Baseball Wrist Tape: How & Why Baseball Players Tape Their Wrists

Baseball is undoubtedly the world’s most popular sports. It is an unusual game and here there are a 100 percent chances for either team to win. It offers a lot of time for conversation and strategy discussion.

Baseball has its own distinctness in terms of throwing, catching and hitting the ball, the role of the manager, the game completely controlled by the defense and it has no time pressure.

Why Do Baseball Players Tape Their Wrists?

It is true that baseball is quite a tough game. The wrists of a player are the key to his performance. He has to make a lot of movements to swing the bat, taking energetic catches also to make powerful throws. So it is highly essential to protect your wrist against all the odds.

In this case, tapping your wrist provides good strength and stability. It also minimizes the injury as well. The wrists are usually the weakest parts of any player’s body. And for any baseball player wrist plays a crucial role. Therefore many players including catchers show added attention on the wrists especially.

The wrists are prone to injuries and usually, the damages happen to the wrist. The throws and swings affect the weakest joints of their body. It also works as padding against the ball that hits your wrist.

The baseball players normally tape their wrists before the commencement of any game and even before practice matches. Covering a layer of sports tape around their wrist offers great support and guard for the joint.

 On the other hand, it also works as a protective gear in case you have previous injuries. It can handle all your strains, reduces the pain as well. The wrist tape usually remains under the wrist gear.

How to Tape a Wrist for Baseball

A good tapping also absorbs the sweat during the game and protection to for the batters also. But for tapping your wrist you should follow the steps for better safety and protection.

Step 1:

First of all clean your wrist using soap and water thoroughly. Then make it air dry completely.

Step 2:

Now hold the prewrap on the right side of your wrist and start wrapping it around your wrist and lower palm slowly. Then cut the prewrap with scissors.

Step 3:

After wrapping the wrap, wrap the tape around your wrist twice by pulling it tightly. While making it tight keep an eye to proper blood circulation.

Up to this point you should have known how to tape your wrist for Baseball. But along with that, you have to know some of the key points while tapping the wrist.

Key things to check out while taping

The tapping should be comfortable and free from any kind of soreness while tapping your wrist before a baseball match. Always use a wider style tape such as athletic tape. It can provide you much-needed comfort.

In addition to this, always wrap your wrist from the side of your wrist and pull it tightly for better stability. Wrap the tape beneath your wrist, but do check the pressure on your veins and nerves. Poor blood circulation can lead to many discomforts.

While wrapping use over-under wrapping style and after completion of your taping process test the wrapping by flexing your wrist. Check it can flex freely or not.

A proper taping is highly essential to make you fit and fine for the game. It provides a strength and support to your wrist. As you know a proper wrist movement and strength can only allow you to go for big hits. Therefore be careful and cautious while taping your wrist for baseball.

Final Words

Every game houses lots of risks and mishaps, but you can prevent it with proper safety gears and other protective accessories. In baseball also there are numerous chances of getting injured and especially injury to your wrist. In this case, you can tape your wrist by following the above-said steps and protect yourself from any kind of injuries.

So hit those home runs, and powerful shots with your wrist by taping it thoroughly. Comment us for any query below, we would like to hear from you.

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