Jugs Lite Flite Pitching Machine Review

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Wondering if the Jugs Lite Flite pitcher is worth your shot? Got you thinking whether this would be worth your time and money? 

Well, you ended up in the right place! Because I’m here with a review of this machine and whether is it worth your time or not.

So let’s begin! 

My Review of Jugs Lite Flite Pitching Machine 

Packaging wise these came in really good and perfectly on time and there was no visible or even physical sign of damage on this, so that was a good start. The pitcher machine comes with 6 installable legs and when u join each of these, they will form into three major legs of course they come with rubber feet, so you can keep them sturdy. So I set this up in my backyard. 

Right off the bat, you can say that the pitcher machine was fairly easy to install. They do come with an instruction manual, but honestly, I don’t think you need that in terms of trying and setting it up. But yea, other than to understand the other settings of what are the key features in the pitching machine, you’ll need them. 

The Jugs Lite Flite machine comes with two adaptor machines on it to play either using softball or one to either play with baseball. These two adaptors are mainly different in terms of sizing. They are super easy to switch out, you can loosen the screw on the top and pop the one you wanna play with. That’s what’s great about this you can try and play with whatever setting or mood you are feeling that day. It doesn’t come with one setting, it provides you with both and the opportunity to play with both of their adaptor styles. 

You can always try and adjust the machine to how you wanna play and what technique you wanna try and master most. You can do this by simply losing the screw and making these aim for a right-handed curve ball, right-handed slider, fastball left-handed slider, or even a left-handed curve ball this all depends on how you wanna train and you wanna hone your catching skills. This machine is genuinely gonna make your life so much easier in terms of practicing and getting that necessary training.

The pitcher machine also comes with a speed meter that’s measured in miles so you can be super comfortable with whatever speed you need. I just kept playing with these at 40 mph since it was a lazy day for me. But like honestly if you are going for some hard-core training then this pitching machine is gonna help you achieve the speed and mobility you need on the field. 

These are super flexible in terms of movement as well, like you loosen a few screws and boom! you can move it to the top or you can move it from side to side, you do a lot of practice with these positions and this machine itself will make you game ready. 

jugs lite flite pitching machines

So the thing which I was not happy about this machine since I spent a lot on these gloves, was the balls that came with it. They came with lite flite balls and they had two options one comes with a baseball and softball in lite flite and the other ones come in poly options. The poly options help them not to be drenched in the water, therefore enabling you to play in any situation. Well technically I found this unreasonable since I’m spending a lot of money on this I’d like the freedom to play with actual softball or baseball balls and not want something unnecessary specific additions like these. 

Overall this pitcher machine is great, but they have different and better options. But if you are looking for a long time investment or just play it with kids since it’s a safer option, then definitely splurge on the Jugs Lite Flite Pitching Machine. 

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