Best Catchers Mitt for High School Baseball: Reviews (2018 Edition)

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In Baseball, the catcher is one of the most important players on the field. He should be perfect for catching a baseball.

So, if you’re a catcher on your baseball team, then you should have better catching skills as compared to your other teammates.

Along with that, you can’t use the regular gloves as baseball catcher’s mitts are different than the gloves. The same thing is with specially designed cleats for catchers

Now, the question arises,

What is the best catchers mitt for High School Baseball?

Which one should you choose?

Here, you’ll get to know about the 5 best baseball catchers mitt that you can use.

But, make sure, you thoroughly read these catcher mitt reviews. These will definitely make it easy for you to take the decision.

Best Catchers Mitt for High School

My Recommendation

If you want to stay in the budget, then there is nothing better than Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Mitt. It’s a good quality product that is preferred by hundreds of other youth baseball catchers.

For high school baseball players and youth, Mizuno Prospect GXC112 is a perfect choice. As they are still in the growing age, you may have to replace the old mitt with a new larger one after a few months.

Therefore, for kids, high school players, and for youth, I recommend Mizuno Prospect GXC112, as it is trusted, reliable, and you can purchase it at a very affordable price.

But, if you’re going to play a professional or the match that matters to you, and the price is not a problem for you. Then, I’ll suggest you go with Wilson A2K Series Pudge Catcher’s Mitt.

In between the palm liner and the outer shell of Wilson A2K, there is a strategically cut piece of leather, that provides you a maximum pocket stability which drastically increases your catching ability.

As you’re spending so much money, therefore, their technician spends 3 times longer shaping the Wilson A2K according to the hand to reduce the break-in-time.

It’s comfortable, durable, and it also keeps your hand & palm dry. With all these things, in my opinion, Wilson A2K Series Pudge is the best catcher’s mitt on the market.

Best Catchers Mitt

Best High School Catchers Mitt Reviews

Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Mitt

This is probably the best catchers mitt for high school players and for youth. As, their hands are still growing, and after a few months, you may need to buy another mitt as the old one won’t fit those hands.

In that case, a lot of youth and the parents of little baseball catchers prefer to buy Mizuno Prospect GXC112, because it comes at a very affordable price. You don’t have to hundreds of dollars on it.

The Mizuno’s Power Close technology helps the young players to quickly and easily close the glove for catching, and keep it closed with ease for the maximum control. For easy closure, Mizuno also worked on the V-Flex Notch that helps the young players.

Thanks to the ParaShock Palm Pad that absorbs the shock even after the repeated catching drills. It provides an outstanding protection and comfort.

There is a problem with many brands that, they only manufacture Right Hand Throw glove. But, whether you’re Right Hand Thrower or the Left Hand Thrower, you can purchase it according to your preference.

It doesn’t take a long time to break it in those gloves, but you have to do a few practices to reach the comfort.

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Wilson A2K Series Pudge Catcher’s Mitt

Wilson A2K Series Pudge is slightly expensive as compared to other catchers gloves that I have reviewed in this article.

But, if you’re paying for Wilson A2K Series, then there is one thing for sure, “You won’t be disappointed”.

It is one of the best baseball catchers mitt available on the market.

As everyone knows about Wilson, a trusted brand that manufactures baseball gloves and other accessories. The gloves are so good that even professional baseball players wear it in the game.

So, enough about it.

The Wilson A2K Series is a high-quality glove that is durable and comfortable.

Even after practicing for a long time, you hand and palm will remain dry. This may not look a huge thing to you, but believe me, if your hand is wet; it drastically reduces your performance & catching skills. The Drilex wrist lining is responsible, that keeps your hand cool and dry.

There is a strategically cut piece of leather in between the outer shell and the palm liner. This feature provides you a maximum pocket stability that is crucial for a good catcher.

The technicians at Wilson are constantly trying to improve their mitt, and with A2K series, they spend 3 times longer for shaping it according to the hand so that it takes minimum time to break in.

With so many things, Wilson A2K Series Pudge is a pro preferred catcher’s mitt that you should buy to enhance your catching skills.

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Rawlings Player Preferred Catchers Mitt

Rawlings is one of the most preferred and trusted brands when it comes to buying baseball apparels.

These are top rated catchers mitt that is made of the high-quality materials.

Rawlings has patented hand adjustments, along with their back design, these catcher gloves will give you maximum control with a comfortable fit.

The full-grain leather shell of Rawlings gloves helps in shape retention and gives you quick & easy break-in so that your performance doesn’t get sacrificed.

This is a 33 cm glove that is good for the youth.

It also has adjustable Velcro Strap that makes it more comfortable.

It is manufactured by a trusted brand. It is durable, and it is tested by a lot of catchers.

When it comes to the price, I have to say, it is not costly. It’s very affordable, but it is a good quality mitt that’s why it gains its popularity.

Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Series Glove

Akadema is a newer brand as compared to the well-established brands like Wilson or Rawlings. But, they made a good reputation by manufacturing baseball gloves that are good in quality, and also their price is very low.

Many times, you will find that Akadema is providing sports accessories at a very low price with same quality standards as of other big brands.

This is a 32-inch catcher’s glove, and therefore, it can wear by kids that are between the age group of 9 to 12 years. I mentioned the age group here, but, it depends on the size of the hand of your kid, not the age.

For the young catchers, deep pocket gloves are necessary. As they are not well-trained and experienced, therefore, gloves with deep pocket should be purchased.

In Akadema AGC-98 Catchers Gloves, you’ll get a deep pocket, spiral-lock web, and Grasp-Clasp wrist system.

As you’ll get very good quality mitt at low cost, if the young players don’t care much about the big brand gloves, then Akadema AGC-98 are the best gloves for them.

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Rawlings Renegade Glove Series

Everybody knows about Rawlings. It is one of the best baseball accessories manufacturers.

Here, Rawlings Renegade Glove Series Mitt is no exception.

With 11.5 inch size, these are perfect baseball mitt for 10 to 11 years old kids. Even, if your kid is 13 to14 years of age, but, he is undersized, then you should definitely go with Rawlings Renegade.

These mitts are made of the highest quality materials available but they tried to make it affordable. Therefore, its price is just average, but the quality is above average.

With oil-tanned full grain leather shell and leather laces, it requires less time to break in. You can also read these do’s & don’ts for breaking in the baseball gloves.

To reduce the impact of the ball, there are palm and index finger pads that are very helpful for the young players.

If your kid is starting out, then it is a good product that you can purchase.

Final Words

There are a lot of catcher’s mitts available on the market for the high school baseball players that you can purchase. Some are more expensive than others, while some are cheaper than usual.

As, I told earlier, if you’re starting out, then there is no need to purchase an expensive mitt because that will cost you hundreds of dollars.

You should go with normal and average priced mitts. I’ve reviewed some great affordable products that you can use. These are good in quality, and low in price.

But, if you want everything of the highest quality, and you’re going to play a serious game or a match that matters for you, then go with Wilson A2K Series mitt. In my opinion, it is the best, and that’s why these are preferred by pro players.

I hope that you find some useful information in this article. If you have any query that you want to be discussed, then feel free to comment below.

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