Marucci F5 Review: Marucci F5 vs. CAT 7 vs. CAT 8 vs. CAT 9

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I’m sure you’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Marucci baseball bats lately. Their F5 bat is particularly everywhere in the baseball community due to its impressive performance and affordable price.

In this Marucci F5 Review article, we will take a close look into the design, performance, and other aspects and see if it is worth the hype.

Marucci also gained a lot of popularity with their CAT bat line. People are claiming that they made huge improvements in terms of bat quality and production.

With these in mind, let’s also compare Marucci F5, CAT 7, CAT 8, and CAT 9 to figure out which one is actually the best.


During my college days, I had the privilege of extensively using the Marucci F5 bat, and let me tell you, it quickly became my go-to weapon for dominating the game. The first time I stepped up to the plate with the F5 in my hands, I felt an instant connection.

Its impeccable construction and one-piece alloy design made every swing feel powerful and precise. The extended barrel provided a larger sweet spot, resulting in the remarkable distance and exit velocity that left the opposing team in awe.

What truly impressed me about the Marucci F5 was its balance. It felt as if the bat was an extension of my own arm, allowing for effortless and controlled swings.

The responsive alloy material combined with the exceptional balance meant lightning-fast bat speed and explosive hits. I can’t count the number of times I sent the ball soaring over the outfield, thanks to the F5’s incredible performance.

While it took a little time to adjust to the slightly stiffer feel of the F5, once I did, there was no turning back. The power and durability it offered far outweighed any initial adaptation period. I couldn’t help but recommend the Marucci F5 to my teammates and opponents alike.

If you’re looking to dominate the game like I did during my college days, the Marucci F5 is the bat for you. Give it a try and see the difference it can make in your game.

Comparison Table of Marucci Bats

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Marucci F5 Bat: In a Nutshell

The Marucci F5 is a great bat that offers good performance at a much lesser cost as compared to the high-priced baseball bats.

The F5 bat series is available in two options: Marucci F5 BBCOR Bat with drop 3 and Marucci F5 USSSA Bat with drop 10.

When it comes to performance, it offers excellent performance at a much lesser cost as compared to the high-priced bats.

Both of these bats; BBCOR and USSSA bats are made with one-piece alloy construction and that makes them ready to use straight out of the wrapper.

The balanced weight along with the high-quality grip helps the hitter to easily swing the bat without losing any control.

As it is only in drop 3 and drop 10, therefore, this bat series is not for every hitter.

A few players also face some vibrations when hitting. But, the vibrations are definitely lesser as compared to the other bats of this price range.

Another thing that attracts a lot of young baseball hitters towards F5 is its price. It’s quite affordable and will not cost you much money.

Of course, this bat can’t compete with a $400 bat, but it’s simply much better as compared to the other bats at this price range.

Before purchasing any bat, you should definitely take a look at the customer reviews of Marucci F5, and compare it with other bats.

Marucci F5 Review

Marucci F5 Bat Review

The Marucci F5 lineup is similar to the top-rated CAT lineup, including Marucci CAT 7, CAT 8, and CAT 9. But, there are many differences between Marucci F5 and the CAT line, and we will also learn about them.

The Marucci has opted for the F5 name from a disastrous weather phenomenon (tornado). According to the old scale, an F5 tornado is having a wind speed of 261 to 318 mph, while with the new range, it becomes EF5 with a wind speed of above 200 mph.

The new Marucci lineup generates enormous power while hitting; that’s why they opted for this name inspired by a tornado.

We can say that the F5 Baseball Bat may be Marucci’s entry-level bat in contrast to Marucci’s CAT 7, CAT 8, and CAT 9 which are more expensive and performs better, but it is still one of the best bats for baseball players out there offering a hard-to-beat value.

Let’s discuss each and every aspect of this bat in detail.

Design & Construction

The whole Marucci F5 Bat lineup is available in only one color combination (white + gray + blue). 

All three bats are slightly different from each other in terms of design, but the basic design is the same.

The One-Piece Alloy is used in the construction along with the ring-free barrel technology to provide maximum performance without any dead spots.

The weight is properly balanced that helps the player to swing the bat easily with full control.


The F5 bat is only available in Drop 3 or BBCOR and Drop 10 with 2 ¾ for both juniors and seniors.

So, it is only for those hitters who need a bat with drop 3 and drop 10. If you’re a hitter with the requirement of drop 7, drop 8, or something like that, then it is not for you.

So, before making your purchase, make sure it is according to your size, and it’s possible that you may not find the desired size.

Marucci Bat Grip

The whole Marucci F5 bat lineup comes with a grey color grip. A few players reported that the grip started to tear off after a few months, while others didn’t face any issue with the grip.

But, this is not a deal-breaker.

If you face a problem with the grip, which is very unlikely to happen, you can always add your own bat grip.


To improve the performance, a ring-free barrel is used in manufacturing. Therefore, you’ll not find any dead spots in the barrel which provide optimum pop.

With the one-piece alloy construction, it gives a traditional feel when hitting a ball. The multi-variable wall design not only expands the sweet spot but also helps in increasing its durability.

But, it’ll be wrong to say that it is completely vibration-free.

You will feel some vibration when you hit a ball hard. But, Marucci has definitely worked on their new lineup.

The vibrations are really less as compared to the other bats at this affordable price.

By using a thicker bat grip, the extent of vibrations that you feel will decrease a lot.

So, when it comes to performance, it may not be as good as expensive bats. But, it gives an excellent competition to them, and don’t forget, it comes at half the price as compared to the high-priced bats.  

Break In Period

The Marucci F5 baseball bats are made with alloy, therefore, they’re ready to hit balls straight out of the wrapper.

There is no break in the process required for this F5 lineup.

Price of Marucci F5

The affordable price is one of the main reasons to buy it.

The Marucci F5 is a high-quality bat that performs similarly to some expensive bats at a much lower price. Of course, it lacks in a few things as compared to the costly bats, but in some cases, it is as good as an expensive bat.

For young kids, this bat is perfect because they may outgrow a certain size in the next season. So, buying this affordable bat with good performance is a good choice.

Marucci F5 vs. CAT 7

If you compare F5 BBCOR with CAT 7 BBCOR, you’ll find that CAT 7 has two-piece hybrid construction that features a carbon composite handle with an AZX4 alloy barrel.

But, the F5 BBCOR has One-Piece Standard Alloy Construction. The alloy used in the CAT 7 is upgraded and gives a better response rate than the standard alloy.

Marucci F5 vs CAT 7 Bat

The Senior League Drop 10 Bat of both F5 and Cat 7 has One-Piece Alloy Construction. There is no difference in Drop 10 bats in terms of construction.

To reduce vibrations and provide a better feel, the CAT 7 has an AV2 knob. So, the CAT 7 does a better job in reducing the vibrations as compared to the F5.

The CAT 7 is slightly more balanced than F5.

But, when it comes to price, Marucci F5 is much more affordable than CAT 7. If the price is not an issue, then definitely CAT 7 is a better choice.

But, even at nearly half the price of CAT 7, F5 gives a tough competition to CAT 7 in terms of performance.

Marucci F5 vs. Marucci CAT 8

Should you be considering the Marucci F5 vs. Marucci CAT 8? Let’s compare these two bats.

The Marucci F5 is made of Marucci’s standard alloy bat that has a nice stiff feel. In contrast, the Marucci CAT 8 has a barrel that is made from AZ105 alloy. This is a new and stronger aluminum alloy and is an upgrade on the F5’s older one-piece alloy. It is stronger resulting in higher performance at the sweet spot.

The F5 has a one-piece construction. While the CAT 8 comes in a two-piece composite model featuring the patented SDX EXT connection. This SDX EXT connection creates a stiffer handle for more energy transfer from the player to the ball, resulting in greater performance with less vibration and sting feeling compared to the one-piece F5.

The Marucci CAT 8 features a larger 2 ¾” barrel diameter as compared to the 2 5/8” barrel diameter of the F5. This creates a larger strike zone and a sweet spot for the CAT 8 without sacrificing balance and performance.

Price-wise, the F5 is much more affordable than the CAT 8 which has a significantly higher price tag.

Marucci F5 vs. Marucci CAT 9

Now let’s see how the Marucci F5 and Marucci CAT 9 stand up to each other. 

CAT 9 is Marucci’s latest model and is introduced to be their most responsive bat in line to date.

Again, F5 is a one-piece bat, whereas, CAT 9 is a two-piece composite bat. 

The F5’s alloy construction is definitely inferior to Cat 9’s new AZR alloy. This AZR alloy barrel has a microstructure that is more responsive to the energy from the bat. It maintains the same strength characteristics of the F5 alloy but with a better feel and more forgiveness.

For vibration control, CAT 9 undoubtedly has the upper hand compared to F5 or even to its predecessors in the CAT line. Marucci incorporated their revolutionary Outer-Locking System on the CAT 9 which is the first two-piece bat that attaches the carbon composite handle to the AZR alloy barrel from the outside in. This system offers an even stiffer connection than the CAT8 allowing for a greater performing bat as well as dismissing virtually all negative vibrations to the hands.

The CAT 9 is a lot more expensive than the F5 which is not really surprising after talking about its incredible features.

The Final Verdict

The Marucci F5 is an awesome bat that provides great performance on the field.

The balanced weight, big barrel, and alloy construction with no dead spots makes it an excellent choice for the players.

The Marucci F5 is one of the best affordable bats in the Drop 10 range. When it comes to BBCOR bats, we can say that Marucci F5 is more an affordable option, however, the Marucci CAT9 is a more premium BBCOR bat that you can buy.

But, it is not available in Drop 5 and in other drop weights.

So, as a whole, this bat is great for the young players because they may outgrow a bat in the next season. Therefore, for young players, this is the right choice as it provides excellent performance and it saves good money.

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