Pocket Radar Review (Ball Coach vs Smart Coach)

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Wondering whether or not it’s worth investing in a pocket radar? Considering whether to buy one or not? 

Well, worry not! I am here to give you a review of the Pocket Radar and whether it’s worth investing in or not. 

Let’s get into it!

Pocket Radar Ball Coach Review

The Pocket Radar ball coach is a really great option for you to use when you’re trying to coach kids or if you even just wanna invest in one yourself. The Pocket Radar Ball Coach reads the speed at which you throw your ball, either from the side or even if you pitch right in front of it! Pretty cool right? Most of the radar guns that I have worked with don’t have this feature to be very honest and they can only measure the speed of the pitch when the ball is approaching it, but this can measure from any direction is really what caught my eye. 

pocket radar ball coach review

This runs on batteries so again fairly easy to work with and measures up to 120 ft distance. They have a range of almost 25 – 130 mph. The Pocket Radar comes in hands-free so that’s really a great start to work with. So all I had to do was just set up a tripod, to put it in place and I kept firing my shots. Needless to say, they picked up on it really quickly and it really gave me an insight on how to work on my shots further.  So if you are looking for a very classic old affordable option then this is your choice to go for, or even simply training your kid, this will help them to improve their pitching skills rapidly and help them get a better insight on where to improve. Overall a really great radar gun to work with. 

Pocket Radar Smart Coach Review

Smart Coach is another great pocket radar that is absolutely perfect for gathering real-time speeding pitches that you do. This is the pricier side but for good reasons. The Smart Coach pocket radar is one of a kind pocket radar and is worth investing in if you are super serious about coaching and want to measure the performance of your students or just of yourself. 

pocket radar smart coach review

The Smart Coach packet radar comes with an app with which you can connect and control. So I left this one on my tripod too, but unlike the ball coach, this one was easily controllable through my phone so I could switch it on and off whenever I like. This also flashes the red LED whenever you hit or throw a ball and even announces it. So pretty cool if you were to ask me. Moreover, the Smart Coach Option tends to be a really great option cause you can film yourself in real-time and then it shows the speed at which you pitch, this will you to get a reference of your previous pitches or even share it online if you’d like. So really great. The review of pocket radar just in general has left me stunned at how good their quality of measuring the speed at which you throw or even bat is really amazing. So you can always consider spending on these if you wanna try and improve your speed. 

Pocket Radar Ball Coach Vs. Smart Coach

If you didn’t catch it by now. Ball Coach and Smart Coach are literally lightyears away different. Maybe not in terms of looks, but at least in the way they both function completely differently. Each of them has their unique set of characteristics and each of them is great in their way. But to get to the difference the smart coach is much more expensive than the ball coach. 

It’s because the smart coach has intricate features like real tie video analysis of the way you pitch your ball or at which speed you hit it. So this all contributes to the factors of why it’s more expensive, plus you can control it from any distance since it has the remote-controlled feature where you can control it, just with the help of the app, which you can easily download on your smartphone. But if you do not want all these extravaganza features then Ball Coach is just your choice its absolutely simplistic yet modernized in its own way. You can always measure the pitches and batting speeds from any angle and from any side so that alone make it perfect enough. So if you wanna something cheaper then go for the Ball Coach and If you want something better and wanna see your real-time performance then go for the smart coach. 

Is Pocket Radar Accurate?

Pocket radar is quite accurate like most other radar guns out there, it will give you the best type of readings and the best accuracy as well. This will help you to improve your pitching skills as well as other skills consistently and remarkably to the next level. 

How to Use Pocket Radar 

Pocket radar is best used while pacing a little behind yourself maybe a few meters or so. Any angle is valid for you to throw the pitch because it can honestly take it from any angle so that’s the great thing about this. Also as I mentioned before this can also measure your pitching from behind. It’s simple as switching it on with the click of a button and then continues measuring it. If you don’t have someone to assist you not to worry, you can use even a tripod to measure your distance all you gotta do is shift the positions of the tripod if you change positions too. 

Final Thoughts

Well, overall this is a really great product! And if you wanna measure yourself and get an understanding of how you play on the field then this is a really great option and will help you to easily improve yourself on the field, thus increasing your performance. 

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