Comparison of Rawlings R9 and Wilson A1000 Glove

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If this article popped in front of you. Then I’m guessing you are trying to grasp the very difference between the Rawlings R9 and Wilson A1000 gloves. 

Now although, all baseball gloves look the same they have distinct characteristics that make them extremely unique in their way. 

I’m gonna differentiate between these characteristics and make a clearer understanding of the two brands and which one is best suited for you.

Rawlings R9 vs Wilson A1000

Rawlings R9 Catered to All Ages 

As the title suggested, it’s pretty obvious that the gloves are made for all ages. The gloves are made in such a way that they can cater to the taste of beginners as well as pros, therefore, making them quite versatile. Rawlings R9 is a great choice for those who are looking for something affordable as well as beginner friendly. 

Wilson A1000 on the other hand, is sort of catered to high school players mostly, players who are amateurs technically. So, Wilson A1000 doesn’t have an all-around versatility like Rawlings R9

The Rawlings R9 has Good Break In Period 

The Rawlings R9 in terms of break-in period is super good. As soon as you’ve purchased the glove, you’re gonna get it game ready. So, that’s a really good steal, according to me! Even with such a high break-in of 80% done by the factory and 20% done by you, the gloves do not fail to deliver the longevity factor too. 

The Wilson A1000 series gloves have a good break-in period, but not a lot about their percentage of break-in is mentioned. Moreover, there are a few issues with the Wilson A1000 gloves compromising in terms of longevity. If you really love the Wilson A1000 just by the sound of it, then check out the review of Wilson A1000 glove, because I feel you would absolutely adore all of its features.

Rawlings Has A Lot Of Styles 

Now this doesn’t come with any shocker as such but since Rawlings is quite famous and longstanding in the baseball industry, plus having a huge customer base for their brand. They have made a lot of different styles for each of the different positions present. Thus, giving their customers a much more personalized feeling toward the brand itself. 

In the case of Wilson, they are most popular for their other series like A2000 and A2K, so the A1000 doesn’t have a lot of styles and colors to choose from. Therefore, you can find fewer options available for the Wilson A1000. Wilson A1000 Vs. Wilson A2000 has always been a common debate for a long time. I mean, which if the two series is the best, well that is up to you to choose and decide. Which kind of narrows down your choices, making it kind of monotonous or definitive for you to pick out something. 

Rawlings Lightweight Design

Most of the odds are in favor of Rawlings, because of their brand credibility and the way it’s been used by most players. The most important factor that Rawlings puts out there, is their lightweight characteristics. This kind of allows you to move freely and flexibly on the field, not hindering your performance in any way. 

Wilson’s kind of lacks in this way, their leather kind of feels heavy at first to work with, making it somewhat problematic. So, if you’re using Wilson for the first time, you might be unfamiliar with how to work with its weight and your mobility at the same time. If you wanna check out other Wilson products, then do check out the Wilson A500 baseball glove review.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest the ball is in Rawlings’s court for this one. They have incredible features which make them an all-rounder in the baseball industry. The Rawlings R9 is stunning and perfect for beginners and even amateurs so you should definitely consider buying these gloves.  

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