, a Full-Length EVA midsole is present.

In these cleats, cushioning is properly distributed to provide comfort and handle the pressure when you wear them.

The synthetic leather is used in the manufacturing of these cleats, and therefore, they are not costly.

Final Verdict

These Under Armour Molded Cleats may not provide the excellent grip like the metal cleats, but if you are playing on the soft grounds or if your league doesn’t allow the use of metal cleats, then it is a perfect option for you.

These are one of the best molded baseball cleats in 2018 to achieve maximum speed because they are lightweight, provide great grip on infield & outfield, and they’re low top to enhance the ankle movements.

They are also very stylish, you’ll love the look.

If we talk about the price, then they’re affordable, you can easily purchase them.

See Details of Under Armour Leadoff Cleats

Mizuno Men’s Vapor Elite 7 Low Cleats

Mizuno is one of the most popular brands when it comes to baseball spikes.

Mizuno Company is not as large as Nike or Adidas, but when it comes to baseball cleats, young players prefer Mizuno over many big names.

These Mizuno Elite 7 Metal Cleats made with synthetic leather to cut the cost and to make them affordable for the young players.

These are low top cleats that reduce the weight and enhance the ankle movements.

The 9 spikes are strategically positioned that gives the perfect grip for running, throwing, and sudden change in the position.

Therefore, the Mizuno Elite 7 Cleats is a really good option for the infielders.

The breathable mesh tongue keeps your feet dry by allowing the passage of air.

There are various color combinations from which you can choose according to your uniform.

A lot of people ask that whether the metal cleats are removable or not because the removable cleats are very easy to clean. But, unfortunately, these metal cleats are non-removable.

The cleaning of these baseball cleats is also very easy and straight forward.

Final Verdict

The 9-Spike Configuration provides a great traction and grip on the field.

Therefore, whether you play infield or outfield, Mizuno Elite 7 Cleats is a good option for you.

They are also one of the most inexpensive metal cleats that are of supreme quality.

They are totally worth the price, so before buying any cleats, you should take a look at them.

See Details of Mizuno Elite 7 Cleats

New Balance PM3000v3 Baseball Shoe

This is a mid-cut baseball shoe with molded cleats.

This is a perfect pair of baseball shoes for the outfielders if the grass area is soft. In the soft grass area, if you wear metal cleats, then you may not feel comfortable, along with that, those cleats can get stuck in the ground.

In that case, molded cleats like New Balance PM3000v3 are perfect.

In these cleats, 75% synthetic material is used, while the other 25% is made with mesh.

Some players complain that their shoes get damage from the toe area; therefore, New Balance adds toe protection in their baseball shoes.

If you are a catcher or pitcher, then they are extremely helpful, but even if you are outfielders, even then, the protection is helpful.

In most of the cases, the shoes get damage from the toe area, and because of toe protection, their cleats can last longer as compared to the shoes without toe protection.

Whether you have wide feet or flat feet, there is no better brand than New Balance for you. They give the option to select from different versions of the same size.

You can get the normal shoes, wide shoes, or the extra wide in the same as per your personal requirement which is uncommon.

The debris free construction doesn’t allow the dirt, dust, and debris to get inside your shoes, while the Fantom Fit provides the ultra light support and fit.

These are cheaper as compared to the metal cleats, and they’re a good alternative of metal cleats if you don’t want to spend much money.

Final Verdict

These New Balance PM3000v3 Molded Cleats is a good option for the outfielders because of the hard rubber spikes.

They provide excellent grip whether the ground is soft or hard.

These are also available in various different sizes, and there is nothing better than New Balance if you’ve wide feet or flat feet.

In my opinion, if you don’t want to buy the metal cleats for whatever reason, then the New Balance PM3000v3 Molded Cleats will be my alternative recommendation for you.

They’re affordable, built for speed, and also provide you some ankle support.

Check Price & Details of New Balance PM3000v3 Cleats

Nike Huarache 2KFilth Pro Baseball Cleats

Nike is a world famous sportswear manufacturer which is making the baseball cleats from a long time.
These Nike Huarache 2KFilth are molded cleats, so it is good for soft grounds.

If you can’t buy metal cleats, then these cleats is also a good option.

These are made with synthetic leather while the TPU mesh is present to provide the comfort and breathability to prevent sweat and bad odor.

They have a clean design that matches with every uniform, and a perfect combination of colors makes them looks great.

As they provide some ankle support, so they’re a little bit heavier as compared to the low top cleats.

But, they are not that heavy which can affect your performance in the game time.

Final Verdict

You can choose these Nike Cleats if you want ankle support, but you should know that they can be a little bit heavier as compared to the other low top cleats.

You can wear them in the infield or outfield, as per your position, but metal cleats are more preferred by the players.

They’re affordable, provides good grip, and comfortable.

Final Words

If you play in the infield area of the ground, then you have to be very quick. You can get a ball anytime, and you should be always ready for that. In this position, your reaction should be very quick.

While, if you’re playing in the outfield, you have to reach the ball as soon as possible. Therefore, as a baseball outfielder, you need the best cleats to achieve maximum speed on the grass area of the ground.

As told earlier, in both the areas, metal cleats are perfect because they give you the best grip on both type of surfaces.

But, you should wear molded cleats, if your league doesn’t allow metal spikes or if the ground is soft because metal cleats can be uncomfortable in the soft grounds, and ultimately, they’ll affect your performance.

I hope that you got some helpful information here about the both infielder and outfielder cleats.

Drop a comment for sharing your views.

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