How to Add Piping to Baseball Pants

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Why are Pipings put on baseball pants? How do you put the piping on baseball pants? I know these questions must be running on your hand. 

Well, I’m here to explain everything to you about it. 

Let’s get into it! 

What does piping mean on baseball pants? 

Piping is generally a thin stretch of fabric that rubs down from the waist of the pant all the way down to the hem. It normally runs parallel to the pant or in a single straight line. Normally, piping is chosen to give a contrasting look to the pant and give a much more appealing look in terms of aesthetics and even style. Some people normally put this just for the purpose of fashion as well. Putting piping on your baseball pants gives them a more clean look, therefore making them much more aesthetically pleasing to watch as well. 

How to Add Piping on Baseball Pants

First, you gather your material, the material that you will require to add piping to your baseball pants are your baseball pants, piping (pre-made or self-made), sewing machine, measuring tape, matching thread, scissors, and iron. Once you’ve gathered all your materials you can start by, measuring the piping according to the length of your baseball pants, you measure from the side seams of the baseball pants all the way from the waist to the hem. You then cut the piping to that desired length. 

After this,  make sure that the outer edges of the piping and the baseball pants align together. Pin the piping in place making sure it follows the exact curve of the pants. Using a sewing machine stitch along the pinned edges of the piping, make sure to keep the piping aligned as it is, and keep removing the pins as you go. Take your time and make sure to sew it thoroughly without anything going out of place or misplacing in any direction. 

Once you’ve done this you’ll end up with the piping that your desire and you do some of the finishing touches by cleaning up the excess fabric or thread hanging loose. Make sure to iron the seams and press them properly to give them a cleaner and more polished look. In the end, try it on and see how it looks and if you need any changes. 


Well, there you have it a very easy way how to get the piping done on your baseball aunts, giving you the traditional, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing baseballs that you desire. Hope this article gave you all the information that you needed on how to do your own piping, if you don’t have a sewing machine you can use fusible tape. Or if you feel don’t have the skills to do the sewing on your own then you can try and give it to a professional who can do the work in an instant giving you, your much desired piped baseball pants.

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