How To Make A Batting Tee At Home

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You must be struggling to find the right type of tee for yourself or maybe you just don’t have the dimes and pennies worth for it at the moment. 

Well not to worry anymore, because I have an article right here that will help you to construct a batting Tee at Home without any hindrance whatsoever. 

Let’s start right off! 

Get Drillin’ For The Tee’s

No no! Not to worry you don’t need some crazy carpentry skills for this just a few hand drills here are there are gonna make it good to go and you’ll be perfect in no time at all. Honestly, it’s gonna be a hassle-free process. 

So what you’ll be needing to create your very own homemade baseball tee are: 

  • PVC pipe (1.5 inches in diameter) 
  • PVC elbow Joints (1.5 inches in diameter) 
  • PVC T-joints (1.5 inches in diameter) 
  • PVC end cap (1.5 inches in diameter) 
  • Drill 
  • Saw or PVC cutter 
  • Sandpaper (optional)
pvc pipe for batting tee

Well then let us begin with the process of how to do it, 

  1. First things first, first measure and cut the PVC pipe to your desired length to make sure that it reaches the appropriate length. Find some PVC cutters to make your life a bit easier when you are cutting. The height that you should typically go for when cutting is around your waist length, which is super ideal and convenient when you are playing in terms of practice. 
  1. Next, you should be able to create the base. It is of utmost necessity to make sure you have a strong base. If you are gonna have a weak base it is gonna be super difficult for the Tee to be steady each time you play or practice on the field. So take the PVC elbow joint and attach it to the bottom of the cut PVC pipe. Connect another PVC pipe to the open end of the PVC elbow joint. The length of course will depend on how stable you want your Tee to be. 
  1. Now you need to add stability, yes I know you think that in the previous step itself but to create a Tee that is ideal for the practice you should make sure it is super stable enough to take any amount of hit or right swings when batters practice on the field or diamond. To do so attach a bunch of PVC T joints to the base pipe, leaving enough space for your feet to be able to stand.  These T joints will help the tee to be stabilized when during use. 
  1. Next is to create the tee top, the tee top should be able to hold the ball without any hindrance without having much of an issue as well. It should be perfectly stable when they are performing on the field. Attach a PVC elbow joint to the top of the PVC pipe. Make sure that the open end of the pipe is facing upward. 
  1. Next are some finishing touches that you can add when making the Tee. if desired sand down the rough edges and I do suggest you do so since if you are handling these with your youth players as well it could be a problem so use it in a way it will be easier for you to carry and easy to handle as well and won’t hurt you in the process. This also gives a much more smoother finish to the Tee itself making it more appealing to the eye as well. 
  1. Testing and adjusting is your last step. Do a test to see that everything meets your requirements and everything feels fine and perfectly in place and nothing has a wobbly feeling each time you swing your bat. Insert a ball on top of the tee and make sure it sits securely. You can always adjust the height if you don’t find it dutiable to your liking. 


Well, there you have it the perfect way to create your own tee at home. Although I do suggest getting yourself a tee, they cost a minimum of 30$ and also function perfectly, they also have adjustability and portability factors as well. So I’d rather suggest you get one. But if you do like this way and you find it most comfortable then well go for it. 

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