Best Softball Pants in 2021: For Girls & Women

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It’s no secret that softball pants are essential when playing the sport.

If you want to look good and feel good while playing, they should be one of the best out there. Too often people purchase pants that are cheaply made or don’t fit the way they are supposed to.

Although there are many brands that make quality softball pants, choosing just one can be difficult due to the sheer amount of choices available.

This article will help you find the best softball pants for girls and women that you can buy this 2021.

My Personal Recommendation

If you’re looking for comfortable softball pants, either tight-fitting or plus size for your large thighs, then I highly recommend Mizuno’s Belted Low Rise Fastpitch Pants

This pant is available in different colors and its low-rise feature makes it specifically designed for women. It is made up of 100% polyester and a double knit fabric construction. The fabric is also stretchable and durable that offers flexibility and proper ventilation.

What makes it the best pants for fastpitch softball is its double-layer knee and extra padding for the buttocks that provide added protection. 

Because of this, it will make you more focused on the game knowing you have reliable pants that can withstand rough contact and sliding.

Best Softball Pants in 2021

best women softball pants

Mizuno Select Belted Low Rise Fastpitch Pant

The Mizuno Select Fastpitch pants are designed to be soft yet lightweight and breathable, so you stay cool during the most heated moments on the field.

Breathability is important for comfort and performance, especially on a hot day. The DryLite technology helps keep you dry by transporting excess sweat and moisture out of your skin.

The double knit polyester material is very lightweight which helps in moving around during gameplay without feeling weighed down by the pants. They stretch well and allows you to move freely on the field with no restrictions.

These women’s softball pants are designed to protect you on the field with a reinforced knee panel that features two-layer construction.

With added performance plus padding strategically placed on high wear areas, you’ll have a more secure feel when slide-tapping your way to victory.

This low-rise softball pant hits just below the knee designed exclusively to fit any female softball players out there.

Some users noted that the waist can be too loose and doesn’t cinch well. This can be easily solved by adding a belt on the tunnel belt loops.

  • DryLite technology
  • Double knit polyester
  • Double knee panel
  • Performance plus padding
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Has belt loops
  • Waist doesn’t cinch well

Alleson Athletic Softball Belt Loop Pant

These Alleson Athletic Softball pants are made from high-quality polyester so they’re strong enough to stand up to hard play and soft enough to be comfortable.

With 100% double knit polyester material for comfort and ventilation, these pants won’t get too hot during games or practice.

It offers durable and sweat-resistant wear that is easy to wash, making it perfect for running, sliding, and staying active.

The double knee construction gives you maximum protection and support where it is needed most.

These softball pants have an elastic waistband that keeps the pant in place and Pro-Style belt loops that allows for a more snug and tight fit.

You will also find two double-welted set-in back pockets that are slightly slanted back for easy access, combined with a zipper fly for comfort and convenience while keeping essential items close at hand.

Featuring a low-rise design that offers a flexible and slim fit, the Alleson Athletic Softball Belt Loop Pant has everything you need.

They are also available in ten colors and in sizes XS-XXL perfect for any player looking to improve their game on the plate.

However, some customers commented that the pants were too tight on the legs and don’t stretch as much.

  • Double knit polyester
  • Durable and sweat-resistant
  • Double knee construction
  • Elastic waistband
  • Has back pockets
  • Available in many colors
  • Legs can be too tight

Under Armour Softball Pants

The Under Armour Softball Pants are made from soft, lightweight polyester with just enough stretch to deliver a comfortable fit for all sizes.

Featuring a tailored fit that runs bigger in size, they won’t slow down and restrict your movements making these pants the best softball pants for plus size.

The outer material is made from polyester that’s moisture-wicking and stretchable to provide a great fit. It is also lightweight and durable built to last season after season.

Thanks to the performance fabric that wicks moisture and dries fast, no matter how active you get, your pants will stay dry and cool.

Furthermore, it has an anti-odor technology that helps prevent odor so you can play without worry.

The pants are also built with mesh panels at the back of the leg to promote airflow and keep you cool and comfortable while you’re playing.

These women’s softball pants are designed with an elastic waistband that moves with you so you can squat or bend behind the plate without discomfort.

The only thing is that the Under Armour Softball Pants are available in black, grey, and white colors only. Some also observed that the fabric can be a little thin and see-through.

  • Has bigger sizes
  • Made of polyester
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Anti-odor technology
  • Has mesh panels
  • Elastic waistband
  • Fabric is a little thin

CHAMPRO Tournament Traditional Softball Pant

The CHAMPRO Tournament Traditional Softball Pant features a modern knicker style and an elastic leg opening for a secure yet comfortable fit.

These women’s softball pants are constructed with a highly abrasion-resistant TEK-KNIT polyester fabric for increased range of motion and freedom of movement.

It allows four-way stretch and adapts to the wearer’s movements so you can be ready for anything on the field.

This soft polyester fabric is also durable and the low rise design allows the wearer to bend easily without worrying about discomfort or pushing against an uncomfortable position for an extended period of time.

The knees are reinforced with double-ply fabric which creates a more durable pant that withstands sliding action and lasts longer through the season.

This pair features a comfortable knit waistband with Super-Grip Gel strips that help keep jerseys tucked in and secure during play. In addition, you can slide your belt through the seven pro-style tunnel belt loops to secure the uniform in place.

The CHAMPRO Tournament Traditional Softball Pant is available in sizes S to 2XL for adult and youth sizes S to XL. It also comes in six solid colors to match your team uniform with two inset back pockets.

Some users noted, however, that these pants do tend to rip and tear after a little bit of wear since the material is not very durable.

  • TEK-KNIT polyester
  • Stretchable
  • Reinforced knees
  • Waistband with Super-Grip Gel strips
  • Pro-style tunnel belt loops
  • Not very durable

Easton Prowess Fastpitch Softball Pant

The Easton Prowess Fastpitch Softball Pants are perfect for female softball players who want to have a full range of motion and quickness out on the field, even when it’s hot outside.

These pants are constructed with polyester knit fabric with four-way stretch mesh inserts to enhance range of motion and mobility.

The lightweight stretch fabric also offers four-way freedom of movement to keep you flexible and agile on the field.

They have double-reinforced knees and a custom engineered cuff that is built to last. The reinforced knees help protect from sliding and running around the bases throughout the game.

With two-color branding that stands out on the diamond, this pant has silicone grippers to secure your jersey in place so you can focus on your swings or pitches in style.

These pants also feature double-back welt pockets to give you a traditional softball pant look.

The material is thick and strong without being too bulky. However, some customers felt that the pants were too tight on the legs.

  • Made of polyester
  • Four-way stretch mesh inserts
  • Lightweight and stretchable
  • Double-reinforced knees
  • Has silicone grippers
  • Double back welt pockets
  • Legs fit a little tight

DeMarini Standard Fierce Belted Pant

The DeMarini Standard Fierce Belted Pant is built for the field yet feature a flattering feminine look which makes them ideal for everyday practice and tournaments.

Made of 100% polyester double knit fabric, they have a durable construction that is built to last through every season. The fabric is double knit so it will not pill and is very soft to the touch.

It also enhances breathability and wicks away sweat and moisture to keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

For softball players who need protection, these pants have double-layer compression-fit knee panels that help reduce wear and tear on your knees to increase protection and durability.

The low-rise fit and elastic bottom allow for better mobility on the field without having to constantly readjust your pants when bending, squatting, or moving.

Moreover, it features a wordmark gripper elastic waistband with a drawcord so you can adjust the fit perfectly. It also delivers a secure but comfortable fit throughout your range of motion.

The only thing is that some users have reported that the elastic bottom in these pants can feel a little too tight and constricting.

  • Double knit polyester
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Double layered knees
  • Elastic bottom
  • Word mark gripper elastic waistband
  • Elastic bottom is a little tight

Mizuno Select Belted Piped Pant

The Mizuno Select Belted Piped Pants sport an exceptional blend of performance, flexibility, and comfort.

These women’s softball pants are made of double knit polyester for superior comfort and fit that will hold up through the season.

They are also lightweight and breathable so they allow your body to stay cool while playing, even in warmer temperatures.

It has a two-layer knee panel construction that absorbs impact and resists abrasion from swings and collisions when playing hard on the diamond.

Built with DryLite technology, they will keep you cool and dry during your most intense practice and tournaments.

They feature a low-rise fit with a piped side construction that sits below the knee. The elastic waistband is also there to deliver a snug and secure fit. It allows you to move freely throughout the game.

The Mizuno Select Belted Piped Pant is a great product for all softball players. Although they are truly outstanding, these pants are not very durable and may not last you very long.

  • Double knit polyester
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Two-layer knee panel
  • DryLite technology
  • Piped side construction
  • Elastic waistband
  • Not very durable

Things to Consider Before Buying Softball Pants

best softball pants for girls


One of the most important considerations when purchasing softball pants is the fabric used.

The fabric has to be breathable enough to keep the sweat out but also light and easy on the eyes. Look for a fabric that’s not only durable but also sweat-resistant.

Moisture-wicking fabrics such as polyester can help you maintain a cool body temperature when you’re playing in the summer heat resulting in a more comfortable feel and better performance.

Softball players should also take into account the position they are playing on the diamond to meet their specific needs and preferences when buying softball pants.

For instance, if you want the best softball pants for catchers, you need comfort and flexibility to allow you to play at your best.

The catcher is arguably the most difficult position to play. You need to find appropriate clothing due to the awkward positioning and poses they are constantly in and the extended time they spend behind the plate.

Therefore, the pants need to provide plenty of stretches while allowing for unrestricted movement.

It should also be lightweight and durable, hug every curve of your body while providing full freedom of movement making time behind the plate a whole lot easier.

The same is different for outfield players who need a lot of protection and agility. That’s why it’s important to also take into account your position as this may affect your choices of clothing.


When you’re on the field, your safety depends on the gear you wear.

As a softball player, you will encounter a variety of situations that require additional protection on the knees and rear.

Look for pants that provide appropriate protection and added reinforcement to keep you comfortable and protected in these areas through your long season.

Whether you’re sliding into a base, diving for a ball, or clobbering an outside pitch over the fence, pants with reinforced fabric on the knees and rear can help absorb some of this impact so definitely look for pants with an added layer of padding on these high wear areas.

Fit and Size

Softball players come in all shapes and sizes so make sure your pants fit your individual size well. You have to purchase softball pants that fit your body build.

If you want tight softball pants, look for tapered-down bottoms with elastic waistbands for a snug, custom fit that allows optimal movement.

On the other hand, if you need the best softball pants for big thighs, opt for something that is not tapered down but with a baggier bottom.

These will fit around the thighs better and may help you avoid discomfort as well. They will enable you to quickly move without worrying about your pants ripping off while running or sliding.

Softball pants also come in low rise or high rise fit. This decision is mostly based on the player’s preferences and aesthetics.

Low rise fit is more common and a lot of female players prefer them due to their flattering look to the feminine figure.

On the other hand, high-waisted softball pants provide plenty of coverage. They prevent interference when moving especially when sliding, squatting, and bending.

No matter which fit and size you choose, make sure you understand how are softball pants supposed to fit.

Softball pants should fit just right. If your pants are a bit baggy for you, you can try shrinking your pants until the perfect fit. But when it’s too tight, it can cause restriction and bunch up while playing.

Final Words

The best pants are what every female softball player should wear when they’re stepping up on the diamond.

With women’s softball leagues increasing, the demand for high-quality softball pants is also growing. There are many options on the market, but it’s hard to know which will give you the performance you need.

I hope this article has helped you find the best pair suitable for your needs and preferences.

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