Rawlings Sandlot vs Player Preferred: Which is a Good Choice?

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You’re probably in a dilemma as to which type of gloves is better for you to improve your performance in, is it the Rawlings Sandlot or the Player Preferred Gloves?

The Rawlings Sandlot and Player Preferred gloves are affordable, and quite popular at the same time. 

And I know you’re confused about what’s a good option to get you started. 

Well, I know choosing the right gloves for yourself can be intimidating and altogether tricky. 

But, hey that’s what I’m here for today and I’m gonna review Rawlings Sandlot and Rawlings Player Preferred. 

Let’s get started, shall we? 

Rawlings Sandlot Series 

Ahh… the Rawlings Sandlot series, this series of gloves came out back in 2013. The Sandlot series are absolutely amazing, this glove has so much versatility, and it has a lot of range of sizes for the different types of positions you play. 

Depending on the positions you play and what your age is you could easily identify what type of glove from the Sandlot Series you must buy.

Let me give you an example if you’re playing in the pitcher position and well you’re maybe 13 years old or maybe you just have tiny hands, then this I-Web pitching glove will be a great option for you. However, if you have big hands or you’re 17 or 18 years old, then you may want to buy a slightly bigger glove, like this Sandlot series 12 inches basket web glove

rawlings sandlot series glove

Now, Rawlings kept in mind how the older style of gloves was and they tried to incorporate some modern features, while still keeping some classical touches to it. They also have a “pro mesh” back design allowing you to have continuous airflow, making you at ease when you play for longer periods.  

The  Rawlings Sandlot gloves are made from full-grain leather material, providing you durability and flexibility for all of your catches. They will work like a charm, if you need a traditional style and fit, but also wanna experience the craftsmanship of the Sandlot series, by feeling the hints of modern technology in them as well. 

Rawlings Player Preferred Series

The Player Preferred line of gloves is quite the most popular series that Rawlings has to offer, they have a range of different sizes available, and they offer different types of gloves for different positions being played by you. 

Just like the Sandlot Series, these gloves are made from full-grain leather material. But these also change to synthetic materials depending on the type of gloves they produce. 

player preferred series glove

Although the Player Preferred series is not as per se, something you should use for professional playing as they don’t have any different styles in terms of positions, these gloves are mostly better for recreational purposes if you just love baseball and wanna play it for fun. 

The gloves also have adjustable velcro straps, so if you have smaller wrists and need a particular type of glove, well then you have nothing to worry about, because of their adjustable nature. 

Why Rawlings Sandlot is Good for High School Players

By the looks of these gloves, they might seem quite expensive but fear not their quite within budget and still have a great use for them. 

These gloves already have a break-in of 80% done by, Rawlings themselves and you might have to do just 20% of the break-in 

Moreover, these gloves come in different styles. The Sandlot gloves are a good option because they come in different positions that you play such as pitches, infielder, outfielder, or catcher

They also have the added feature of both hand orientations present: Right Hand Throw and Left Hand Throw. 

rawling sandlot glove review

Moreover, these gloves are preferred because of their, zero commitment, maybe you’re just trying different brands and getting to know the basics of baseball. You could easily experiment with another type of gloves, to see what’s best for you. These gloves have slightly less durability so that enables you to play with them for a few seasons and maybe try and experiment with something new.  

These gloves have a more classic feel to them and also have modern technology present in them that makes most high school players choose the Rawlings Sandlot Series

Why Do Recreational Baseball Players Use the Player Preferred Series? 

These gloves are preferred because of their easy break-in feature and flexible movement. 

These are solely designed for recreational purposes because of the flexible styles that they present. These gloves are for you if you’re just an avid baseball lover or you could use these gloves just to practice your baseball skills and don’t wanna spend any extra money on expensive gloves, then the Player Preferred Series is your go-to option. If you liked this comparison, then you should even check the Rawlings R9 and GG Elite comparison as well.

player preferred glove review

My Final Verdict

Both these glove series are amazing, but of course, this all depends on your comfort and the purpose your playing baseball. 

If you’re a high school student getting into the high school leagues competitions or even just signing up for your high school team then, then your pick for sure is the Sandlot Series. They have a classic and more modern touch to them making them versatile and perfect for your first play. 

And maybe you could always invest in a pair of better gloves if you don’t have any budget issues. Gloves such as the Rawlings Heart of the Hide is a highly recommended gloves if your budget isn’t stopping you. Oh, and you’re in luck since I have reviewed the Rawlings HOH baseball gloves, so you check them out! If that confuses still, then you can check out both Rawlings HOH and the Pro Preferred series on which suits you best.

And if you’re looking maybe just to practice or probably play some catch for fun then your best bet is the Player Preferred Series.

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