Hack Attack Vs. Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine Review

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So you can’t really choose between the hack attack and the junior hack attack. What’s better for serious players? 

Well, I got you! I have a detailed review about both the pitching machines and how they both are respectively. 

Let’s get to it! 

Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

Now many of you definitely have heard about the baseball pitching machine, hack attack. Hack attack is known for its innovative features in a pitching machine. They come with excellence and the performance is highly increased on the field. The pitching machine is solely designed for the purpose of increasing your interest in baseball. 

Hack Attack has amazing features like its three-wheel system and extra wide tripod base. All the features that you need to perform extra well on the field. The pitching machine will help you to get the accuracy that you need when batting or even catching ground balls. 

Hack Attack Junior Pitching Machine

Now this is a hack attack little brother. This has the same features but has a little lesser popularity than Hack Attack. Well, if you are still looking for an affordable option then this is your best, to go for. 

The machine can throw different types of baseball pitches, like fastballs curveball sliders, and even knuckleballs. So from your diving catches to your batting skills all can be tested with this machine. This machine will really you to get the best out of your skills. So you should definitely consider buying something like this, cause it will actually be a really good investment. 

Hack Attack Vs. Junior Hack Attack

Hack Attack is Bigger and Better 

Well if it’s not obvious already since hack attack was built first they are comparatively bigger and they are much better in terms of delivering the right type of performance. They are mainly made for high school players and even use for much more professional players. 

While hack attack junior is preferably used for ages 5 – 12 years and they are comparatively smaller than hack attack. So if you are considering something for youth players then this is your choice. 

Great Pitching in Hack Attack 

As expected hack attack is really great and advanced just in terms of promoting and throwing pitches, so if you are looking for a professional pitching machine then this is your best shot. These pitch balls at speeds of almost 100 mph, can throw pitches 80 feet away. These two features give you an idea of how to play in the field. 

In terms of hack attack junior, they have a maximum pitching speed of 7o mph, which is great for youth players honestly,s o that they won’t be intimidated by the game in the beginning. The pitching distance is around 46 feet. 

Pitching styles are Lesser In Hack Attack Junior 

Of course, it is pretty obvious, if the pitching machine is small and even throws are meant for kids, specifically. So they have limited pitching styles, they have styles like fastballs, curveballs, and even sliders. So they are quite limited as you can see. 

While you see the same about Hack Attack, it has a wide variety of pitching styles like fastballs, curveballs, sliders, split-finger fastballs, and more. This provides future players with a more wide variety of pitches to practice with. 

Hack Attack Meant For the Pros 

As you might have caught on by now, hack attack is specifically made for college, and high school players and even professionals, who look to refine their hitting or even catching skills. So really a great investment if you ask me. 

The Junior Hack Attack on the other is tailor-made for younger players. Kids who are aged 5 -12 years are in the early stages of learning the basics of baseball. It is designed to give the appropriate skills and challenges for kids. 

Hack Attack is Expensive 

It is quite obvious at this point that hack attack is much more expensive because of their extreme features and the way it is designed for pro players moreover, they have the skills that you’d need for pro-style playing. 

While hack attack junior is much cheaper because they have limited features and are mostly designed for a younger player to try and gain their skills and level them up. 

Why Hack Attack is Necessary for Serious Baseball Players?

Well by all these reasons stated I’m pretty sure you know why hack Attack is a really good option for serious players. The pitching machine is made with a three-wheel system that allows batters to see the balls clearly thus making it easier to determine the pitches and easily, give the best performance. 

The Hack Attack Pitching machine is meant to give you the best performance while simultaneously, giving you the type of performance you need. By replicating, the pitching style that you’d see on a regular baseball field this pitching machine is sure to deliver the best and hone your skills, making you a pro before you even know it. So you should consider buying these on your next splurge for sure!

junior hack attack pitching machine

My Final Thoughts 

So, in the end, I’d like to say both of these pitching machines are exceptionally great and they will give you the necessary performance that you are looking for. 

And if you are looking for the best type of pitching machine then these two pitching machines are really great to go for. 

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