Can You Catch a Baseball with Your Hat

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New to baseball and saw some cool trickshot that got you super hooked! “How they catch that with a hat.” “Is that like even allowed?” 

The cooler things may look, it might make you wonder “Hey! Could I do it on the diamond too?” well in this article I have the answers to all those questions that you have. 

I’m gonna get right into it! 

Well, the answer is no, you can’t perform it on the field. Cause hey think about it almost seems impractical. Plus you’re just gonna mock those people spending dollars on those branded custom gloves and all. But, in all seriousness, it’s actually quite impractical if you even were to sit and think about it for a few moments you’d know why. 

First, a hat is designed for our heads. “Hey! We knew that. Don’t tell us something so obvious.”  well, that’s probably what you are thinking if you read that line previously, but it’s designed for our heads and not our hands. With the speeds at which balls are coming your way, it might seem pretty unlikely to catch it with something as flimsy and thin as a baseball hat. Unless you have the hand of Thor or Ironman, then that’s a different story. But like honestly, it’s really beyond stupid to try and use a hat, even more so because they lack the sense of grip and complete stability as well. 

Gloves are constructed with padding and those premium leather with flexible design and all that schnazz, that you need to deliver your ultimate protection. You’re just asking for a death wish if you are gonna catch a ball just with your hat. Now a trick shot, yea that’s all cool. Maybe do it in front of your friend or just your team for fun. Then that’s super cool and you could always use your hat to do it. But I feel just go and invest in a good glove. Anyone who tells you that “Hey dude it’s all fine to catch with your hat.” don’t, do it cause you’re likely gonna get injured and you won’t be able to recover for quite some time if you were to catch it with your hat. 

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So here’s the bottom line and the harsh truth served cold to you. Don’t risk it! Go buy yourself a cheap pair of gloves if you are a broke college student. There are so many great options out there for you to use and maybe they won’t last you for the seasons to come but they will last you for a good enough time and won’t let you play with a flimsy old hat that lacks stability. If everyone were to catch with their hats the glove industry would go out of business in no time and there would be no such thing as increased padding around your plam areas to help reduce the impact of the ball and protect you each time you play on the field. 

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