5 Best Baseball Gloves for High School Outfielders: Under $100 (in 2019)

Everybody knows that Wilson, Rawlings, and All-Star manufacture some high-priced baseball gloves that cost more than 250$.

But, the question is,

Are there any good baseball gloves under $100?

And, what about outfield gloves for high school baseball players?

To solve this problem, I have written this long article sharing some of the best baseball gloves for the outfielders that costs less than 100$.

So, let’s get started.

My Personal Recommendation

My Favorite Outfielder Glove

If I have to recommend one outfield glove for high school players that come under 100$ budget range, then I’ll go with Rawlings Select Pro Lite Glove.

This glove comes in various color combinations with amazing design. If looks matter to you, then you can’t ignore it.

But, looks are not the only thing in it.

It is a well-cushioned glove that comes for both hands with a deep pocket for easy catching in the outfield position.

Along with that it extremely easy to break in because it already 90% broken in from the factory, and just 10% work required from your hand.

It may not last for many years, but at this price range, it’ll last for a few seasons and it’ll perform extremely well for you.

I highly suggest that you take a look at the customer reviews of Rawlings Select Pro Lite Glove before making your decision.

Baseball Gloves for Different Positions

There are different fielding positions in the baseball field, and for them, a different type of gloves are used.

You can’t use the same glove at every position. So, let’s get to know what gloves you need for a specific position.


Baseball Catcher

For the baseball catchers, they need special catcher’s mitt. Some people also call them catcher’s glove.

But, they are different from other gloves because they’re designed in such a way that catchers can easily catch the fast coming baseballs without any problem.

The main difference between the catcher’s mitt and baseball glove is that in mitts there are no separate fingers like other gloves.

As the catcher needs to catches the fast coming balls in the entire game, therefore, their mitt should not be worn down quickly during the game. Therefore, for that reason, the mitts are generally stiff and takes some time to break in. You can also see this video tutorial about breaking in the mitts.

Their measuring is also different from the standard measuring. They’re measured around the circumference of the mitt which is different from the normal gloves.

Whether you’re buying catcher’s mitt for high school or for outfield players, the same criterion applies.


Baseball Infielder

There are four different positions in the infield.

These are:

  1. First Base (1B)
  2. Second Base (2B)
  3. Third Base (3B)
  4. Shortstop (SS)

The infielder gloves like shortstop are shorter and smaller in size as compared to the outfield gloves because the infield players have to reach the ball as soon as possible, and throw the ball quickly. Therefore, for that purpose, these gloves have a shallow & open pocket.


Baseball Pitcher

In the first look the pitcher’s glove looks similar to the baseball outfielder’s glove, but if you look closely then you’ll see that there are some minor changes that make it totally different.

The pitcher’s gloves are more comfortable because they don’t have as much padding as the other gloves. These are also made with the lightweight materials to make them comfortable & lightweight.

The main thing that differentiates the pitcher’s gloves with the outfielder’s glove is that the pitcher’s glove is larger than the standard gloves, and they have closed webbing so that they can hide the ball from the batsmen. The large glove along with the closed webbing prevents the batsmen from guessing the pitch.


Baseball Outfielding Gloves

The outfield gloves are big and made in such a way that the players can catch the high flying balls. In the manufacturing of these gloves, it is considered that the outfielders may have to dive for the catches or scoop up grounders on the run.

Because of that, these gloves are deeper and longer as compared to others. And, they also provide more support in the fingers.

The H-Web and Trapeze web are the two most popular pocket designs that are used in the manufacturing of the outfield gloves.

Check this short video to know about H-web and trapeze web.

Can You Get Some Good Gloves Under 100$?


Generally, people think that inexpensive products are not good in quality, and therefore they need to purchase some high priced products.

But, this is not true in the case of outfield gloves.

There are many good quality outfield baseball gloves you can buy at less than 100$. Even, you’ll be amazed by looking at their performance, and how fast they get broken in.

Difference Between 300$ and 100$ Baseball Glove

Cheap vs Expensive Gloves

If you look at a 300$ baseball glove, you’ll find that the high priced gloves are made with pigskin leather, steer hide or from the leather of exotic animals, while the inexpensive or under 100$ gloves are made from the synthetic leather.

There are some other features also that separates them from the inexpensive gloves. But, the main difference is about leather quality.

But, it is very important to note that the quality of leather only determines the durability of your outfield glove.

It will not decide the performance of your glove.

So, don’t think that the cheap leather outfield gloves will a hurdle in your performance.

Even, the inexpensive gloves are easy to break in as compared to high priced gloves.

The high priced gloves are manufactured with high-quality leather that lasts for years, and therefore these gloves take a long time in the breaking process.

If you are a high school baseball player, then I recommend that you buy some inexpensive outfield glove that costs less than 100 dollars because as the body grows in this age, so you have to purchase another glove after 2 to 3 years. So, this will lead to investment again in the big high priced glove.

So, in my opinion, the cheap gloves are perfect for the young players, as they can play with for 2 to 3 seasons easily, and after that, they can purchase another one.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Inexpensive Glove

This short video is worth watching because some professional MLB players are sharing their tips for choosing their favorite glove.

Right Hand Throw vs. Left Hand Throw

Before buying any baseball glove it is important to know from which hand do you throw a ball.

If you throw a ball with your right hand, then you’ll need a baseball glove for your left hand.

On the major e-commerce websites like Amazon, you will find gloves for the hands (for the left hand and right hand).

But, sometimes, buyers get confused about the right hand & left hand, and they end up purchasing a glove for the wrong hand. Then, they have to replace the glove.

So, before purchasing, it is important to know for which hand you want a glove.

But, how do I know if the glove is for left hand or right hand?

Generally, it is clearly mentioned that the glove is for “Right Hand” or “Left Hand”.

Left Hand Throw: As the name suggests, this outfield glove will be for those outfielders who throw with their left hand, and they use a glove in their right hand. So, they will get a Right-Hand Glove.

Right Hand Throw: As the name suggests, this glove is for those outfielders who throw with their right hand, and they need a glove for their right hand.

So, if you throw with your left hand, then you should buy a “Left Hand Throw”, or “LHT”, “Right-Hand Glove” or “RHG” glove.

While, if you throw with your right hand, then you should buy a “Right Hand Throw” or “RHT”, “Left Hand Glove” or “LHG” glove.

Easy to Break In

The outfield baseball gloves under 100$ are generally easy to break in as compared to the high priced gloves.

But, there are some high priced gloves that need a little breaking in, because the company has already done some work on it. But, if someone says that there is no need to break in, then it is not correct. Every glove or mitt needs at least some break-in.

The inexpensive gloves are made with the synthetic leather, and therefore they are easy to break in.

So, before purchasing any glove, make sure to check the product description because some gloves are easier to break in as compared to the other gloves.

You’ll find that some brands like Rawlings do some work on their gloves before selling them so that their outfield gloves are easier to break in.

Watch this video to learn about breaking in your glove easily.

Quality of Leather

As told earlier, the leather quality depends on the price you’ll pay.

If you are purchasing a high priced 300$ baseball glove, then you will get a glove that is made with pigskin leather, steer hide, or the leather from the exotic animals, while the inexpensive gloves that you get under 100$ price range, those gloves are made with the synthetic leather.

As, the synthetic leather is easy to break in, and it doesn’t reduce your performance so there is no need to worry about.

You should consider about the leather quality if you are thinking to use your outfielder glove for the next 5 to 6 years.

While the young players may not need to look at the leather quality because under 100 budget, you’ll get gloves made of synthetic leather.

Pocket Area

Pocket Area of Outfielder's Glove

Your baseball glove should have a good large pocket so that the outfielders can easily catch a flying baseball.

If the pocket area is shallow or not enough deep, then the outfielders may find it difficult to catch and hold the flying baseballs.

But, it should not be of very large otherwise it’ll be not comfortable in your hand.

Adjustable Strap

Adjustable strap feature in gloves

The adjustable strap is a really good feature that can be used to tighten or loosen your outfield glove.

But, this feature is not very common, and you’ll not find it in most of the gloves.

If your baseball glove has an adjustable strap, then it will give you another reason to purchase.

But, it’s not a deal breaker.

If you find some really good outfield glove, then don’t reject it just because it doesn’t have an adjustable strap.

Is it a helpful feature?

Yes, it’s helpful.

Is it a deal breaker?

Not at all. You can’t reject any baseball outfield glove if it doesn’t have an adjustable strap.


The padding helps to reduce or absorb the amount of shock when you catch a ball.

The right amount of padding helps to absorb the shock, and at the same time helps you to catch the ball easily.


Whether the looks of a glove is good or not depends on person to person.

Some outfielders find a glove attractive while others may not.

Some prefer dark colored gloves while some prefer light colored.

But, you should not buy a glove by just looking at the appearance.

Sometimes, a poor quality outfield glove is made with a good design and young players buy it. Due to that the glove breaks quickly and doesn’t last long.


Best Brand for Baseball Out fielding gloves

There are many popular brands that manufacture high-quality outfield gloves under 100$.

But, some brands are clearly dominant in the field of gloves & mitts.

Generally, players prefer the below-mentioned brands:

  • Rawlings
  • Wilson
  • Mizuno
  • Akadema
  • All-Star
  • Easton
  • Marucci
  • Louisville Slugger
  • Nokona
  • And a few more

Check Your Budget

Budget Friendly Outfielding gloves

The more you pay, the better quality you’ll get.

There is a lot of difference between a 100$ budget glove and a 300$ glove.

But, the biggest and noticeable difference is about the durability of the glove.

The 300$ glove may work for many years without damaging while the 100$ glove may get damaged after a few seasons.

So, it depends on you what gloves you need to buy.

If you want to buy the best baseball gloves under 100$, then in the below, I have shared the reviews of some really good gloves for you.


The size is a big thing that you can’t ignore.

If you purchase a wrong sized outfield glove, then you can’t give your best performance.

Therefore, it’s very important to purchase a perfect sized glove as per your age.

AgeOutfield Glove Size
Under 7 years9 – 10.5”
8 to 10 years10 – 12”
11 to 13 years11.75 – 12.75”
14+ years12 – 13”

The above-mentioned size chart for the outfielders as per their age is only to give you an idea.

The actual size can be different from one player to another depending on the hand size and fitness of a player.

Best Baseball Gloves for Outfielders Under $100 

Outfield Gloves under 100$

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Series

The Rawlings Select Pro Lite baseball glove is one of the best baseball gloves for outfielders under 100$ budget.

There are various reasons to purchase this inexpensive glove.

First of all, whether you throw with your right hand or left hand, you have the option. This glove is available for both the hands.

You can get various sizes in 11 to 12 like 11’’, 11.25”, 11.50”, 11.75” and 12”.

Have you heard of Bryce Harper, professional baseball player?

This glove is made after the famous outfielder Bryce Harper’s game model, and after wearing this glove, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a professional glove in your hand.

The Pro H web along with the all-leather lacing is ideal for the use in the outfield position, whether it is in the right, left or center.

The soft leather makes it comfortable and helps it to retain the shape when you use it, while the leather lacing helps to maintain its pocket area.

There is an adequate padding that reduces the shock that you get in catching a ball, and the cushioned finger back lining is also very helpful that makes it very comfortable.

If you want an outfield glove that is very stylish, and you want a specific color, then there is nothing better than this Rawlings glove because this glove is available in various color combinations. So, you have a lot of options to choose from.

One of the big features that makes it popular among the outfielders is that it is 90% broken in from the factory, so you have to do a little work to make it adjustable according to your hand. You just have to 10% break in from your end.

Do you know, what’s the best thing about it?

It comes under the 100$ budget mark.

So, even the young players who don’t want to spend big money on gloves can easily purchase it.


  • Available for both hands
  • Various color combinations
  • Various sizes available
  • Stylish
  • Well cushioned
  • Deep pocket area
  • 90% broken in from the factory


  • May not lasts for years

Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove

Wilson is one of the most popular brands that manufacture baseball goods because they produce some high-quality gloves.

If you want to buy a Wilson manufactured outfielder’s glove at less than 100$, then Wilson A1000 is good for you.

There are various sizes available from 11.25’’ to 12.5’’, it can be purchased by a player of any age.

The T-web is a good webbing style that is perfect for the outfielders.

The full-grain leather shell, lining, and laces make it a good fit for such players.

This is also available for both hands, whether you throw with the right hand or left hand, it is for you.

This is a really good glove, but according to some players, this outfielder baseball glove takes some time in the breaking in, while others say that breaking in this glove is very easy and takes no time.

So, if you take that it takes some time in the breaking in, even that, this is really worth the price because it costs less than 100 dollars.


  • Various sizes available
  • Various color combination
  • T-web
  • Available for both hands
  • Durable


  • Some players say that it takes some time to break in

Akadema AZR95 Prodigy Series Glove

The Akadema AZR95 is a good outfield baseball glove that you can purchase at a good affordable price.

The T-web webbing style along with the grasp clasp wrist system locks the hand of the outfielder in the glove so that the glove stays in the position. It helps a lot when the outfielder is running to catch a ball, in that case, the glove will not displace in his hand.

The medium pocket provides enough space in the pocket area to easily catch a high baseball.

It is also available for both right and left-hand throw, so any player can purchase it who throws with any hand.

But, this glove is only available in the 11’’ size, so if an outfielder wants a bigger glove, then this is not a good choice for him.

Along with that, this glove is available only in one color. So, if you want various color combinations from which you want to decide then you should look at another glove.

But, this glove is manufactured with the high-quality leather that makes it durable and helps it to last for many seasons.


  • Available for both hands
  • Durable
  • Medium pocket
  • Affordable
  • T-Web


  • Only color available
  • Only one size available, 11’’

Louisville Slugger 2019 Genesis Baseball Glove

The Louisville Slugger Genesis is a perfect glove for the young players who are beginning their basketball journey. A full mesh back with a full leather constructed palm makes it considerably lighter and gives amazing durability.

It is available in both, right hand throw and left hand throw.

This pitcher’s glove is available in sizes 10 inches, 10.5 inches, 11 and 11.5 inches, as well as 12 inches. The wrist opening of these Louisville Slugger gloves is made a bit smaller with short finger stalls which makes it ideal for young players with small hands.

The glove also sports an adjustable Velcro wrist strap for custom fit. Featuring a closed channel weave web and a combination of leather palm/ web with Ballistic nylon shell, the glove comes with a blend of grey,

black and white color. The gloves are already ready to be played with as the combination of the materials requires a zero break in period for the glove. The soft and lightweight materials make this glove ideal for infield players, especially for the pitchers.


  • The combination of the leather and nylon makes the glove lightweight and easier to use.
  • Small wrist opening and small stalls are preferable for younger players.
  • Full mesh back and leather palm makes it more durable.
  • The glove has a minimal break-in period and is easy to brak-in.
  • Affordable cost with appropriate quality.


  • Is not that great in the looks of it, feels a bit cheaper.

Final Verdict

It is a great glove for beginners and young baseball players, with an affordable cost and long-lasting materials.

Wilson A900 Baseball Glove

The fully leather constructed Wilson A900 Baseball Glove, which sports a 12.5″ is a great budget glove ideal for all weather conditions. The glove has a double palm construction which absorbs shock, provides you protection and efficiently makes it easier to access the ball.

It is specially designed for the left hand and comes with a Pedroia Fit which is suitable for young players with small hands.

The leather of the glove is a step up from the A500 series and ensures the glove to fully break in and suit your hand as you continue using it more.

The glove also has a slim low- profile heel which provides great flexibility and enables faster ball transfers by easy palm opening, which makes it a perfect middle infielders glove. The webbing of A900 makes it more befitting for outfield players.


● Features full leather construction lacing makes increases the glove’s durability with a considerably lower price.

● Pedroia Fit ensures a snug fit, especially for smaller hands, with smaller hand opening and short finger stalls.

● Double palm construction reinforces pocket with extra protection.

● Slim low- profile heel ensures more flexibility, makes it easier to catch.


  • A bit stiffer and sloppier than usual gloves and sometimes require more time to break in.

Final Verdict

The Wilson A900 is a quality product at a great price, which can be used all across the diamond as well as in the outfield. With great features like Pedroia Fit and more, it is preferable for beginners and players with smaller hands

Final Words

An outfielder needs a baseball glove that offers a pocket large enough to catch flying baseballs easily, and it should be fit perfectly in the hand.

Along with that, if you are expecting outfield gloves in less than 100$, then those gloves may not last for many years. Those may last for a few seasons, but not for many years.

I hope that I answered all the questions related to the outfield gloves.

If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section.

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