How to Clean White Baseball Pants with Piping

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Wondering how to get your white baseball pants with piping cleaned easily without damaging the fabric or the piping? 

I have come to your rescue and got some amazing ways in which you can clean your baseball pants with stripes easily. 

Let’s start right with it!

How to Wash White Baseball Pants with Piping

You must first start by pre-treating any stains present on the pants. Pre-treating stains can help remove the stain completely or even lighten it by a few notches, this will help the fabric as well as the stain won’t leave any nasty marks on your pants. It is extremely important to read your fabric’s care label there will be specific washing instructions given on how to wash your baseball pants with piping. This will prevent any damage or even any color bleeding. 

The next step to washing your baseball aunts with stripes is to try and separate them from the rest of the colored laundry. This will keep the brightness of the pants as well as prevent any color from bleeding out and staining your pants. The next thing to keep in mind is to turn your baseball pants inside out, this will protect the piping and no serious damage will happen to the piping.  

It is appropriate to set your washing machine to a gentle cycle rather than the one that you’d use normally. Using a harsh cycle may damage the fabric completely. Try and use cold water rather than hot water, hot water may damage the fabric as well as dull it over time. If your care label mentions a specific way or temperature to wash the pant in then wash it according to those instructions. Use mild detergent anything harsh may damage the fabric or even weaken it causing it to tear quite quickly. Try and use a mild detergent according to the specifications of the care label. Do not try and use chlorine bleach, this may discolor the pants or even destroy the fabric by getting its stitching loose. Use oxygen bleach instead this will help the fabric to maintain its color and ensure a more brighter and safer care for the fabric. 

Once the cycle is finished, if you use a dryer then try and dry the fabric on low heat, check the care label for any additional drying instructions it is normally recommended to air dry your your white baseball to prevent shrinking or any heat-related damage. But if you do prefer using a dryer then select a lower setting. 

ways to clean white baseball pants

Precautions to Take When Cleaning Baseball Pants with Piping

It is of utmost importance to take care of the pants. Always try and read the care label instructions before washing the baseball pants. Following the instructions stated on the care label will help you care for the fabric easily and properly. Definitely use a gentle cycle and manage the temperature of the water, by making it cold rather than hot, since hot water might damage the fabric. 

Turn the pants inside out, this will help you to maintain the integrity and structure of the pants without damaging the fabric in the slightest way. It will also help to maintain the color and structure of the piping as well, thus keeping them in place and they won’t lose their placement when being washed. Try to wash the pants separately and not with any colored laundry, take utmost care when dealing with your baseball pants with piping, so as to prevent any staining from the colored laundry. Try and use a gentle and delicate cycle rather than a harsh cycle, because the delicate the cycle the better the fabric will turn out and it will be easier as well to work with. So these are some of the tips to take care of when washing your baseball pants with piping. 


So these are a few tips to keep in mind when washing your baseball pants. Take the utmost care when doing so be sure that you don’t damage your baseball aunts by using anything harsh on it. Try to use a gentle detergent and even a gentle cycle when washing your baseball pants and your pants will be good as new. 

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