Wilson A2K vs Rawlings Pro Preferred Glove

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“The Wilson A2K Vs. Rawlings Pro Preferred Gloves? Which is the best in the game? Will it deliver the performance that I need?”  I’m pretty sure these are some of the questions that are going on in your head. 

Well, I am here to give you a detailed difference between these two sophisticated yet stunning gloves. 

So let’s dive into the details of both, Rawlings’ and Wilson’s Pride and Joy. 

Wilson A2K

The Wilson A2K is one of Wilson’s most premium quality gloves. They’ve been given the utmost attention to detail and precision in every cut they make. These gloves are hand-made by skilled Japanese Craftsmen, who have been skilled in the profession for many years. 

The Wilson A2K has been created with top-quality leather, carefully selected by a 3-system process, only to choose the best for crafting them. Each aspect of the Wilson A2K has been created to perfection. The gloves come in various styles and positions. As well as they have customizable options if needed. 

Rawlings Pro Preferred Gloves 

The Rawlings Pro preferred gloves are made especially catered to the designs of the Pro. They are made specifically designed to have pro-style designs and have a lot of features that Pro players accept. 

Just after the HOH series, the Rawlings Pro Preferred series, is one of their next precious gem. They use the best of the best qualities to create these and give the gloves a flawless look, while also delivering amazing performance. These gloves also come in different styles and positions catered to your play style and need on the field.

Wilson A2K vs Rawlings Pro Preferred Gloves 

Wilson A2K Has Premium Quality 

The Wilson A2K has been created with utmost craftsmanship and exquisiteness. This is made from their Pro Stock leather. The glove is typically made from top-grain cowhide leather, which is known for its durability and suppleness. The Leather has gone through a thorough inspection to note for any imperfections, blemishes, or scratches, therefore, providing the best quality to its customer. 

Top grain steer hide and kip leather is used in the making of the Pro Preferred series, they do undergo some similar processes but the selection and inspection are not as detailed compared to that of the Wilson A2K. 

Pro Preferred Has More Styles

I’m pretty sure this is a well-known thing at this point it’s because Rawlings is more longstanding in name and quite popular than most baseball gloves out there. The gloves, therefore, have lots of styles due to a huge customer base and their adoration for its product. 

Wilson A2K on the other hand is famous too but the only issue is that it has fewer styles compared to Rawlings pro preferred. 

Pro Preferred Has Availability for Different Positions 

Yes, Yes I know what you’re gonna say. They both have all positions present. But if you look carefully, Rawlings has more options available for even gloves like the catchers. Plus, they have other glove options present even in pitchers. 

But if you go to see about Wilson for the catcher, they have few options available when compared to the Rawlings Pro Preferred. This is probably because of the demand for Rawlings Pro Preferred compared to Wilsons A2K

A2K is Far More Durable

So in terms of durability, I’d say that the A2K is far more durable than the Pro Preferred series. It’s because a lot of people who have had the Wilson A2K for a long time have noticed that they last for a lot of the season that you play. Moreover, the leather quality just proves to add to its longevity factor. 

The Pro Preferred series is, of course, made with exceptional quality leather but, the durability is compromised because not much of the exquisiteness and selection process doesn’t take place in Pro Preferred when compared to Wilsons. 

A2K Has Great Fit and Feel 

The Wilson A2K doesn’t compromise one bit in the feel part, you’ll feel super comfortable when playing with these gloves almost as if you aren’t wearing anything. They have implemented most of their technology into the gloves to give you the utmost when playing on the field thus allowing you to perform your very best as well. If you already like Wilson A2K, then check out the Wilson A2K baseball glove review.

The Pro Preferred series are good as well giving you that feel of a Pro when playing, but the Pro Preferred has some sort of an overcomplex feel to it rather than a simple feel, that you’d expect in your gloves. It doesn’t give a sense of naturality as what you’d expect in Wilson A2K. 

Final Thoughts

So, this was an analysis of the Wilson A2K vs. The Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves. I’d for sure go for the Wilson A2K. Just hearing and reading about these gloves makes me wanna buy them, they have that extra soft leather, the comfort in their lining, and everything else. If you wanna know what’s the difference between the A2K and A2000 well then, I got your back for that as well.

Was this comparison fun enough for you? Well, we have more such comparisons as well like the Wilson A2000 and Rawlings HOH baseball glove.

Back to topic, this is all up to your personal preference, if you wanna feel like a pro on the field while performing like one as well, then go for the Rawlings Pro Preferred Series. 

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