6 Best Insoles for Baseball & Softball Cleats

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Looking for the best insoles, for your softball and baseball cleats, searched all over the internet but couldn’t find the right one. 

I have compiled some of the best Insoles over here in this article and how useful they will be for you on the field. 

Let’s get into it! 

Best Insoles for Baseball & Softball Cleats

Currex CleatPro Insoles

The Currex CleatPro insoles are just the type of insoles that will be perfect for you and will support you through your gameplay without any hindrance. These insoles are engineered to improve the fit and feel of any cleat brand and model. This gives you the anatomic support and dynamic stability that you need when you’re playing the game. These insoles are perfect for baseball. 

The insoles will give you an anti-slip grip as well, so this will be able to give you the ultimate control with your cleats to provide you the ultimate control on the field. The insoles are great since they also have an added cushioning feature, that gives you comfort when you are playing on the field. These insoles will also reduce the odor and also reduces injuries and different type of pain as well. 


  • Great for baseball 
  • Reduces pain and injury 
  • Adds cushioning
  • Super grip technology  


  • Not durable enough 
best insoles for cleats

truMedic Athletic Insoles

This powerinsole is easily insertable into the cleats without any hindrance whatsoever. The sports insoles are designed to feature high performance, they also have EVA foam with a shock-absorbing heel pad, so you can be active for a longer time. So these are great insoles just in terms of delivering you the type of performance on the field. 

The insoles are designed to give you the utmost comfort and stability. This will provide your feet with the heel arch support needed by you when you are performing on the field. They have four targeted support zones, that enhance the targeted areas, by also allowing for prolonged use. The insoles are made of flexible, breathable, air mesh fabric that will help you to wear these insoles for enhanced periods. 


  • Support relief shoe pads 
  • Shoe cushioned inserts 
  • Breathable air mesh fabric 
  • Memory foam 


  • Not that great of a quality 

Nxtmile Premium Baseball Insoles

The Nxtmile Premium baseball Insoles are all about comfort and stability. These soles will prevent any of those painstaking pains that you have from heel, foot, shin, or even knee pain so rest assured you’re gonna be getting the best of the best performance with these insoles. These insoles are designed to give you the utmost stability and support completely. 

You can train, run faster, or even practice using these baseball insoles. Playing longer with these insoles won’t give you any sort of discomfort in the least, but will instead, continuously give you the ease of playing for much longer hours. This insole is designed for you to improve your aggressive cuts, jumps, acceleration, and stops. So what’s stopping you from getting these insoles as the next big thing to improve your training? 


  • Support 
  • Helps your train and practice 
  • Reduces pain
  • Alleviated performance 


  • Sizes are not accurate 

Sof Sole Athlete Insoles

The Sof sole athlete insoles are another great pair of insoles that will help you gain the support that you need when training or even when you’re just simply playing baseball. They are easily insertable into any active footwear making them super adjustable to anything that you prefer to wear when playing. 

The insoles also give you a sense of confidence when performing on the field, which drastically improves your performance each step and each time. They have a contoured neutral arch that is suitable for most foot types. They have lightweight cushioning and gel pads in the heels and forefoot, which offer comfort without the bulk. They also have a hydrologix technology which is honestly perfect as baseball insoles, since this will help you play for longer hours at a stretch without the discomfort of sweat drenching under your foot. 


  • Gives great arch support 
  • Great for flat feet and plantar fasciitis 
  • Lightweight cushioning 
  • Moisture wicking property 


  • Longevity is compromised 

Kidsole Children Athletic Insoles

The Kidsole children’s athletic insoles are perfect for any kids looking for insoles, for reducing the pain they are experiencing, or simply, just want to get proper arch support. These insoles are designed specifically for kids, so if your kids are playing softball or baseball and need an insole for themselves, these are the best turf shoes. 

The insoles are designed with great-quality gel material to give you the increased support that you need when playing in the field. Be it any sport including baseball, these will reduce the pain and even deliver you the type of performance you need on the field. The insoles are designed with a contoured heel cup and a slightly reinforced arch support for kids growing feet. The insoles also come with custom-guided cutting lines to help create the perfect fit for a wide variety of sizes. 


  • Comfort 
  • Stability 
  • Great quality gel material 
  • Contoured heel cup 


  • Sizing can be off

Superfeet Carbon Fiber Insoles

insoles for baseball cleats

The Superfeet carbon fibers although expensive are honestly great insoles for those looking for something exciting in the sports field. Exciting as in something new and better for your flat feet or any other feet-related issues such as plantar fasciitis. The super feet carbon fiber insoles have natural shock absorption.

 Moreover, these are super great for your feet since they have low arch support, the orthotic support stabilizes the foot reducing stress on your feet, knee, or back. The insoles also come with an added feature of controlling odor completely, therefore allowing you to be able to remove them freely whenever you’d like and you can be stress-free when you remove your shoes in the locker room! They are made of carbon fiber, so that kind of contributes to their lightweight and durable material. 


  • Odor control 
  • Support 
  • Stability 
  • Carbon fiber 


  • Sizes may vary 

How can I make my baseball cleats more comfortable?

Insoles are the best way to give yout the comfort that you desire when playing on the field. They reduce any type of pain that you may experience and also promote stability and control on the field. The other thing that it does is it reduces the risk of injury and continually keeps you going on the field. 

Other than that you can ensure they have a proper fit, and also ensure that they have a proper break-in as well. You can also buy moisture-wicking socks. If you wanna stick to the insoles option then do ensure that you have ones that have proper cushioning. 


So here are the best insoles that will give yout the type of support and cushioning that you require when you are playing baseball. Along with that, the insoles will also reduce any sort of foot or leg-related pains that you have thus promoting you to perform better consecutively on the field. 

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