Best Shortstop Gloves of 2023: Find Your Perfect Fit for Ultimate Fielding Performance

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Are you a baseball enthusiast always on the hunt for the best gear to elevate your game?

Look no further, because we’ve got you covered with the latest and greatest shortstop gloves of 2023! 

This blog list the top equipment needed by a player after very detailed research.  

From superior durability to unparalleled comfort and performance, these gloves are sure to make a difference when it counts. 

This post is useful for you no matter if you are a beginner or a pro player.

Below listed are top-rated shortstop gloves that will take your game to the next level and definitely make you the star of the game.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Shortstop Glove: Rawlings R9 Baseball Glove

Best Shortstop Glove for Money: Rawlings Select PRO LITE Baseball Glove

Best Premium Shortstop Glove: Wilson A2000 Glove

Top Shortstop Gloves for 2023: A Detailed List and Comparison of the Best Options

Shortstop Gloves


Size (Inches)

Break-in Time



Web Style


Rawlings R9 Baseball Glove

Full-grain Leather



Modified Trap-Eze

Rawlings Select PRO LITE Baseball Glove

Pro-Grade Leather



Pro H Web

Wilson A2000 Glove

Pro Stock Leather



Dual Post Web

Best Overall Shortstop Glove

Rawlings R9 Baseball Glove

If you’re a young baseball player or a parent looking for the perfect shortstop glove, the Rawlings R9 Baseball Glove is an excellent option to consider.

These gloves are most suitable for players of young age, around 8-14. They are an excellent option as its all-leather shell is soft and durable and provides the support that a beginner needs.

I was also impressed by the reinforced palm pad and padded thumb loop, which gave me both coverage and comfort during play.

The best feature of these gloves is the break-in-process. With 80% factory and 20% player break-in, I didn’t have to spend hours trying to break it in myself.

The glove do not need much breaking in as it can be used right out of the box. For players looking something like this should definitely opt for it. 

While the wrist hole on the glove is perfect for those with bigger hands, I did find it to be a bit small for a training glove.

Unfortunately, there is no alternative to loosen the wrist, so this may be a concern for some players. Well, the material was not what I expected but this did not affect my overall experience. 

All in all, I would highly recommend the Rawlings R9 Baseball Glove to any young player or a parent looking for a top-quality shortstop glove.

With its game-ready design, impact protection, and easy break-in process, this glove can help players feel confident and comfortable on the field.


  • Soft, durable all-leather shell
  • Reinforced palm pad and padded thumb loop
  • Game-ready, minimal break-in time
  • Designed for select youth baseball players
  • Impact protection


  • Wrist hole may be too small for some
  • Feel of glove material may be subpar

Best Shortstop Glove for Money

Rawlings Select PRO LITE Baseball Glove

If you’re looking for a glove that can be used across multiple positions, the Kris Bryant model with an 11.5″ Pro H Web is a great option. The all-leather shell and palm lining provide a comfortable feel and added shock reduction, making it a safe and reliable choice for young players.

It’s worth noting that the glove may require some breaking in, as it has a 90% factory and 10% player break-in process. However, using glove or shoe conditioner, mink oil, or similar products can help soften the leather and mold it to the player’s hand.

The Rawlings Select PRO LITE Baseball Glove is available in 11 different color options, allowing players to choose the color that suits their style and preference.

That being said, some customers have reported that the red leather strings used in the design came loose at various places and that the laces are a bit loose.

Overall, if you’re a young baseball player or a parent looking for an affordable yet reliable glove, the Rawlings Select PRO LITE Baseball Glove is definitely worth considering. The advantages it provides are numerous.

It is lightweight that makes it easy to control and carry. It is made up of soft leather that makes it extremely comfortable. Young players should definitely opt for this as this will make their journey smooth right from the start. 


  • All-leather shell and palm lining for comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • Kris Bryant model usable across multiple positions
  • 11 color options to choose from
  • Affordable option for young players


  • Requires breaking in
  • Red leather strings may come loose
  • Laces are a bit loose

Best Premium Shortstop Glove

Wilson A2000 Glove

What truly sets this glove apart is its Comfort Pro Fit. The ProLux Leather liner provides a rich, soft feel against my hand, while the Comfort Sleeve conceals the binding in the wrist for a comfortable, snug fit. This allows me to move my hand more freely and with greater precision on the field.

I also appreciate the DriLex Wrist Lining, which keeps my hand dry and comfortable during long games. This feature has come in particularly handy during those hot, humid days when sweat can be a real issue.

The gradient bold logos add a touch of modernity to the glove, making it stand out on the field. And as someone with smaller hands, the Pedroia Fit Technology with its shorter finger stalls and narrow wrist opening is a game-changer for me.

While the lack of color options may be a drawback for some, I find that the performance and comfort of this glove make it a non-issue. The Wilson A2000 glove truly delivers on its promise of being a premium shortstop glove, and I can confidently recommend it to anyone looking for an upgrade.


  • Pro Stock Leather for rugged durability & feel
  • Comfort Pro Fit with ProLux Leather liner
  • DriLex Wrist Lining keeps hand dry
  • Gradient Bold Logos for modern look
  • Pedroia Fit Technology for smaller hands


  • Limited color options

What to Look for in a Shortstop Glove

When choosing a shortstop glove, there are several factors to consider:

Size and Fit

The glove should fit snugly on your hand, allowing for maximum control and agility. Make sure to measure your hand before purchasing a glove to ensure you get the right size.


The webbing should be strong and durable, allowing for a secure grip on the ball. The type of webbing you choose depends on your personal preference and the type of plays you make.


Padding is essential for comfort and protection. Look for gloves with ample padding to reduce the impact of catching the ball, especially if you play frequently.


Leather gloves are the most popular choice for shortstop players due to their durability, flexibility, and overall quality. Synthetic gloves are more affordable but may not last as long.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size glove should a shortstop use?

A shortstop glove should be between 11.5 and 12.5 inches in length, depending on the player’s preference.

Should I choose a glove with a deep or shallow pocket?

It depends on your playing style. A deep pocket is great for catching ground balls, while a shallow pocket is better for quick transfers and throwing.

How often should I replace my shortstop glove?

It depends on the usage of the gloves. Ideally it should be replaced every 2-3 years or even before if it shows wear and tear.

Can I use a third baseman’s glove at shortstop?

Third baseman’s gloves can be used at shortstop. However it is not recommended to do so.  Shortstop gloves are designed specifically for the position and offer the best performance.

What should I look for in a shortstop glove?

When choosing a shortstop glove, look for a comfortable fit, high-quality leather, and a pocket size that suits your playing style.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed the best shortstop gloves in 2023, from premium and budget-friendly options to those designed for specific positions. 

Each glove serves different purpose. The needs can vary from player to player. Some may want comfortable gloves while the other prefer durable ones.

Make sure to try different gloves before investing in one. Make your purchase worth.

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