Wilson A1000 vs. A2000 Glove: A Detailed Comparison (for 2019)

Everyone recommends Wilson baseball gloves.

I also agree that when it comes to baseball gloves, then Wilson and Rawlings are the most trusted brands.

Even, if we dig deeper, we will found that Wilson A1000 and A2000 gloves are the most popular gloves.

So, if you’re thinking about buying a glove, should go with A1000 or A2000?

Both are good, durable, tried & tested by hundreds of players.

That’s why we are doing this comparison of A1000 and A2000.

Wilson A1000 vs. A2000

The main difference between the two is the leather type used to make them. The material is responsible for the feel, break in and the time it lasts for.

Though the A2000 is more expensive, it is used by pro players and has better material and life. Both are very easily available in different sizes and for both hands on the internet.

The A1000 is more sturdy and soft and is made of full-grain leather. The A2000 has a flat finger binding and has a dual welting.

Though the A1000 gives a very good pro stock feel, the A2000 only has an actual pro stock pattern on it. The webbing is also different. The A1000 has an open web while A2000 has a closed web. These are a few differences between the two.

Comparison of Wilson A1000 and A2000

Comparison of Wilson A1000 and A2000 Baseball Glove


The design of the Wilson A1000 and A2000 do not have much difference. Both can be perfect for playing baseball. The Wilson A1000 and A2000 are designed in such a way that they can be used for all positions. They are also available in many different sizes. There is a super skin model available in A2000 but not in A1000.

The A1000 comes only in a black or grey base color while the A2000 comes in many base colors. It is designed for both left and right-hand throw. Both the gloves have an open back.

The design you need to choose depends on the material you need and the position you will be at. The main difference between the two is that A1000 is made with game-ready material. Both these gloves are perfect and look really good on your hands.


The webbing on the gloves is the web that connects the thumb of the gloves to the rest of the fingers. There are many different webbing on the gloves. Each glove has its own type of webbing.

There are close and open webs and many other types of webs. The A1000 series has an H, pro-laced T, and half moon web while the A2000 has all of these and many more.

The webbing depends on which gloves you buy in the series as each one is used in a different position. The open web has a very good and proper opening for the dirt to fall through. The closed web is very good for catching support.

The A2000 is usually preferred by catchers and outfielders, as they have a lot of catching involved in the game. It has a perfectly stitched closed web.

Availability for Different Players

These 2 gloves are made in varied sizes. The sizes are dictated by the position in which it is used. Due to this, it can be used almost in all the positions.

The A2000 can be used for softball and baseball whereas, the A1000 can be used only for baseball. The most important difference between the two is that A1000 is more flexible and is used more bycatch grounder and youth players while the A2000 is suitable for pro league level performance

Availability for Both Hands

The availability of the A1000 and A2000 series for the hands also depends on the size and the availability on the internet. It is available almost at all times on the internet and E-commerce websites.

They are available for both left hand and right-hand throw. In case it is not available when you are looking for it, you can select the option to get a notification when it is available.


The price of both these gloves series is not very expensive as they actually serve the purpose and are also made of the best quality.

The Wilson A2000 is more expensive than the A1000 as it is made with better materials and is usually used by pro players. There may also be seasonal offers and discounts which make it cheaper.

Leather Quality

The A1000 is made of leather and the A2000 is made of pro stock select leather. The pro stock select leather is the top American steer hide. It is more durable than normal leather and can be made to give a very unique feel. Material wise, the A2000 is always a better choice. The leather does not give that soft and unique feel.

Break In

The break-in time is the time taken by the leather of the gloves to soften a little to make it better for use. This is faster in the A1000 compared to the A2000.

This is not a problem as there are many methods to make your gloves break-in. You can use oil or any other lubricating agent. These lubricating materials can also be brought as a package along with the gloves. The A2000 has a long lasting break in.

Who should buy Wilson A1000 glove?

The A1000 glove is made of leather and is cheaper. This is also very easy to break in but can be used for all positions.

This makes it easy to handle. It is very suitable for youth as it can perfectly fit their palm size. Also, the people just starting to learn to play can choose to buy a Wilson A1000 glove, which is one of the best Wilson Gloves available.

Who should buy Wilson A2000 glove?

The A2000 is made of better material. As we already know, it is very good for pro league purposes. This is usually used by people who are trained well in the game. This is also more expensive and is not advised for the beginners. It has unbeatable craftsmanship and feels very unique and so the pro players will find it comfortable.

Final Thoughts

The two gloves are very different from each other but they are perfect to serve the purposes that they are intended to. The A1000 is meant for youth use and the A2000 for pro players.

The youth find the A1000 perfect and the pro league players find A1000 very comfortable. The Glove that suits people depends on their position, the hand they need the glove for and many other factors. It is important to choose accordingly.

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