13 Best Baseball Gloves For All Types Of Needs

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So you’re looking for some of the best baseball gloves out there. Well, you can stop the scrutinizing search finding. 

Cause I have compiled the best baseball gloves for adults and youth alike, with some of the most stunning features that’ll make you buy these in an instant. 

Let’s get right into it! 

Best All-Around Baseball Gloves 

Wilson A2000 Glove

At first, I thought that Rawlings would take the spot out there for being the coolest baseball glove. But well I was so wrong, the Wilson A2000 gloves really took this spot in a jiffy. It’s because of the way they look and also because they give the best performance on the field. 

The gloves are super good-looking since they are made with premium Pro Stock leather. Not only does it look really good, but this adds to its durability and its unmatched feel. The gloves also have SuperSkin a very famous technology incorporated into their gloves, that keeps them moisture resistant and also super easy to clean. The glove comes in many styles and options to choose from and they are designed to give you maximum comfort. They have ProLux leather as their palm lining which gives the glove a more richer and softer feel. 

Overall, these gloves are literally the coolest gloves, and if you are looking for your next greatest purchase these gloves are the ones. 


  • Amazing feel 
  • Stunning features 
  • Good looking 
  • Provides comfort while playing 


  • Expensive 

Best Tee-Ball Glove 

Rawlings Sure Catch T-Ball Glove 

In terms of Tee Ball, the best baseball glove out there is the Rawlings sure Catch T ball glove. Now Rawlings always makes sure to deliver to its customer in terms of design, performance, and everything else the customer desires, thus leading to customer satisfaction. 

The gloves are specially made for younger kids who are into softball at a younger age. The gloves are designed to make sure that the kids enjoy the game in their initial stages of growing, thus gaining a sense of fondness for the game. The gloves are in different styles and different positions that your kids play in. also gonna add that these gloves are super affordable so it’s quite the steal if you ask me! They have the game-ready property with 90% of the break-in coming from the factory and 10% from yourself. The Rawlings Sure Catch T-Ball series is also super lightweight making them easy to handle for the younger ones. 


  • Good break-in 
  • Comfortable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Affordable 


  • Can have problems lasting longer 

Best Youth Baseball Glove

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Glove 

Rawlings has really kept their customer base in mind and has made gloves for everyone, while catering to their taste and playstyle, still incorporating their technology within the gloves. This kind of gives you a sense of personal touch when you have your own Rawlings glove, that’s why I love these gloves.

The Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth series has made gloves that are specially catered to the needs of youth players, who are in their developing year of learning the game, but also understanding how they are supposed to play. The glove gives a sense of freedom, in terms of mobility, flexibility, and all in all, going to the rhythm of the playstyle. Therefore these gloves without a doubt are a definite buy.


  • All leather shell 
  • Easy break-in 
  • Lightweight 
  • Come in many different styles 


  • Durability may be compromised 

Best Infield Glove

Wilson A2K 

The Wilson A2K’s are quite the premium type of gloves. They are handcrafted perfectly by professional baseball glove smiths. These gloves are made with utmost precision and accuracy to each detail given. They have the most premium of premium leather selected for crafting their gloves. Thus making them very exquisite. 

The gloves are so beautiful to look at themselves, and in terms of feel it really beats other gloves present out there. The gloves are perfect for infielders, mainly because they have the right amount of cushioning present in the palm which allows you to catch those fast hits perfectly and with finesse. The A2K is meant for infielders because it sort of adapts to the technique of the player. While still giving them the utmost protection needed while playing. So honestly, the Wilson A2K steals the spotlight from most gloves as the best fielding gloves. 


  • Double Palm Construction 
  • Made from Pro Stock Leather
  • DriLex wrist Lining 
  • Stunning design


  • Can be heavier to work with 

Best Outfield Glove

Rawlings Heart of The Hide 

We have another premium set of gloves right after the other! Well, honestly the Rawlings Heart of the Hide is one of my favorite gloves. So I might be a little biased toward them specifically. But to put it out there blatantly these gloves are really cool they have all the benefits and everything else with it. 

The gloves are catered to absolute perfection and they meet the desire of the players easily. That’s why the Heart of the Hide is preferred by most MLB players out there. The gloves are of really good quality. They are beautifully structured, with Rawlings giving them all their best features and technologies. If you’ve ever used the Heart of the Hide you know that these gloves can’t beat anything in terms of that unmatched feel and extraordinaire quality. So if you’re looking for some of the best options there to choose from, in terms of paying as an outfielder then waste no more time and get these on your next purchase. The gloves are perfectly padded to receive all those balls from any type of height or distance perfectly. 


  • MLB recommended 
  • Durability 
  • Comfortable 
  • Protection 


  • Expensive 

Best First Base Glove 

Mizuno Youth Prospect First Base Mitt 

Well, we have next on this list is the best baseball mitt. Mizuno has a good enough customer base with amazing qualities and features too, that makes them one of a kind. The gloves come in both hand orientations, so you can easily choose what’s best for you. 

They have patented heel flex technology that allows for smooth closure to occur. The gloves come with full-grain pigskin leather, providing great durability, enhanced softness, and Mizuno’s innovative easy-close technologies. The easy close technology which helps to catch the ball perfectly within the gloves is Power Ccatch technology which helps to catch made easier for youth players. They also have para shock protection to protect your hands from those hard-hit balls and they have removed the last 2 lacing from the loops that enable them to have enough flexibility. 


  • Para Shock Palm 
  • Flexibility 
  • Comfort 
  • Good material 


  • Lacing is not that durable 

Best Shortstop Glove 

Rawlings Pro Preferred Glove 

We have another Rawlings on the list! Now if you’re looking for something position specific then these gloves are your best bet. The gloves are designed to give ultimate comfort and also won’t hinder your performance in the slightest. 

The glove is designed perfectly to give you the utmost perfection when performing. They have the perfect size specification meant for infield gloves, thus helping you to perform with ease on the field. The gloves are designed for each type of player from the pros to even high school players. What’s great about these gloves, is that they have 100% wool padding present in them which gives them the ability to form a pocket quite easily and maintain their shape for a long time. Other than that they have pittards sheep skin that keeps your hand dry throughout the game. So these are really considerable enough to be brought on your next shopping spree. 


  • Good for amateur and pro players 
  • 100% wool padding 
  • Pittards sheep skin to keep hands dry 
  • Pro Grade Leather Laces 
  • Durable 


  • Break-in takes a long time 
  • Expensive 

Best Third Base Glove 

Nokona Handcrafted Walnut Series Glove 

We have another glove that is perfect for infielders. The Nokona Handcrafted Walnut series is another great glove that one must consider buying. The gloves have been crafted by skilled American workers using the world’s best quality and premium leather to design the gloves. 

The gloves are sized absolutely perfectly to deliver the best quality and also deliver the highest of highest performance while not compromising on the comfort factor one bit either. The gloves also come with a game-ready feature right out of the box so you can be sure to enjoy them to their fullest with this property. The series provides great stability, durability, and right-out-of-the-box use with its iconic walnut crunch leather. The gloves in terms of look-wise, feel wise and performance-wise are of good quality. These gloves will not be a regret for you to buy. 


  • Game ready 
  • Durable and longevity 
  • Sized perfectly 
  • Premium quality leather 


  • On the pricier end of the price scale 

Best Catcher’s Mitt

Shoeless Joe Professional Series Catcher’s Mitt

Ahh one can never go wrong with this series of gloves. The Shoeless Joe Professional Series is really quite the steal in terms of price and quality. And just like any baseball glove brand out there, these gloves are made with utmost precision and the best quality. The mitts are absolutely perfect feel-wise and look-wise as well. What attracts me most is the way they have taken all the care to create the perfect catcher’s mitt. 

Another great property of Shoeless Joe is their ability to deliver for their wide customer base. The mitts are designed for adults and youth alike to play with, these will help you develop your skills as well perform exceedingly well on the field. They have antique tobacco leather with a classic open-back and closed web style. They have added protection which is necessary for catchers. 


  • Perfect size 
  • Come in both hand orientation 
  • 100% tanned cowhide 
  • Keeps its shape and structure 


  • Can be soft and flimsy 

Best Pitcher’s Glove

Rawlings R9 Series Glove

The Rawlings R9 series is really a great purchase and the best investment you can consider. The gloves are really amazing for pitchers. The gloves come in the right size that will help shield the position of the ball from the batter’s eye. 

The Pitcher’s glove come in perfect size specification. The gloves will be game ready right out of the box so you can use them on the field directly. The durable all leather shell gives it this property. They even have a reinforced palm pad and padded thumb loop for coverage and comfort. They have a break in of 80% from factory and 20% to be done by you. The catching is made all the more easy with these gloves, with the flexible shell and lining materials helps to catch the balls easily. 


  • Game ready 
  • Lining for flexible movement 
  • Impact protection 
  • Affordable 


  • Durability may be compromised 

Best Cheap Baseball Gloves

Franklin Sports Baseball Glove

Maybe you’re looking for something that’s within you budget or something that you’d wanna continuously experiment with then these gloves are your choice for sure. The gloves are built to give you ulterior performance and have the best design. 

The gloves come with an easy break in, the soft synthetic leather material is lightweight and responsive making the glove easy to break in, this will contribute to its game ready factor. The gloves are made adjustable, so you can always try and adjust them to your liking and make them fit easily so you can perform on the field without any hindrance. The gloves also have an handformed pocket which will provide maximum comfort and responsive, which will help you scoop ground ball catches. 

Best Baseball Glove for Playing Catch

Rawlings Player Preferred Glove

If you’re probably just a recreational baseball player or maybe you just love to play baseball for the fun of it. The Rawlings player preferred series are just the glove for you. They are super comfy to work with and they’ll just help you play catch for longer periods of time. 

The gloves are suitable for any age and are super versatile in nature making you play any position in baseball that you love. They have a Pro-H web design making them absolutely perfect for any setting.  The full grain leather ensures enhanced durability. They have adjustable wirst straps. The gloves also come with zero shock palm padding protecting you from all those hard hits. They also have a really great break in period allowing you to play with these whn they come right out of the box. 


  • Game ready 
  • Adjustable 
  • Comfortable 
  • Protection from hard hits 


  • Durability compromised 

Best Custom Baseball Gloves 

44 Pro Signature Series Glove

Saving the best fro the last!Now if you were to ask me what ‘s my favourite gloves after Rawlings, it would be the 44 Pro Gloves. Yes there are other custom gloves out there that are really great. But honestly speaking the 44 Pro signature series have taken my heart. 

They are not expensive at all, unlike msot gloves out there and most MLB players use and reccomend these gloves. The gloves come in three different selections of materials each of them having reasonable price range. The gloves just in look wise feel wise and everything else is just great. The 44 Pro series gives a sense of personalization, so these gloves absolutely great and you should definitely consider buying one!


  • Super affordable 
  • Stunning features 
  • Customizable to your liking 
  • Great performance on the field 
  • Recommended by most MLB players 


  • May not be according to some people’s preference


Now of course we have so many gloves out here that ive recommended and they are the best. Each of these gloves that i have compiled together are the best in their category and are definitely worth all your big bucks. 

Personal preference of course matters, but if I were to look at these gloves and the qualities that they offer II’d be hooked in no time! From the quality, to the look, to each cut and finish, each of these gloves have unique properties thus maing them unique in each category the have been placed. So what are you waiting for? Get these gloves on your next splurge!

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