44 Pro Gloves Review: Everything You Want to Know

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Baseball players perform better when their equipment meets their position needs and personal preferences.

Aside from the durability and quality of baseball and softball gloves, many companies also offer customization on their products nowadays. The extra customization feature puts a unique twist on traditional gloves and makes them one of a kind.

One of the brands that offer high-quality and customizable gloves is 44 Pro Gloves.

What separates the 44 Pro Gloves from other brands is that they use premium materials and craftsmanship while maintaining very competitive pricing. This translates to fit, feel, durability, and performance that every player of all ages and levels can reach.

Read on to find out everything you want to know about 44 Pro Gloves.

Information About the Company

Founded in 2011, 44 Pro Gloves has pitched a revolutionary approach with the mission to make high-quality baseball equipment to fit the needs of any player for every position on the field, from pitchers to first basemen.

With two different lines to serve different needs of baseball players, they offer a wide selection and excellent value.

Choose from the Pro Signature Series which uses incredibly durable Japanese Tanned Kip leather while the C2 Series makes use of mid-grade Steer hide for a more economical glove.

They also create custom baseball, softball, and batting gloves known as their Glove Builder. If you’re looking for a pro glove, Glove Builder can turn your dream glove into reality.

Different Products of 44 Pro Gloves

The Signature Series, featuring Japanese Tanned Kip Leather, offers a perfect mix of quality and durability with its top-notch construction and design which starts at $185.

This series includes five to eight different fielding glove models.

First is the Pro 44 glove pattern which is the most customizable out of the Signature Series. It features a medium-deep pocket and utilizes its original glove pattern.

The 574 pattern is one of a kind. It features no palm overlap and no welting on the index finger or in between the fingers. It also has a deep pocket and a wide heel.

They also designed the JP11 or their take on the Japanese-inspired model featuring a very shallow pocket. It comes standard with split welting, double-a steel, and a double thumb loop.

This is perfect for baseball players who prefer a lot of flexibility and requires quicker ball transfer due to its stretchable design and shallow pocket.

Next, the Crown Tip pattern reaches a shallow to medium pocket and a crown shape welting pattern on the fingers and an exclusive crown debossed shell stamping.

The CB44 features a medium to deep pocket and a closed-back design, making it perfect for medium to deep passes, as well as high-bounce shots.

The pocket keeps the ball secure, and the closed-back design minimizes air friction so that more of your input energy gets transferred to the ball.

These gloves are also available in a Japan Select pattern, which is significantly lighter than other styles. It is designed with split rough welting and a shallow flat pocket, and it is made with Japanese specifications and construction.

For youth players, they created the Pro 44 which has a narrow hand fit and scaled-down finger stalls.

This will help youth players develop muscle memory they need to get up to speed and maintain their grip during the game.

Finally, when it comes to training, the Mini Glove Trainer allows you to train like a pro and lets you focus on the finer points of your game.

On the other hand, the C2 Series is made of mid-grade steer hide and is available in only one model. It features a medium pocket with a single or dual welting starting at $149.

44 Pro Gloves Review

The craftsmanship on the 44 Pro gloves is above average, due to their commitment to using the best materials and the hard work they put into each glove.

The gloves’ leather is top quality. Both the Signature Series and C2 Series have a soft feel with a buttery texture, while also being light and durable.

The USA tanned laces also create a strong quality that can be relied on for the toughest of games.

After a few balls fly off your bat or several catches, the leather molds itself to your hand, producing an ideal pocket for catching every fly ball.

That means it will break in and mold to your hand quickly. It also means it will hold its shape for years to come.

The gloves come in a variety of sizes to give you the perfect balance of size, length, and comfort.

Likewise, as mentioned above, they come in a wide range of styles with different pocket, webbing, and welting patterns and options to choose from. So whether you’re playing as a pitcher, catcher, infielder, outfielder, or first baseman, 44 Pro Gloves has the perfect glove just for you.

The price starts at $149 for the C2 Series while the Signature Series starts at $185.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a glove but still want to achieve comparable performance as the other high-end brands, then the 44 Pro Gloves should be your go-to brand.

The 44 Pro Gloves is a worthy competitor against other top leading brands in the industry. But with more affordable pricing, they definitely have the edge up their sleeves.

Made from superior quality leather, meticulous craftsmanship, and a competitive edge on their pricing, these gloves go the extra mile to ensure that you get all the time in the diamond that you’re entitled to.

44 Pro Glove Builder

The Glove Builder offers customization in three different areas of the glove: size, color, and personalization.

This lets you take full control of how you want your glove to look and feel with its wide selection of colors for leather, laces, and webbing.

Depending on your position on the diamond and your needs and preferences, choose from a full selection of the Signature Series or C2 Series glove patterns, then design the glove of your dreams with the Glove Builder.

Pick out your preferred colors for the leather, laces, and webbing then personalize your gloves with an option of a custom number, graphic design, or text to show off your unique style.

44 Pro Gloves vs. Wilson Gloves

When it comes to the quality and feel of the gloves, you can almost never tell the difference between the 44 Pro gloves and the Wilson gloves.

Both gloves offer a comfortable fit and have a firm gripping palm designed to provide maximum protection and support. They are also suitable for everyone and are known to be the go-to brands for players who are just starting out.

The only thing that puts Wilson ahead is its customization feature as they offer a wider range of customization than 44 Pro Glove’s Glove Builder.

Other than that, both gloves feel and perform the same with the 44 Pro Gloves costing more affordable than the Wilson.

The 44 Pro baseball glove is the solution for athletes looking for a budget-minded glove that will still give them comparable results as the Wilson gloves.

44 Pro Gloves vs. Rawlings Gloves

The 44 Pro Gloves’ Signature Series use the same Japanese Kip leather that Rawlings also utilize in their top-of-the-line gloves.

As a result, the quality and durability are almost identical to the Rawlings glove. A lot of customers have reported that both feel buttery soft and durable.

However, some users found that the Rawlings feels softer right out of the box.

Nevertheless, the 44 Pro Gloves do soften a lot after breaking them in. Plus, at a much lower price, these gloves are a great alternative or replacement to the Rawlings glove.

FAQ about 44 Pro Gloves

How long do custom 44 gloves take to complete?

If you want to get a custom-made 44 Pro glove, it takes four to six weeks to finish. It’s also important to note that orders placed during promotional periods will experience a longer build time due to a large number of orders.

What is the warranty of 44 gloves?

There is a one-year non-transferable glove defect warranty on all custom glove orders. If within one year of receiving your custom glove, any defects are found, your baseball glove will either be repaired or replaced at the discretion of 44 Pro.

What type of custom 44 Gloves can I make?

They offer custom baseball gloves, custom softball gloves, and batting gloves for every position on the field.

They make baseball gloves for infield, outfield, first base, and catcher. You can also choose softball gloves for infield, outfield, and first base. And they offer custom batting gloves for baseball and softball players.

How to break in 44 Pro Gloves?

To make your brand new gloves soft and pliable, take a lot of batting and catching practice to break in the glove. Alternatively, you can use a mallet to tap down hardpoints in the baseball glove. Focus the mallet on the palm of the glove, the heel, the back of the glove, and the web to ensure a quality break-in.

Do not expose your glove to extreme temperatures, high heat, microwaves, or steam. These conditions will break down the leather, warp the shape of your glove, and alter the colors on the glove.

What is the difference between the Signature and Classic (C2) Model?

The Signature Series has several more color options, uses a more durable pro-grade Japanese Kip leather, and is available in eight different models.

The C2 Series, on the other hand, has limited color options, uses mid-grade steer hide leather available in one standard pattern only.

Which glove should I choose— Signature or Classic?

For the professional players looking for a high-quality and durable glove with many customization options, the Signature Series is what you need to go for.

The C2 Series is for those who want a basic yet reliable baseball glove that has high performance at a low price.

Final Words

44 Pro Gloves for baseball

The 44 Pro Gloves is a brand known for producing great quality gloves that are very affordable. If you are a baseball player on a budget, 44 Pro gloves make a great option because of the low prices and comparable performance.

For those who don’t want to spend over $200 for Rawlings, Wilson, or other expensive brands, you should give 44 Pro gloves a go considering the craftsmanship that goes into making the gloves.

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