Plate Crate Review: (Is Plate Crate Worth in 2021)

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Every baseball fan is always looking for the next best thing to show and support their interest in the sport. The next must-have items for every baseball fan right now are subscription boxes.

Plate Crate is a subscription box for baseball fans with a mission to deliver fun and exciting baseball items to your doorsteps.

Learn more about Plate Crate below to see if you should start your subscription this month.

Plate Crate Subscription Review

Plate Crate Review

What is Plate Crate?

Plate Crate is a monthly subscription service that delivers baseball and softball goodies for kids at your doorsteps.

Plate Crate was started by Josh Band, a professional baseball player, in 2015 inspired by other similar crate services. There was no such service meant for kids back then, and Plate Crate has been exclusive to sport-playing kids since then.

How Does Plate Crate Work?

Plate Crate sends you a box of baseball and softball-related items every month you are subscribed up to.

Every box contains 6 to 8 items. The items inside of the baseball crate include gear and apparel like baseball gloves, baseball caps, bat grips, etc. The crates also have softball goodies like a softball, scrunchies, mitts, etc.

Other than that, the crates will include training equipment and other accessories like protective wrist tapes, bands, sunglasses, and even trendy sports caps. The box sometimes even contains healthy snacks like seeds and nuts. All the items placed in the box are selected at random, and the subscriber can not choose the items they want.

Plate Crate promises to send a different box every month that contains different items than before.

They also guarantee every box being worth more than $50.

The first box is shipped right away while the following boxes are shipped during the 1st or the 3rd week of that month. Plate Crate does not ask for any shipping charges. You also have a right to ask for a refund if any item is received in a damaged state.

Subscription Plans of Plate Crate

Plate Crate works on a monthly subscription basis. You get a box every month as long as you are subscribed. There are four different subscription plans offered by Plate Crate.

1-Month Plan

In this plan, the box costs $49, and you have to pay it every month up to which you want to stay subscribed. There are no real savings in this plan, and it is not recommended for the long term at all.

3-Month Plan

In this plan, you need to pay a subtotal of $135 just once in three months. That equals paying $45 a month, which is pretty much cheaper when compared to the 1-month plan.

6-Month Plan

Here, you have to pay a total amount of $258 once in 6 months. Every box costs $43, which makes for even better savings than both the previous plans.

12-Month Plan

In this plan, you have to make just a single payment for the whole year. A total of $480 is what this plan costs, which brings the value of each box down to only $40.

A free t-shirt too is shipped with the first box in all four of the subscription plans.

There is no limit to how many boxes you want to receive.

The subscription can be either paused or canceled anytime the subscriber may want.

Baseball Box vs Plate Crate

The Baseball Box and Plate Crate are two of the most popular baseball subscription boxes designed for all finicky baseball fans and enthusiasts. 

If you love all things about baseball, then these subscription boxes will take your interest even closer by delivering boxes of baseball goodies to your doorstep every month.

The Baseball Box is a monthly subscription box that showcases a fantastic collection of apparel and accessories to bring out the baseball swag in you. It includes a great assortment of baseball-related accessories, customized gear, dugout snacks, apparel, and much more.

Each monthly box is also unique so you don’t have to worry about receiving the same items over again. This makes each month more interesting, exciting, and fun.

You can choose from a three-month subscription plan at $114 for three boxes, a six-month subscription plan at $222 for six boxes, and a year subscription plan at $420 for 12 boxes.

Each box approximately costs $37 valued at over $45 with free shipping. That’s a great value over there.

On the other hand, the Plate Crate is slightly different from The Baseball Box and other monthly baseball subscription boxes. They create an exciting different-themed crate every month for you to anticipate.

Once a month, you’ll get a box that’s packed with six to eight unique baseball gear, snacks, training aids, accessories, and apparel made by pro baseball players for all discriminating baseball fans.

Likewise, each month presents new and exciting items guaranteed for you to never get the same gear twice giving you the best value in every crate.

Speaking of value, the Plate Crate offers a great deal with each box starting at $40 with over $75 worth of products with free shipping.

Is It Worth to Subscribe to Plate Crate?

Plate Crate has slowly become one of the most popular baseball box subscription services. Being one of the fewer kids-oriented services has supported its cause well.

Plate Crate can not replace full-fledged kits, but for baseball and softball accessories, it can be helpful to an extent if you can afford it.

For parents who can afford it and have kids that are serious about baseball or softball, the 6-month and the 12-month plans are the most efficient plans on the list.

Final Words

Various similar sports crate services exist today related to different sports. Out of these, Plate Crate is arguably the best when it comes to kids.

Not everyone is a fan of the whole crate service things, but for those looking for one, Plate Crate is a great choice.

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