Best Catcher’s Gear for Fastpitch: Safest Gear in 2020

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The Softball catcher plays a crucial in the game as they have an infinite number of responsibilities from receiving the pitch to shifting and blocking, to fielding pop-ups and bunts and evens more. However, with the immense number of responsibilities they also need to protect themselves from the impacts of the ball and even other players.

Best Catcher's Gear for Fastpitch

In this article, we have tried to ensemble the best catcher’s gear for fastpitch softball in 2020 and also gathered some essential points to consider before buying your catcher gear set for fastpitch softball.

Comparison of Fastpitch Catcher’s Gear

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Best Fastpitch Catcher’s Gear Set

Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catcher’s set

The Louisville slugger has been known for its manufacturing and marketing of baseball bats and its accessories in the worldof sporting goods. They have been in this business since the late 1800s and have been quite into manufacturing baseball bats in the earlier years.

 After a while, they started to expand their business and they got into the manufacturing of softball gloves, catcher’s gear set and other accessories for the players.The Louisville Slugger is developed by the company Hillerich and Bradsby that is located in Louisville, Kentucky hence the name.

They have a passion to merge fashion into innovation that led them to be one of the finest producers of sporting goods in the market. They use skills as well as understand the game along with the requirements of the game from the players to offer them the best available material in the market.

The Louisville Slugger Catcher’s set comes with a helmet, a chest protector and leg guards in the package for the full protection of the catcher in the fastpitch. All these gears are designed specially to protect the player from the heavy and sudden impact of the ball during the game.

The set has been tediously crafted after taking all the necessary considerations and views from thefastpitch players that they require to protect themselves in the game and play freely. The catcher’s set is not only designed to protect the player in fastpitchbut also to offer comfort and freedom of movement while playing the game.

All the gears in the set are made up of extra-tough material to offer strength where you need and comfort where you don’t. They are extremely light-weight that prevents the player from weighing down and allows them to move freely. They are available in a variety of color combinations.

The Louisville Slugger Series 5 Catcher’s sets keep the catchers of every skill level protected in the game.

The helmet provided in the catcher’s set has a glossy finish to it to offer a sleek and sharp look to the player. It meets the NOCSAE protection standards and is certified by them for its safety skills. They come with a chin pad that has the best moisture-wicking properties to keep the player dry throughout the game.

The helmet comes in different sizes that range from 6 3/8 to 7 1/8. The Chest protector that comes with the set has a high-density foam padding that keeps the chest area protected from heavy impacts due to an accident during the game. These pads can absorb the impact energy and prevent any major damage to the chest area.

The chest protector also comes with an over-the-shoulder harness that protects your shoulder from any damage during the game. The chest protector pads are designed with extreme precision to offer the ultimate comfort and protection to the players during the game. They come in a size of 12 inches.

The leg guard in the set has an anatomically inspired double knee designs that come in a size 13 inches to protect the knees during the game and also allows the player to freely move without restrictions. It also allows a perfectly fitting shin guard and a decreased restriction of range of motion.

This fastpitch softball catcher’s gear set fits perfectly and better than any other gear set. It also doesn’t ride up while crouching during the game. The more pad breaks in the whole set allow it better conform to the body. This fastpitch catcher’s set also has a perforated mesh lining with a metallic mesh cover that helps to decrease the weight of the set and also allows proper airflow through them.

All-Star Vela PRO 14.5IN FP Catchers Set 16F

The All-Star Vela Pro has come up with a new upgraded version of the catcher’s gear set for the overall protection of the catcher during the game. They have used innovative and advanced designs to offer the best outcome to the fastpitchplayer for their safety. The tedious craftsmanship and experience of the company lead to the best gear set available in the market.

The Vela Pro Fastpitch kits include an MVP2500 catcher’s mask, CPW14.5S7 chest protector and LGW14.5S7 leg guards.

The helmet included in the pack is the most crucial gear for a fastpitchcatcher that helps to prevent any major injury to the head during the game. The fastpitch softball players can now enjoy the game and give their best in the game without worrying about any accident. The helmet features an I-BAR VISION steel cage that keeps the face of the catcher protected from the impact of the ball.

The helmet is made up of ABS plastic shell of size 7 – 7 ¾ that are highly resistant to impact as they have the ability to absorb the impact energy to protect the head of the player. The increased forehead thickness of the shell delivers additional protection to the head. The helmet has a backplate that is designed to keep the snaps on the whole time.

The helmet also comes with a breathable machine that helps the proper flow of air through the channels to prevent suffocation of the player. It also has mesh liners that can be easily washed in the machine.

The package also includes a chest protector of 14.5” that protects the chest area and keeps it safe during an impact. The chest protectors have an internal PE plate in the throat, collar bone and sternum to keep the player safe. It also has wedged abs that help you to keep the blocked balls close and in your control.

The chest protectors come with narrow shoulders to allow the player the freedom of movement.

The leg guards included in the pack are made up of DeltaFlex harness that is great for the players who prefer to wear shorts in the game as no straps dig in. The knee pad and shin pads have adjustable D3O that keeps the knee healthy and disregards any kind of bruising. They come in seven different colors and offer a pretty decent amount of protection to the players.

EASTON THE FUNDAMENTAL BY JEN SCHRO Female Catchers Protective Box Set

The toughest job in the field of fastpitchsoftball is of a catcher and also they hold the most crucial position in the team as well. This makes it the most loved position in the game as it offers multiple challenges and opportunities to improve your game as well as form.

 This new Fundamental Box Set from the Easton x Jen Schro is a revolutionary gear in the game softball that is specially designed to encourage and protect the fastpitch catchers at the same time. It is specifically designed for female athletes to protect them from any sudden impact and keep safe and healthy throughout the game.

The fundamental box set includes the Catcher’s helmet, chest protector and leg guards to offer the overall protection to the players during the game. The whole set is precisely crafted to offer the best quality protection to the fastpitchplayers as the ultimate purpose of this set to keep the player safe and healthy.

The Fundamental Catcher’s helmet is crafted using the ABS plastic shell that delivers a streamlined look to the helmet. It is quite durable in nature and runs season after season even after rigorous use. The ABS plastic shell has dual-density foam padding all over the helmet to protect the head of the player from any severe injury during an impact.

The dual-density foam padding absorbs the impact energy and keeps the player safe. The chest protector in the package is for the protection of the player’s chest area including the throat, collar bone, and sternum that are the most sensitive parts of the body. It is the best in the class chest silhouette that offers the player with the best fit and protection.

The chest protectors are extremely lightweight to prevent the player from weighing down and give them freedom of movement without restricting their movements. Even the helmets are extremely light-weight for the mobility of the head with comfort and still keeping the helmet secured in a place.

The chest protectors come with an improved neck and collarbone guard along with a mesh over the shoulders to prevent them from getting hit by the ball. The leg guards included in the package are for the protection of the knees to keep them healthy and eliminate any kind of bruises.

These leg guards come with an easy two-way tightening system to deliver a secure fit to the player.The Easton has used an improved version of shell design to construct these leg guards to offer a better wrap around the shins and knee shape. This helps thefastpitch player to easily block or throw from the knees.

The Fundamental Catcher’s mask or helmet has a glossy finish to it to deliver a sharp and clean look to the helmet and also includes a steel cage on the front of the helmet. The steel cage is attached to the helmet to protect the face of the player from the impact of the ball and prevent any bruises. They also come with breathable liners in these leg guards.

The best thing about this softball fastpitchcatcher’s gear set is that they come in different sizes for different age groups that range from small, medium and large. The small size is recommended for the 9-1 age group girls (helmet- 6 ½- 7 1/8, chest protector-14”, leg guards- 12”), medium for age 13-15 (helmet- 7 1/8-7 1/2), chest protector- 16”, leg guards- 14”) and large for age 15 and up (helmet- 7 1/8-7 ½, chest protectors- 17”, leg guards – 15”).

All the included items in the set are approved and certified by the NOCSAE.

Mizuno Samurai Women’s Catcher’s Gear Box Set

The Mizuno is one of the best known sporting goods companies in the market for its best quality products. The craftsmanship of their products is very precise and tedious to give an overall best product to their customers. They have been in this business for years now and have gained a lot of fame and name along with experience.

They produce the best catcher’s gearbox set as they develop the set by considering and understanding the game from the player’s viewpoints. This enables them to deliver the finest quality gear set that keeps a player protected and keeps safe.

The Mizuno FastpitchCatcher’s Gear set includes a helmet or face mask, a chest protector and leg guards. These products have been designed with proper precision and craftsmanship to deliver the customer a trustworthy protection shield for playing safe in the game.

The leg guards included in the package are extremely lightweight and last long from season after season even after rigorous use. Their durability is remarkable and hasa nice finish structure to the front and back of the leg guards. If given a little more attention to the details, they also provide ankle and foot protection along with the shin guard.

The leg guards have buckle closure straps to deliver the perfect fit to the player and also they are quite easy to buckle up and down without struggling to get the perfect fit on your legs. The shell design of the leg guards allows them to properly wrap around the knees and the shin.

The inside of the leg guards comes with padding all over them to add the extra protection layer. The Mizuno have used a high-density foam padding that can easily absorb the impact energy and protect the legs of the player. These pads are removable and can be easily washed in machines. They are also meant to offer a little extra comfort to the players in the leg region.

The helmet included in the package comes with a steel cage that keeps the face of the player protected and prevents it from any kind of bruising. The helmet is made up of ABS plastic shell technology that has a dual-density foam padding to protect the player’s head from any severe injury.

The helmet also comes with a removable chin pad that is attached to the helmet by a Velcro to protect the chin area during a game. These chin pads should be washed on a regular basis as they tend to get dirty quite quickly.

The chest Protectors included in the package is super lightweight and prevents the player from weighing down that allows them to have freedom of movement as well as comfort.

The best feature about the chest protector in this set is even after having a low cut design they have an extra layer of coverage between your throat and heart with foam padding to keep you protected and safe.This chest protector also comes with side protections and is quite durable in nature.

The chest protector also has a detachable pelvis and shoulder piece to add extra comfort and protection for thefastpitch player. On the inside of the chest protector, you will have a fully adjustable mesh liner market also the whole chest protector is quite customizable in nature. They are available in different colors and sizes range in the market.

Under Armour Women’s Catching set

Under Armour is one of the elite baseball gears in the market and is one of the top lists of every avid baseball player. They have been known as one of the premier manufacturers in the world of Sporting Goods Company especially in the field of softball. They create the most reliable products in the market that show the best result even at the highest level.

The collection of gear of the Under Armour has been a pinnacle of gear on the market. It offers the player with ultimate comfort and protection along with a cool and aggressive look at the same time. Under Armour always performs a number of tests with the players to verify their products and release the best ones in the market. This strategy helps them to stay the king of marketing.

The Under Armour Catcher’s gear is one of the best fastpitchcatcher’s gears set in the market in 2020 especially for the women athletes as they can keep up with any damage you throw their way.

This FastpitchCatcher’s set is designed by keeping the female body in mind and has the proportional sizing of the set matches with that of women. The helmet in the package included is made up of I-BAR Vision technology that strengthens the vision of the player through the steel cage. This technology also increases the strength of the steel cage attached to the mask.

The leg guards provided in this fastpitchcatcher’s gear set are made up of mouldable plastic that is inserted in the shoulder, sternum and throat areas to keep them protected and safe due to its high impact-resistance. The inserts in the chest protector are covered with soft foam that reduces the recoils of the balls that are blocked by this chest protector.

Along with these two gears, the catcher’s set comes with a pair of leg guards that are manufactured in double knee design. They offer thefastpitch player with extreme protection and also allows them freedom of movement. Thefastpitch catcher’s love to show off their catlike skills behind the protection as they feel safe and secured.

If you are looking for the best softball fastpitchcatcher’s gear set then Under Armour should be in your top list as they have taken over the market for a decade now and have been the best catcher’s gear set over the decade. This Under Armour FastpitchCatcher’s gear set would measure up to your expectations and deliver you the recognition as a catcher in the coming tournaments.

The leg guard measures to be 14.5 inches, the chest protector to be 14.5 inches and catcher helmet to be 7 – 7 ¾ and is designed for the players with an age group of 12-16.

How to choose Catcher’s Gear for Fastpitch

As a fastpitchcatcher, it is important for you to stay protected and safe behind the plate to deliver your best performance. The right gear can help you to enhance your style and improve your forms without worrying about your safety. The basic Softball fastpitchcatcher’s gear includes a mask, chest protector, leg guards, and a mitt.

 You can buy some of the extra accessories to level up your protection game like knee savers, throat protectors and bags. All these equipment can be bought separately or even in bulk according to your choice of purchase but you need to verify that they meet the safety standards set by the NOCSAE.

Catcher’s Mitt or Gloves

If you are a fastpitchcatcher your role is to catch those heaters during the game without hurting your hands or wrist. Thankfully, thesefastpitchcatcher’s gloves are designed to protect your hand or wrist from the heavy impact of the ball as they are quite reliable and strong. They also help you to upgrade your skill levels in the game.


The fastpitchcatcher’s mitt is different from the gloves used by the fielder as they do not possess separate pockets for each finger stitched together with leather laces hence the catcher’s glove forms a mitt. They are made up of leather that is thick and durable to protect the catcher’s hand from the stings of the pitch.

The fastpitchcatcher’s gloves are larger in order to handle the weight and density of the softball. They come in two different webbing styles that can choose from either an open or closed webbing system.


The sizing of thefastpitch catcher’s mitt is considered by their circumference rather than their length. The players with an age of 12 and under should look for a 32” or 33” mitt while players who are 13 and above can look for a mitt size of around 35”. This allows the gloves to deliver you a wide area for the bigger ball.

Catcher’s Helmet

Thefastpitch catcher’s helmet comes in two different designs and they are the most vital gear of the set.


The mask of the fastpitchcatcher is the original piece of the catcher’s headgear and comes with a steel cage that covers the face area. It is padded around the forehead and jaw to offer an additional layer of protection to the players along with ultimate comfort. It also has elastic straps that wrap around the back of the head to keep the mask secured.

However, these masks fail to offer you the finest quality of protection especially to the back of thefastpitch player’s head.


The helmet has similarity in the appearance of the hockey goalie masks and offers an impressionable amount of protection to the back of the head. It entirely covers the head and cuts below the jaw to offer protection even to the neck and throat. As the helmet surrounds the whole skull, the peripheral vision is pretty limited.

They are available for both adults as well as youth.


The helmets for adults as well as youth are generally one-size-fits-all as they have straps at the back to adjust the fitting of the helmet. However, the helmets marked as youth are for players 12 and below while ones marked with an adult are for players 13 and older.

Chest protectors

The Softball FastpitchChest protectors are meant to protect your entire torso and sometimes the arms too. They are also meant to protect your private parts that are extremely sensitive from the heavy impact of the softball. These are lined with foam throughout the structure that can easily mold into the player’s body and are capable to absorb the shock impact from the softballs, bats and even other players.

The chest protectors come with an elastic strap that goes all along from the front to back to keep them secured in place.


The fastpitchchest protectors come in different size ranges for players of different age groups. To know your size, you need measure from the base of your neck to your waist to get a perfect size chest protector for yourself.

Leg Guards

The fastpitchcatcher’s need to crouch for a long time, these leg guards helps them to stay comfortable throughout the game. They are specially meant for the protection of your ankles, shins and knees and extend from the top of the cleat and extend all the way up above your knee.

These leg guards are made up of soft padding on the inside to provide comfort to the players and have a hard shell on the outside to keep thefastpitch catcher protected from the impact of balls or other players. This gear hinges at the ankle and knee to allow freedom of movement.

They come with elastic straps that wrap behind the legs to keep them secured in one place.


The fastpitchleg guards are simplest to find in terms of sizing as they are available in a variety of size ranges. To find the perfect measure for your leg guards you need to measure from the middle of your knee to your ankle.


As now you have collected the most essential gears for your game to stay protected and safe these are some of the additional protection you might want to upgrade your skill level without worrying about your safety.

Knee savers

The knee savers are a savior for the fastpitchcatchers as they need to crouch for several hours that can easily sore their knees. These knee savers are attached to the back of your knees and are made up of soft foam cut into wedge-shaped pieces that help to take away some of the pressure off your knees.

Throat protectors

The throat protector is an additional layer of protection if you are not confident about your chest protector. These are made up of strong pieces of plastic that keep the fastpitchcatcher protected from foul balls and close plays. These protectors generally come in one size.

Final Words

The fastpitchcatchers play a crucial role in the softball game and they need to stay protected to upgrade their skill level. With the right knowledge of gear and also about the ways to choose the right gear you would never be disappointed in the end product you receive.

Fastpitch Catcher's Gear

We hope that this article helps you to find the best catcher’s gear set and you take the field with no worries.

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