44 Pro Gloves Review and They’re Awesome

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Once again, we have a new player in the market. The 44 Pro customizable gloves have got quite a name in the market.

But are they worth the hype? Like are they worth all the popularity they’re getting?

Well, here I have a review, just about that. Giving you all the details about its various features and characteristics. 

Let the showdown begin! 

About 44 Pro Gloves 

The 44 Pro gloves are a series of customizable gloves that specializes in producing baseball and softball gloves. 

Official Website of 44 Pro Gloves

The gloves were made back in 2012 and were based in San Diego, by a man going by the name of True Temper. They started first with only one line of customs, but now they have almost three different lines of customs.

They are the Signature Series which are made from high-quality Kip Leather, and their highest quality model. Next is, their C2 Series which is made from steer hide leather. And lastly, they have the Rise Lower quality steer hide leather made for younger players.  

44 Pro Gloves Review 

Well so here I am, reviewing these gloves. Honestly, speaking the internet is so influential on me because like I bought these gloves within a minute of reading 3 good reviews about them. 

Now well I can say that the customization process of these gloves is fairly quite simple and just right off the bat you have a lot of options you’re looking at. But more about the details of the processes later. 

After 4 weeks of agonized waiting, I got my hand on these gloves. Well, these gloves right when they come out of the package are stunning, I mean it feels like I designed these gloves myself, they had every bit of a personalized touch to them, making them special. 

Now if we’re talking about quality. So I chose their signature series, and Oh My God! When I tell you that this leather quality feels amazing it feels like you’re wearing almost nothing, it’s so lightweight and comfortable as well. You know that there was every bit of attention to detail given, because of the way that these gloves are crafted with exceptional craftsmanship. 

The craftsmanship is out of this world because all of these gloves are given a precise amount of attention each stitch and component is catered to your desires while ensuring the absolute best quality is delivered to you. This gives you an overall polished yet professional look on the glove which I love. 

Ahh… the feel of these gloves and just everything else was perfect. 

Oh yeah! Speaking about the Signature Series, they are so affordable it didn’t feel like I burnt a hole in my pocket or anything like that. What attracted me about 44 Pro Gloves is the way they have a direct consumer approach so you’re purchasing products on their website giving you a one-to-one connection with them directly. 

And let’s be honest the reason most of us have come under the influence is because of the testament of most of our favorite baseball players and how they perform on the field. They give you a perfect fit and feel when you’re playing the game. 

These gloves don’t only look great, they perform excellently as well. You have a perfect grip on the ball and harmonious control over the field when playing with these gloves. 

Ohh…the break-in process you ask, it’s a piece of cake because these gloves come “game-ready” right out of the box, they are conditioned and treated in the factory settings to come prepared before itself. So breaking these gloves was super easy, I just played a few sessions of catch and they were good to go. 

Well, the only problem that I did find with the 44 Pro Gloves is that they have a lot of options to choose from, and for some, it might be great, but for some, it might lead to a little indecisiveness if they have no idea about baseball itself, they might just go for a simple pre-made glove instead. 

Other than that the 44 Pro gloves are awesome. They fit like a glove quite literally. So these are worth investing in if you’re looking to get them.  

How to Order a Custom Glove from 44 Pro

So let me guide you through the steps of how to get your very own 44 Pro Gloves. 

So your 44 Pro Gloves will just be fingertips away from coming to your doorstep. 

how to order 44 pro custom glove

So when you enter the website you scroll a little further down and you’ll find the “Glove builder” option under custom gloves. Click on that.

choosing your sport and glove

This is what you’ll come across next, the type of glove you want, of course, I chose the Baseball option. 

Choosing position on the field for glove

Then comes the position you play in, depending on this option your gloves will be designed according to that. I play as an infielder so I chose the infielder option.

3 Different options of 44 Pro Custom Gloves

There are a lot of options that you can find on this page, if you scroll down, they offer different types of leather in different sizes and positions catered to your specific needs. I went for the Pro 44 Signature Series. 

Choosing size for my custom glove

They then ask you for your size specifics. As you can see I’ve gone with the 11.75” option. 

Customizing colors on my 44 Pro glove

There are many customizable color options you can choose from. As you can see I went with a brown and cream monochrome look. 

Adding personalizations in my Custom 44 glove

And well there and personalizing options that you can add. I didn’t go for anything special but there are so many to choose from including a thumb logo/graphic, palm stamp, or a pinky stamp, so you can choose about anything. 

Now, if the girls out there are wondering, “Well, is there even anything for us and made to tailor to our tastes?” Well, yes there are many brands that make softball gloves. Heck! They specialize in it, giving you, what you deserve best when playing on the field. Oh, and guys, if you think I forgot about you, nope! I did not, because here are some of the best brands for baseball gloves as well. You can check them out and see if they tailor to your needs!

So now that you know the process, what are you waiting for get your next pair of 44 Pro Gloves right this instant!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any MLB Players use 44 Pro Gloves? 

A lot of MLB players, that you may know, use the 44 Pro gloves. It is because of their trusted quality and performance that most of these gloves are chosen. Some of them include Phil Maton from Cleveland, Justin Bour from KBO, and Freddy Peralta from Milwaukee. 

Are 44 Pro Gloves Easy to Break In?

As I stated before the 44 Pro gloves come in game ready and they’re conditioned by the factory using leather oil and conditioner to get them into that game-ready state. It didn’t take me a lot of time to break into these gloves like what you’d do with other gloves.

Who owns 44 Pro Gloves? 

Well, 44 Pro Gloves is owned by True Temper and was founded back in 2011 in San Diego. 

How long does it take 44 Pro gloves to ship? 

So for me, it took only like 4 weeks to come in. But mostly, all custom-made gloves come within 5-6 weeks. 

Final Thoughts

So the 44 Pro gloves are really good. And by that, I don’t mean because of its high-end quality but because of its affordability and fairly better than most custom-made gloves factor. Rico gloves for example are still quite pricey, but the 44 pro gloves offer you good leather and also give you a great price. 

If you wanna know more about Rico gloves, then check out this detailed Rico gloves review

Most high-end brands like the Wilson 2000 offer customization too, but honestly they’re placed on the heavy side of the pricing scale. If you wanna check out a detailed comparison between two of Wilsons Pride and joy, we have an article about comparing Wilson A2000 and A2K. So, do check that out, if you are curious! But back to the topic, in all honesty I would choose the 44 Pro Gloves over anything. Because they don’t sacrifice quality, flexibility, or even comfort. 

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