5 Best Catchers Gloves 2018: Top Rated Catchers Mitt for High School

If you have a kid who is maybe around 12 or 13 years old and play high school baseball, then you must be thinking,

“What is the best catchers mitt for high school players?”

Actually, that depends on person to person because of the personal preferences.

But, before buying a mitt, it’s important to know a few important things like:

  • High-priced mitts take a little longer to break in as compared to budget-friendly mitts
  • Mitts are measured through the circumference like 32 inches or 33 inches
  • Difference between baseball and softball mitt (they’re different)
  • And a few more

This is probably one of the best articles available on the internet that answers the question “Which catcher’s mitt should I buy?”

There are no useless things here.

So, let’s get started.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mitt

Right Hand Throw vs. Left Hand Throw Mitt

Left Hand Throw mitt

On e-commerce websites like Amazon, you can find both types of mitt (Left Hand Mitt and Right Hand Mitt).

But, sometimes, buyers get confused and they purchase a mitt for the wrong hand. So, you should be careful about that.

Now, the question is,

How to tell if the mitt is for left hand or right hand?

On the major e-commerce websites, they clearly state that a particular mitt is for “Left Hand” or “Right Hand”.

On Amazon, you’ll see that mostly they describe it as “Left Hand Throw” or “Right Hand Throw”.

Left Hand Throw: The “Left Hand Throw” means the player who throws a ball using his left hand, and therefore, he’ll need a mitt for his right hand.

Right Hand Throw: The “Right Hand Throw” means that the player who throws a ball using his right hand, and therefore, he’ll need a mitt for his left hand.

So, if you throw a ball with left hand, then you need to buy a mitt of “Left Hand Throw”, “Right Hand Glove”, “LHT”, and “RHG”.

While, if you throw a ball with right hand, then you need to buy a mitt of “Right Hand Throw”, “Left Hand Glove”, “RHT”, and “LHG”.

Easy to Break In

How to break in catcher's glove

It is very important that your new catcher’s mitt should be easy to break in.

If you go to a shop, and the shopkeeper tries to sell you a baseball glove by saying that there is no need to break in, then he is lying.

Whether you are purchasing a 350$ catcher’s mitt or just a 45$ mitt, there is at least little requirement of breaking in.

It is possible that the break-in time is less because the company has already done some work on it. But, if someone says, there is no need to break in, and then it is not correct.

So, if your mitt is easy to break in, then the mitt will adjust according to your hand quickly. Otherwise, you may have to try some methods to break in the mitt.

But, after breaking in the mitt, it does not affect the performance.

So, it is incorrect to say that the mitt which is easy to break in will give better performance as compared to other mitts that take some time.

You can watch this video to learn about how to break-in the glove. You can also watch this video that also explains about breaking in mitts.

Baseball vs. Softball Catcher’s Mitt

There is a little difference between the baseball and softball mitt.

As the softball is larger than the baseball therefore to catch the ball, softball mitts have deeper pockets and thinner side walls.

So, do not buy a softball mitt by thinking that both the games are similar. This mistake can affect your performance. So, it’ll be good to acquire all the information about how baseball gloves are different from softball gloves.

Leather Quality

The quality of the leather is a major factor that determines the price of a mitt.

Usually, the cheap mitts are made from the synthetic leather or from the pigskin leather. So, they are soft and not very durable.

While high-priced gloves & mitts are made from high-quality leather that can be from steer hide or the leather from exotic animals.

You should note that the quality of leather determines how many seasons your mitt will last.

So, please, do not take it as the cheap leather mitts will be a hurdle in your performance.

The only difference quality of leather creates is the durability of the mitt.

For young players, the quality of the leather is not a deal breaker.

If a 12-year-old baseball catcher buys a 300$ mitt because of its durability, then he may not be able to use it for the next 2 to 3 years. In this age, the body grows, and after one or two years, he will need another glove.

So, in my opinion, for youth, there is no need to invest in high-quality leather mitts, because you have to buy another one after some time.

If you can afford, then go ahead, your son or daughter will really love that mitt.

Pocket Area

Your glove should form a good pocket that can hold a fast coming baseball.

With the perfect size pocket area, it becomes very easy to catch and control the ball.

The pocket area really affects the performance, so, if you are purchasing the mitt from a sports shop then you should take a close look at the pocket area.

If the pocket area is shallow, then it may be difficult to catch and hold the balls. While a deep pocket gives you comfort and helps you to easily catch and holding the ball in your mitt.

So, the catchers should go for the mitts with deep pocket.

Adjustable Strap

In some catcher’s mitt, you’ll adjustable strap.

This strap is very helpful to tighten or loosen the mitt.

But, mostly, you’ll not find it in the mitts and gloves because it is not very necessary.

Yes, if your mitt has an adjustable strap, it’ll be helpful and gives you another reason to buy a certain mitt.

Catcher's Mitt with adjustable strap

But, it is not a deal breaker.

So, you should not reject a good quality mitt just because of the absence of an adjustable strap.

There are very fewer mitts in which you’ll find an adjustable strap.

Yes, it is helpful for some players, but for most of the players, it is not necessary.

If you want to see a budget-friendly mitt that comes with an adjustable strap, then take a look at Wilson A360 Youth Catcher’s Mitt.

While, if you want to see a high-priced mitt that offers adjustable strap, then take a look at All Star Pro Elite CM3000SBT Catcher’s Mitt.


The catcher’s mitt should have the right amount of padding so that it can absorb the shock. But, at the same time, you should also be able to catch the balls easily.

Some infield players prefer superskin models and shallow pockets, but that depends on the position.

So, you need mitt having the right amount of padding that can absorb the impact of fast coming pitches.


Catcher's Mitt Design

This depends on person to person.

Some catchers like dark color mitts while some prefer a light one.

Here, one thing that you should consider before buying a mitt is that sometimes people buy mitts by just looking at their appearance.

The appearance of the glove matters, but the performance is more important than looks.

I think, almost all the mitts are nice looking.


There are many popular brands that manufacture youth catcher’s mitt for baseball players.

But, some brands have dominance in the field of catcher’s mitt.

High School catchers glove

In most of the cases, young players prefer buying mitts of the below-mentioned brands:

  • Wilson
  • Rawlings
  • Akadema
  • Mizuno
  • All-Star

It doesn’t mean that the brands other than the above mentioned don’t manufacture good mitts.

There are also some other brands like Easton, Nokona, Marucci, Louisville Slugger and a few more that manufacture good quality mitts and gloves.

But, as I told earlier, in the market of the mitt, some brands are more dominant over others.


how much catcher's mitt cost

You can buy a catcher’s mitt in the range of 35$ to 400$.

It totally depends on you how much you want to spend.

One thing to keep in mind is that, if you are buying a mitt for youth like 12 or 13 years old players, then you should not purchase an expensive mitt.

The high-priced mitts are more durable and last for many seasons. But, at this age, children grow rapidly.

Therefore, the mitt they are using now may not be a proper fit for them after 2 years.

So, you may have to buy another mitt of large size after 2 to 3 years.

But, if you can afford a high-priced mitt again after 2 years, then go ahead. Your son or daughter will really love the professional mitt.


When buying a catcher’s mitt, size is one of the most important things.

You can ignore design, looks, adjustable strap, or brand, but you can’t ignore the size.

I can’t give enough stress on that.

The mitts are measured in a different manner as compared to the baseball glove. The mitts are measured from the circumference of the glove for capturing the entire catching area of the mitt.

Generally, under 13 years old catchers need 32.5 inches or less, while for above 13 years old catchers, they need 32.5 inches or more.

My Personal Recommendation

If you want to buy a catcher’s glove for 12 or 13 years old son or daughter, then I’ll recommend Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Mitt. Along with that, you can also see my second favorite mitt Rawlings Renegade Mitt.

It is a 32.5 inches catcher’s mitt that can be used by approximately 11 years to 14 or 15 years old high school players.

For catchers younger than 12 years should try Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Mitt (31.5 inches).

For catchers older than 13 years should try Mizuno Supreme GXC94 Mitt (33.5 inches).

This mitt is available for both hands, and because of the soft leather, it is very easy to break in.

Therefore, it is one of the best choices for the young baseball catchers.

I’m also recommending this catcher’s glove because it is cheap. You can get this mitt in the price range of 35$ to 60$, which is quite affordable.

You can also buy a high-priced mitt by spending 200$ or 300$, but at this age, children grow rapidly. So, you may have to buy another mitt after two to three years that’s why I’m recommending a mitt that works great as well as affordable.

But, if you want a mitt that works for years, in that case, I’ll recommend two options:

Wilson A2000 Catcher’s Mitt and Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove.

Whatever Mitt you choose, but at least take a look at the customer reviews of Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Mitt, where you’ll get to know the experience of real players.

See Price & Reviews of Mizuno Prospect GXC105

Best Catchers Gloves for High School Baseball

Best youth catcher's mitt

Mizuno Prospect Youth Catcher’s Mitt

The Mizuno Prospect Series Catcher’s Mitt is an affordable mitt that you can buy at approximately 35$ to 65$ depending upon the size and hand orientation. This is not the most expensive catchers mitt, but it’s definitely one of the good ones.

Mizuno Prospect Mitts are available in three models:

  1. GXC112
  2. GXC105
  3. GXC94

All the three models almost the same, the only difference is about their size.

Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Mitt – 31.5 inches

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Mitt – 32.5 inches

Mizuno Supreme GXC94 Mitt – 33.5 inches

These mitts are available for both hands.

As told earlier, “Left Hand Throw” indicates a mitt that will be worn in the right hand. While the “Right Hand Throw” indicates that you throw a ball with your right hand, and you need a mitt for your left hand.

These mitts are very easy to break in.

I’m not just saying it, I really mean it. These Mizuno mitts are really easy to break in.

You can find many customer reviews that clearly mention that their son or daughter was able to break in the glove in just a few days, without any much hard work.

The Power Close feature helps the young players to easily close this glove when catching a ball.

The ParaShock palm pad provides protection when catching the fast coming pitches. This pad absorbs the shock and doesn’t get damaged after the repeated use.

If I talk about the leather quality, then it is pretty good.

But, it is not the best out there. The glove is very easy to break in and this may be due to the soft leather.

If you think this mitt can be used for a few years, then you should not hope that. This mitt can be used for 2 or 3 seasons depending upon the usage, but for the next few years, possibly not.

It is budget friendly mitt. You can get it within the range of 35$ to 60$.

So, in this price range, the quality of this mitt is really good.


  • Budget Friendly (Price Range 35$ to 60$)
  • Easy to Break In
  • ParaShock Palm Pad
  • Soft Leather
  • Available for Both Hands


  • Only lasts for a few seasons, do not expect of using it for the next few years.

Who Should Buy This Mitt?

These mitts are for young players.

They are very easy to break in, so the young players do not have to do a lot of hard work for the breaking in.

The young players need to buy a new mitt after every 2 to 3 years because they are in a growing age.

So, these mitts are perfect for them.

As they are budget-friendly, you can easily buy another mitt whenever required.

You can check the exact price, customer reviews, and more details on Amazon.

Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Mitt (31.5 inches) – Younger than 12 years

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Mitt (32.5 inches) – For 12 or 13 years old

Mizuno Supreme GXC94 Mitt (33.5 inches) – For 13 Years or Older Players

It is a general estimate.

Rawlings Renegade Glove Series

If you see the title, they didn’t mention that it is a mitt. So, don’t get confused.

This catcher’s mitt is budget-friendly. Just like the Mizuno Mitt, you can buy it at an affordable price.

It is available for both the hands. So, whether you throw with a left hand or with your right hand, they have a mitt for you.

This mitt has a deep and well-formed pocket that provides ball security and easy catching.

This mitt is already 80% broken-in from the factory.

You must be thinking that every brand says that their mitt is very easy to break in. But, in reality, only some of them work according to their claims.

The Rawlings Gloves & Mitts are popular because they are really easy to break in.

It is a black catcher’s mitt that looks good and you can use it with any uniform.

But, this mitt is not available in any other color except black. So, if you the color your glove matters a lot to you, then you should look at some other mitt.

This mitt is available in two different sizes: 31.5 inches and 32.5 inches.

So, this mitt is for the young players of approximately 13 years old or younger players. If your kid is older than 13 years, then probably this mitt is not for you.

The lightweight pro mesh and leather shell palm provides durability and helps the mitt to retain its shape.

It is manufactured with soft leather, that’s why it’s very easy to break in.

But, this is also has a downside.

It is durable and works for a few seasons, but it’ll not last for years.

If you want a mitt that you can wear for the next few years, and then you should go with a high-priced mitt, it can be of Mizuno, All-Star, Rawlings or Wilson. They all have some great mitt that will work for you for years.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Available for both hands
  • Easy to break in (80% already broken in)
  • Deep pocket for easy catching
  • Available in two sizes: 31.5 inches and 32.5 inches


  • Only one color option: black
  • Lasts for 2 to 3 seasons, but it’ll not work for you for the next few years

Who Should Buy This Catcher’s Mitt?

This catcher’s mitt is perfect for the young high school catchers who are approximately 13 years old or younger than that.

The price is not an issue, so it’ll not be difficult to replace the mitt.

But, if you want a mitt that stays for the next few years, then it is not for you. In that case, try high-priced mitts that are manufactured with high-quality leather that lasts for years.

So, if your son or daughter falls in this age group, and wants a mitt that is affordable, and very easy to break in, then Rawlings Renegade Glove Series is your choice.

See Price & Reviews of Rawlings Catcher’s Mitt

Wilson A600 Baseball Catcher Mitt

This is another budget-friendly catcher mitt for the young players.

Note: This mitt is only available for Right Hand Throw and only in one size, 32.5 inches. So, if you prefer Wilson mitt, then you can also take a look at Wilson A360 Baseball Catcher’s Mitt. It is another product that is worth looking.

But, Wilson A600 Catcher Mitt is available for the players who throw with a right hand, means it is a “Right Hand Throw” mitt.

It is also available only in one size and that is 32.5 inches. So, it is good for approximately 13 years old players. There is no fixed criterion for that because it totally depends on the growth of the child. So, it is possible that a 32.5 inches mitt will be perfect for an 11 years old player or maybe for the 15 years old player, totally depends on the growth.

There is an adjustable strap on this mitt that is very helpful. So, if the player feels the mitt is slightly loose for him, then he can tighten it with the help of an adjustable strap.

Wilson catchers mitt for high school

The ½ moon web catcher’s mitt along with two-piece back closure provides you a stylish mitt that gives a great feeling.

The deep pocket gives you the ability to easily catch and hold the ball.

This mitt takes a little work for breaking in. So, it is not a realistic expectation that you can give your best performance on the first day of this mitt.

You may have to do some work on it.

But, after that, you’ll be completely satisfied with it.

Watch this short video on Wilson A600 Catchers Mitt to get more information about it.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Great Design
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Deep pocket


  • Takes a little work for breaking in
  • Available only in one size, 32.5 inches, and for Right Hand Throw

Who Should Buy This Catchers Glove?

This mitt is for approximately 12 to 14 years old players or high school catchers who throw with their right hand.

It is also available in just black color. But, it is stylish.

I have to say that, when it comes to affordable mitts, Rawlings and Mizuno emerge as a better option.

So, if you like Wilson brand and falls in this age group, then it is a good choice for you.

Also, if you prefer Wilson but you want a smaller size with different hand orientation, then the Wilson A360 Mitt is also a good option for you.

See Price & Reviews of Wilson A600 Mitt

All-Star Pro CM1200BT Youth Catcher’s Mitt

If you want a stylish mitt as well as a high-quality mitt, then go for All-Star Pro CM1200BT.

The design of this mitt is awesome.

The light color of the glove, markings, and the laces make it looks good.

This mitt is of 31.5 inches, so it is for the smaller kids of age less than approximately 12 years.

But, if you are older than the 12 years, then this will not the best fit for you, and unfortunately, in this model, there is only one size, 31.5 inches, is available.

All-Star is a really good brand that offers some great mitts but if you are searching for All-Star mitts on the e-commerce stores than it becomes difficult to find the perfect size because for one model there is only size available.

It is possible that you can find the other size in the same model, but sometimes, you’ll get so irritated that you’ll think you should try some other mitt.

So, the quality of All-Star is really awesome, but finding the right size & hand orientation becomes a problem on online stores like Amazon, eBay or others.

The premium cowhide leather is used for the manufacturing of this mitt so that it lasts longer.

Best Catchers Glove 2018

The adjustable strap is also a good feature that you’ll find in All-Star mitts.

With the help of an adjustable strap, you can customize the fitting of the mitt. You can tighten or loosen the mitt as per your requirement.

The break-in time is also less. It can break in after just a few days of playing catch.

The pocket area is also well formed that helps for the easy catching.

The price is also not high, it’s budget-friendly mitt.

Watch this short video to learn more about this high school mitt.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Great Design & Looks
  • Easy to Break In
  • Durable


  • Not available in different sizes & hand orientation
  • Finding the right All-Star mitt becomes cumbersome on online stores

Who Should Buy This Mitt?

This mitt is for young catchers who are younger than 12 years.

If your son or daughter loves a great design that it is perfect for them.

It is 31.5 inches mitt, even if your kid feels that it is a little big for him, in that case, the adjustable strap is very helpful. But, it is not for kids older than 12 years.

So, great design, quality leather, deep pocket, and easy to break in. All-Star is a good choice, and it’s definitely the best catchers glove in 2018.

See Details of All-Star Pro CM1200BT

Rawlings Heart of the Hide

On the Amazon, the company didn’t mention that there is also a mitt available in this glove series in the title.

The mitts are measured through the circumference. So, whenever you see that the measurements are in circumferences like 32 inches or 33 inches, then it is a sign that it is a mitt.

So, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Mitt is one of the top rated catchers gloves that you can purchase.

It is manufactured from the top 5% of the steer hides. It is a long-lasting mitt.

If you want a mitt that you can use for many years, this is the mitt.

It is not a mitt that you can purchase for 50$, you have to spend at least 3 to 4 times or more than that.

But, the quality you’re getting is worth the price.

It is available for both hands and also in different sizes like 32.5 inches, 33 & 34 inches.

So, after 13 or 14 years of age, you can find the perfect size for your kid.

As you’re paying much more than 50$, therefore the Rawlings tried their best to give you all the possible color options. Actually, there are a lot of color options available, just take a look.

The adjustable strap is also present that helps to achieve the perfect fitting of the mitt.

If you are a fan of MLB, then you probably know Salvador Perez. He is the catcher of Kansas City Royals, and he wears this mitt.

As one of the best catchers of MLB wears this mitt, so you can expect the quality of this mitt.

The padded thumb sleeves, deep pocket, and a perfect design take your catching experience to a new level.

But, you have to work on this mitt. It is a wrong expectation if you think this mitt will break in as quickly as other budget-friendly Rawlings mitts.

The high-priced mitts contain high-quality leather that takes times for breaking in. As, these mitts are manufactured with supreme quality leather and they have to last for years, so, it is normal that it’ll take some time for breaking in.

It is not like; only this mitt takes time for breaking in.

If you purchase any other high-priced mitt like from Mizuno or Wilson, they also take some time for the breaking in as compared to the budget-friendly mitts because they are made with soft leather.


  • Very durable, lasts for years
  • Many color options
  • Adjustable Strap
  • High-Quality Leather Used
  • Trusted by MLB Professional Catcher, Salvador Perez


  • High-price
  • Takes some time for break-in

Who Should Buy This Mitt?

If you are a high school baseball catcher and wants to play as a catcher for the next few years, then it is perfect for you.

The various color options available along with adjustable strap gives you a more customized fitting and feel.

This mitt will not anywhere for the next few years, but for that, you have to do a little work for the break in part.

So, if you can afford this mitt, I highly recommend that at least take a look at it. It’ll be one of the best catcher’s gears for you.

Check Price & Reviews of Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove

Final Words

These are not the only mitts that are available out there.

There are also some other great mitts that you can try and purchase because without it you can’t become a good catcher.

But, whenever you go out for purchase, make sure you understand that a high-priced mitt will last for a few years because of the high-quality leather. You may also want to buy a mitt that helps you in the catching signals.

So, you may not want to spend that much amount on catchers gloves for high school baseball because you may have to replace the glove after some time.

But, you should also note that the high-priced mitt also takes some time to break in. You can’t expect that both the high-priced and budget-friendly mitt will break-in at the same amount of time.

The other features like design, adjustable are important factors but they are not the deal breakers.

I hope that you had found some helpful information and get to know about some of the best catchers mitts of 2018 that can be used by high school baseball players.

If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comment section. I’ll try to answer it as soon as possible.

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