Louisville Slugger Blue Flame vs. Black Flame Pitching Machine Clash

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Introducing the ultimate showdown: the Louisville Slugger Blue Flame vs the Black Flame Pitching Machine.

Get ready to experience precision and power as these two pitching machines go head-to-head in delivering the perfect pitch every time. Which flame will ignite your game?

Let’s compare them both to know more about the Black and Blue Flame Louisville Slugger pitching machines.

Summary: Black Flame vs Blue Flame Pitching Machine

If you’re confused between Blue Flame and Black Flame pitching machines, then I’ll recommend Black Flame Pitching Machine.

There is only one major difference between the Blue Flame and Black Flame Pitching Machines, and that is the speed. The maximum speed of Black Flame is 50 mph, while the maximum speed of Blue Flame is 45 mph.

Both pitching machines are used in Babe Ruth and Pony League Baseball and softball.

So, if you want to buy a manual pitching machine for your young kids, then both pitching machines are good. But, I’ll suggest going with the Black Flame Pitching Machine instead of the Blue Flame Pitching Machine.

I also want to mention the Heater BaseHit Pitching Machine. I know, it’s not from Louisville Slugger, but the cost of this machine is quite similar, and it’s an electric pitching machine. So, make sure to take a look at the price before making a decision. With this machine, you can throw lite baseballs at up to 80 mph.

LS Blue Flame vs. Black Flame Pitching Machine: Choosing the Right One for You

When it comes to choosing a pitching machine, the LS Blue Flame and Black Flame are two popular options. The LS Blue Flame is versatile and can be used for both baseball and softball, while the Black Flame is designed specifically for baseball and can be powered by electricity or batteries. Baseball coaches may prefer the Black Flame for its specific design and adjustable speeds, while softball players and those looking for a versatile option may opt for the LS Blue Flame.

Blue Flame Pitching Machine

By throwing real baseballs and softballs ahead the field to train baseball pitchers, this Blue Flame pitching machine can help batters and coaches enjoy a batting practice or a coach-pitch game. It makes excellent use for games and practices, at home or not.

This machine’s lever-action flicks baseballs with consistent speed and location. It throws hard balls from 18 to 45 miles per hour with its quick speed controls, and the machine can throw up light and plastic balls to 60 miles per hour. It can also throw slowpitch softballs with up to 12-inches arc!

The Babe Ruth League and Pony Baseball and Softball have this Blue Flame as their official pitching machine. Not only does it throw any ball type for batting practices, but it is also durable and manageable enough for people to operate and use during baseball games.

This pitching machine is entirely manual. Electricity is a painstaking issue for many machines out there and is super difficult for people to work with, but with the Blue Flame Pitching machine you’re not gonna need any battery or electrical connection before usage. Talk about convenience!

As it throws accurate hard ground balls and fly balls, you can consistently associate this manner with incorporating into your drills and eliminating the need for the ball hitting during drills. These are gonna perfect your techniques and oh make you to the next level.

Pros of the LS Blue Flame Pitching Machine

  • Versatile: Can be used for both baseball and softball
  • Speed range: Can throw at speeds of 30-70 miles per hour
  • Electric: Powered by electricity and can be plugged into any standard outlet
  • Lightweight and portable: Easy to move around and transport

Cons of the LS Blue Flame Pitching Machine

  • Limited speed range: Not suitable for players who want to practice against faster pitches
  • Limited pitch selection: Only throws fastballs, curveballs, and sliders

Black Flame Pitching Machine

The Black Flame pitching machine has an almost identical design to the Blue Flame. It is an excellent entry-level ultimate multi-sport training aid for coaches and players, and it can throw any ball type that needs to be batted during practice sessions. The ball throw includes baseball, softball, cricket, tennis, soccer, and volleyball.

Since this pitching machine proclaims to be accurate, it can simplify your training by throwing different pitches types between 18 to 50 miles per hour. It is compatible with simple, plastic, restricted flight, and hard and softballs.

This pitching machine only weighs 24 lbs, making it totally portable while being sturdy, mechanical, and easy to operate. It comes with an arm attachment, even when it almost looks the same as the Blue Flame. 

Baseball pitchers can take this anywhere: may it be outdoors or indoors; this machine can throw perfect pitches without electric cords or batteries. So, portability as well as accessibility is as easy as it gets.

It is also the official pitching machine for Pony Baseball and Softball and Babe Ruth League.

The interchangeable components can let this machine switch from throwing strikes to ground balls or high-fly balls. Even as a manual pitcher, it promises to work wonders in helping players and coaches train as hard as they can.

Pros of the Black Flame Pitching Machine

  • Designed specifically for baseball
  • Speed range: Can throw at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour
  • Electric or battery-powered: Can be used anywhere, even if there is no access to an electrical outlet
  • Lightweight and portable: Easy to move around and transport

Cons of the Black Flame Pitching Machine

  • Limited pitch selection: Only throws fastballs and curveballs
  • Limited speed range: Not suitable for players who want to practice against faster pitches

What Are Their Similarities and Differences?

The Blue and Black Flame are almost the same in every way, but they also differ in some parts. You might be confused about how and where they become distinct from each other, so here is a summary of their component and purpose.

Similarities of Blue Flame and Black Flame

  • Both pitching machines are efficient for different ball training. They can throw perfect pitches to help players train and can throw different types of balls.
  • Both machines are completely manual! You need not worry about electric cords or batteries, even looking for a power outlet only to let the pitcher throw balls at the field. These pitching machines can pitch with their structure, and you can enjoy your practice sessions without any battery issue interruptions.
  • The Blue and Black Flame can be assembled easily with the manual that comes with the equipment. 
  • Portability is not an issue because both machines weigh enough to be transported wherever you want.

Differences between Blue Flame and Black Flame

  • The lever action in Blue Flame is often used as an alternative in coach-pitch leagues, helping overcome the fear of live pitching.
  • The Blue Flame can throw regulation baseballs and fastpitch softballs up to 45 mph, but the Black Flame can throw balls up to 50 mph speed. However, the Blue Flame can throw lightweight practice softballs and baseballs up to 60 mph!
  • The Black Flame weighs around 24 lbs, while the Blue Flame weighs 25 lbs. There might only be a pound of difference, but this equates to their difference in the structure and components built with each pitching machine.

Which Pitching Machine Works Better?

Blue Flame Pitching Machine for Regular Field Practices

Even when both pitching machines are almost the same, the Blue Flame is much better to be used in casual game practices.

This machine has lesser functions than the Black Flame, but that does not mean its work quality is affected. It still works the same, plus it can throw different balls.

Black Flame Pitching Machine for Versatile Usage

Remember that the Black Flame machine can run five miles more than the Blue Flame. You can also use this machine for regular practice, but you have better options with this one.

Players and coaches can operate this machine to different uses, plus it does not limit the ability to cater to players to having more sustained arm extensibility. This machine costs more than the Blue Flame, but the price is worth the benefit you can get.

Final Words

Blue flame pitching machine on the field

When it comes to baseball pitching, the Louisville Slugger Blue pitching machines are immediately recommended for players and coaches.

The Blue and Black Flame Pitching Machines are almost identical, but they still differ in some ways. We can recommend both these pitching machines, but their purpose depends on your budget and your usage. 

The Black Flame is more versatile than the Blue Flame, but both works wonder when pitching.

Choosing which one you want to take home must be thought through thoroughly to ensure your investment is worth the price. So, be sure what type of machine you wish to use to find the best pitching machine.

Don’t be afraid and choose your fighter, our baseball player!

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