Wilson A2K Review: Why It’s Not For Everyone?

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The Wilson A2K gloves are quite exquisite. Because, of the premium quality leather used. 

But is it, worth it? Should you buy it, just because it’s really expensive or made with exceptionally good quality? 

Well, you are in luck because I  have done a review of the Wilson A2K, and through this maybe you’d realize whether is this worth the big bucks or not.   

So shall we? 

Wilson A2K Glove Review 

When reviewing the Wilson A2K I noticed that these gloves are made of premium quality, with exquisite finesse and craftsmanship. Just by the touch of this glove, you’d know with what precision and attention to detail with which it has been made. 

The Wilson A2K gloves are meticulously made and crafted perfectly to your desire and your playing style. These gloves are amazingly comfortable and lightweight. They provide you with long time durability and longevity in the process of playing for many seasons. 

Review of Wilson A2K Baseball Glove

The Wilson A2K gloves are not anywhere close to your regular$50 baseball gloves. The cheap gloves that you buy maybe last you one or two seasons at the max. But that’s not the case with the Wilson A2K these are made from top-notch cowhide, carefully selected and sorted in a three-way process, assuring you the quality and ease of playing through seasons.

These gloves can last for years to come because of their longer break-in period. 

You’d think that the Wilson A2Ks might have a very tough leather to them since they have a longer break-in period, but they are quite soft and smooth to the touch. This is why I love these gloves, because not only do they come flawless look-wise, but they are also awesome even feel-wise. Invested into buying the Wilson A2K already? Duh, you would! But doesn’t the features sound sort of similar to Rawlings Pro Preferred? Well, you can check out this comparison between the Wilson A2K and Rawlings Pro Preferred and well you can differentiate and see what sounds the best for you.

Who Should Buy Wilson A2K? 

Ahhh…so here comes the million-dollar question. 

If you are an aspiring baseball player who wants to show off your skills or even try and hone them, then these gloves are your best shot. Because honestly speaking, the A2K gloves are shaped in a way to give you ultimately the best experience while playing baseball, whilst also enhancing your flexibility and mobility in this domain. 

The A2K has been trusted by many other Major League Baseball Players, and of course, they would, these gloves come with a very special property, it’s what Wilson calls the Double Palm construction, what this does is when you try and break in your glove, you loosen up the leather fibers within it. That kind of deteriorates its quality, but with this added feature in the Wilson A2K’s, you can be sure that these gloves will keep their shape even after a long time because the double palm construction sort of prevents those leather fibers from loosening up too much and destroying the shape of the gloves.

who should buy wilson a2k glove

Amongst most models of the A2K, I’ll say that the Wilson A2K 1787 is perfect in terms of utility. Utility as in, if you play within the infield positions, these gloves come in the range of 11.75”  and are ideal if you play in second base, third base, or shortstop.  

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to compromise one bit in terms of quality and the amount of precision with which your gloves are created then, go get the Wilson A2Ks on your next purchase. 

Best Place to Buy Wilson A2K

You can buy Wilson A2K in many places like local sports stores, Just Ball Gloves, Walmart, etc. But, I’ll recommend buying it from the official website of Wilson. Because, on the official website, you can buy the latest 2024 model of Wilson A2K, want to see it? Check this 2024 Wilson A2K. I also like Amazon.

If you want to see the whole A2K collection, then take a look at all the A2K Baseball Gloves on the Official Wilson website.

However, a lot of people also purchase it from Amazon because you can read the reviews of other baseball players who are using this A2K glove. Want to read reviews of A2K glove users, read them here.

How to Get a Custom Wilson A2K

Wilson A2K is really good, but you can also take it to the next level by ordering a custom A2K glove based on your requirements, and personalize it.

But, the price of the custom A2K glove can be a little higher than the original A2K gloves because of the special customizations.

I’ll suggest at least trying their tool and see if it comes within your budget or not. You can customize an A2K glove here.

Who Should Not Buy Wilson A2K? 

Unfortunately, these gloves aren’t your best shot if you’re a little tight on the budget issue. But Hey! That’s a great reason for you to look at other great options too. 

Honestly speaking, the A2K is quite expensive. If you’re looking for something affordable but also want something from Wilson’s itself then knock yourself out with the Wilson A2000, cause this series of gloves are pretty awesome too if you ask me. They come with great durability and also a great feel while playing. Check out more in this Wilson A2000 review. If you are confused about what to get, either the Wilson A2000 or Wilson A2K? Well then, this rivalry of Wilson A2000 Vs. Wilson A2K has been never ending, but only you could put an end to it, by seeing what is best suited for you!

who should not buy wilson a2k glove

The only difference between the A2000 and the A2K other than their price, is the quality of leather with which it is made. 

But, if you’re looking for something budget-friendly, then well you can turn to the most trustworthy, yet popular brand in the baseball domain and that’s Rawlings, within the Rawlings Brand, the Rawlings R9 series will do you great justice in offering you the best gameplay and also won’t compromise one bit with quality.

Final Thoughts

Yes, the A2K series is great, but if I’m being pretty darn honest out here, I don’t think it’s worth all the big bucks. Don’t get me wrong, I love a top-notch, premium-quality glove, but this glove is just too pricey for me. 

But like I said, if you are a baseball fanatic or maybe you really wanna invest in your baseball career then you should go and get the Wilson A2Ks on your next great investment. 

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