Best Baseball Shorstop Gloves in 2021: Tried & Test

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As a shortstop, you play between second and third base and guard the “opening” to the gardens.

Due to this critical charge, you have to be able to catch balls quickly, being able to snag those that are a bit out of reach, as well as capture Grounders well.

Finding gloves for shortstop can be a difficult task and takes a lot of time to find the best glove for the shortstop position.

So, we are making it easier for you to choose your first and, in all likelihood, the best shortstop glove for yourself.

If you don’t like reading lengthy articles, then check the next section, where I’ve shared my number one recommendation for the young shortstops.

My Personal Recommendation for Shortstop Glove

If you’re a shortstop of your baseball team, then I’ll recommend you should try Rawlings Encore Elite Series Glove.

You maybe thinking, what’s so special in this glove?

Most of the time, it becomes difficult to find a perfect glove for the shortstop position, and players buy just any glove. This results in a decrease in performance.

Here, Rawlings has designed this perfect glove according to the needs & requirements of the shortstops.

It’s a great glove for the second base and shortstop.

With the excellent performance it offers along with the classic look, you’ll stand out from the rest of the players.

I highly recommend that before even considering other gloves, take a look at the price and specifications of Rawlings Encore Elite Series Glove, then decide yourself.

 Wilson A2K SuperSkin Baseball GloveWilson A2000 Pedroia Fit Baseball GloveRawlings HOH Mark of a Pro Baseball GloveAkadema Pro Soft Baseball GloveMizuno Franchise Baseball Glove
MaterialLeatherLeatherLeatherFleeceJava Leather
DesignH-web patternH-web patternCross-web patternB-Hive-web patternCross-web pattern
Size11.75 inches11.25 inches11.25 inches13 inches12 inches
ColorMultiple color optionsMultiple color optionsBlack and WhiteBlackThree color options
Hand OrientationLeft and RightLeft and RightRightLeftLeft and Right
PerksDouble palm constructionDouble palm constructionConventional open back constructionReinforced web durabilityMzo lining to disperse moisture
PriceCheck Current PriceCheck Current PriceCheck Current PriceCheck Current PriceCheck Current Price

How to Become a Better Shortstop

For becoming a better shortstop, you need to have a good baseball glove and good skills.

In the below, you can find some things you need to consider while purchasing your first shortstop glove.

Best Shortstop Gloves in 2021

Best Glove for Shortstop

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Wilson A2K SuperSkin Baseball Glove

The A2K SuperSkin Baseball Glove features both added length and lightweight feel needed by players on shortstop position and all over the infield. This glove is designed by renowned glove crafter Shigeaki Aso built to give you greater responsiveness and increased durability concurrently making it one of the best baseball shortstop gloves this 2021.

The glove uses Wilson’s Pro Stock Select Leather triple sorted for its consistency and flawlessness. It ensures that the glove is relatively easy to break-in yet holds its shape for longer.

The Rolled Dual Welting is thin strips of the Pro Stock Leather rolled to provide added durability to the shape and improved break-in period.

However, since the Pro Stock Leather is more on the stiff side, the glove still does require a more extensive break-in time.

It is made with trademarked SuperSkin by Wilson which is known to be twice as strong as the traditional Pro Stock Leather but only half of its weight giving the players superior durability in a lightweight design.

The glove has Double Palm Construction which is a two-layer leather pocket placed between the palm liner and outer shell that produces impressive glove stability.

The A2K SuperSkin baseball glove utilizes an I-web pocket that creates a shallow pocket for easy ball exchange and transfer which is needed for shortstop.

  • Made with Pro Stock Select Leather
  • Has Rolled Dual Welting
  • Holds shape for longer
  • Made with SuperSkin that is both durable and lightweight
  • Has Double Palm Construction
  • Utilizes I-web pattern
  • Requires more break-in time

Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit Baseball Glove

The A2000 Pedroia Fit baseball glove is designed for players who have small hands like Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox with whom was coined the term.

The Pedroia Fit features several critical design aspects that make the glove ideal for players like Pedroia wherein the wrist opening is tighter while the finger stalls are both shorter and narrower allowing for more control and better fit and feel.

Like most of Wilson’s iconic gloves, the A2000 Pedroia Fit is crafted with Pro Stock Leather that provides rugged durability and a unique feel. The Dual-Welting provides twice exposed leather edges on each finger back to create a more durable and stable pocket.

This glove has an H-web pattern that provides more structure and support allowing you to catch hard-hit balls and fly balls on the field. It also creates a shallow pocket which helps in quick ball transfer and throws when you’re fielding. The open web allows any debris to fall right through and enables you to have a better view when catching the ball.

It features a Dri-Lex Wrist Lining that helps in wicking away any sweat and moisture to keep your hands dry and comfortable all day. It also has a Heel Pad for added protection, but can also be removed for more control and a better feel when fielding.

Again, Wilson’s Pro Stock Leather has a stiff feel which helps in keeping the glove last longer and hold the shape better but it also means a longer break-in period is required.

  • Designed for small hands
  • Also suitable for youth players
  • Made with Pro Stock Leather
  • Dual-Welting
  • Has an H-web pattern
  • Dri-Lex Wrist Lining
  • Requires more break-in time

Rawlings HOH Mark of a Pro Baseball Glove

Rawlings created the Mark of a Pro series to fully utilize their premium leather material. The HOH Mark of a Pro Baseball Glove is individually handcrafted using Rawling’s leftover Heart of the Hide soft leather that is cut from the top 5% of all Rawlings’ U.S. steer hide. It provides the same softness and suppleness that you would find in the Heart of the Hide gloves.

Inside the glove is a leather reinforced palm pad made with the same materials as Rawlings R9 Gloves that help in reducing the sting feeling to the hands when fielding hard-hit throws. It also has a padded thumb sleeve and full-grain finger back linings for comfort like no other.

The H-web pattern utilized by the glove gives the player a shallow pocket for quick ball transfer without sacrificing the support when catching fly balls needed by shortstop and fielders. It also enables the player to have a clearer sight of the ball when fielding thanks to its open design.

However, others mentioned that the stitching can be inconsistent and prone to coming undone.

  • Made with the same soft leather as Rawling’s famous Heart of the Hide gloves
  • Has a leather reinforced palm pad made with the same materials as Rawlings R9 Gloves
  • Reduces sting feeling on the hand
  • Padded thumb sleeve and full-grain finger back linings
  • H-web pattern
  • The stitching can be improved

Akadema Pro Soft Baseball Glove

The Pro Soft series by Akadema features an advantageous game-ready feel that you can immediately use right out of the package. It is constructed to give the players an unmatched fit and feel right off the bat.

The glove also has a distinct design and pattern making it a great choice for shortstop, second base, third base, and even for pitchers. It features a modified-trap web that creates a medium-deep pocket to help players catch fly balls. It also has an open back design which allows the player to gain better control over their hand positioning and movements.

This glove is constructed from Select Steerhide Leather to provide long-lasting durability and unparalleled feel. This soft leather construction is the one responsible for giving the gloves that game-ready feel requiring little to no break-in period.

The Akadema Pro Soft Baseball Glove is generally designed for youth players and for adult players who have small hands. If you have larger hands, this glove might not be the best choice for you as it might not fit you well.

  • Requires little to no break-in period
  • Has a modified-trap web for medium-deep pocket
  • Has an open-back design
  • Made with Select Steerhide Leather
  • Suitable for youth players and small hands
  • Not suitable for large hands

Mizuno Franchise Baseball Glove

The Mizuno Franchise Baseball Glove is a perfect choice if you are just beginning to progress and develop your baseball skills. This glove is fairly easy and quick to break-in which proves beneficial for beginners and youth players as it gives them that constant game-ready feel.

The glove is crafted with a Full Grain Leather Shell that provides impressive softness and lightweight feel which is good for younger players.

It features a Parashock Plus Palm Pad which helps in dispersing the shock when catching balls for less sting feeling on the hands.

It has a Hand-based Pattern that comprises sets of pockets right under the web to help in maintaining the shape of the glove for longer. This also creates a deeper pocket which is helpful when fielding fly balls, however, the deep pocket can also prevent you from easily transferring the ball from the glove to your hands when throwing.

The Mizuno Franchise Baseball Glove features an I-web pattern which is a preferred style for shortstop as it provides an open design for players to see the ball when fielding.

  • Perfect for beginners and younger players
  • Easy to break-in
  • Made with Full Grain Leather Shell
  • Parashock Plus Palm Pad
  • Has a Hand-based Pattern
  • Has an I-web pattern
  • The deep pocket prevents quick ball transfer

Things to Consider Before Buying a Shortstop Glove

Shortstop Baseball Gloves

What Carlos Correa Thinks about Shortstop Glove?

Right Hand Throw vs. Left Hand Throw

Left-hand throw means you catch the ball with the right hand, whereas right-hand throw means you find the ball with your left hand.

The simplest list you’ll come across is the one that includes the simple options, “Throw right” and “Throw left.” Sometimes the list will give you options on how to use the glove.

These options can be listed as “Glove of the Right Hand,” “Catches of the Right Hand,” or even merely “Right Hand.” Be sure to read all the options carefully before choosing the one that best suits your purchase.

If you launch with your right hand, you are specified as “right-hand thrower,” “left-hand receiver,” “RHT,” or “LHC.” For left-handers, you want a “throw to the left,” “LHT “or” RHC. ” Generally, the website makes things clear for customers, but that’s not always the case.

Break-in Period for Shortstop Gloves

Shortstop Gloves Break In Time

Image By: Andrei!

Once you have determined the proper size and style and bought your field glove, you will probably immediately notice that it is stiff and that it does not have the pocket needed to catch flying and ground balls with ease.

Part of the break in your glove is the formation of a pocket. Learn more about breaking in your baseball glove.

The formation of a pocket can be done in several different ways, and the ideal method depends entirely on the preference of the player. Some players use a microwave, but there are better ways to do it.

Genuine leather is the first choice of experienced players, and for a good reason. Once broken, the leather becomes supple and supple, which facilitates the sensation. The durability of the leather means that it offers exceptional protection and longevity.

The glove material is critical, as it is easy to break your baseball glove. You want a glove made of the softest leather possible. The general rule is that the more elastic the leather on your glove, the shorter the break-in period of your glove.

As a shortstop, you need a glove that is easy & quickly breaks in. On the shortstop position, you need to be very quick; therefore, your glove movement should be as fast as possible.

Leather Quality and Durability

In baseball and softball, a baseball glove is one of the essential tools you will need to become a talented player and not a leather glove. In many ways, this is the last piece of this dramatic dip in the outer field or what you need to stop this line along the third baseline.

Not all gloves are created equal in size and material. Good quality leather means more durability, but buying affordable gloves does not mean lower performance.

Genuine leather is more durable but takes more time to break in. But, affordable leather gloves are comfortable to break in but less durable.

Does Pocket Size Matters for Shortstops?

Perfect Size for a Shortstop Glove

The glove used by shortstop players is smaller with a wide, shallow pocket, making it easy to get the ball out of the glove for throwing. This type of glove is used by players at second base and shortstop for quick and easy retrieval of the ball, ideal for making double plays.

Large pocket gloves are not used on the infield because it takes too long to transfer the ball to the throwing hand to make a quick play.

If you look at this video, you’ll understand why you need a shallow pocket glove for playing shortstop.

Difference Between Expensive vs. Affordable Gloves

More expensive ones will last you a long time and have better quality. The leather is better and won’t tear or rip. Cheap Ones are made with inferior leather or plastic and won’t last long. They rip and tear apart and are a complete waste of money.

Buy an expensive one, it will last you a long time, and you may never have to repurchase a new one. Quality baseball gloves usually cost a little more, but they will probably last longer. If you are thinking about using your baseball glove for intensive use, you should spend a few extra dollars on a durable glove.

In addition, young players who could quickly lose their baseball glove may not want to invest in a high-end model.

So, for most of the players, buying affordable baseball gloves can be a good choice.

However, this situation can be changed when it comes to buying shortstop gloves because shortstop is one of the most important players on the field. A cheaply made glove can dramatically reduce your performance.

Final Thoughts

In baseball, everything is clearly established; it is a sport that does not allow “inventions” on the fly or personal interpretations about its purpose and each of its foundations.

Among the most relevant tools are the gloves, whose specifications are also very well defined in the official rules of the game.

The gloves are used by the players in each of the heats when they have to cover the field of play defensively, which is to say at the time of the game where the opposing team plays his turn. With this essential vital element, the players specify the shots that will lead to the outs needed to close the opposing club’s offensive tickets.

As a shortstop, whether you decide to buy any of these above-mentioned shortstop gloves or not, make sure your glove is soft and easy to open & close it.

If you have any questions regarding how to choose a perfect shortstop baseball glove, then leave a comment below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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